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Want to learn the basics and advanced of AWS SysOps? igmGuru is a one stop destination for all your needs. igmGuru offers an AWS SysOps training program to help you build a strong foundation. Our AWS SysOps certification training for administrators is developed by industry experts and has covered everything you need for a better career growth. With our AWS SysOps Associate certification training program, individuals can easily pass the certification exam in a first attempt. Our online AWS SysOps course covers AWS Cloud Services, Amazon S3, CloudWatch, Elastic Block Storage, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Glacier, EC2, Route53, S3, and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

AWS SysOps Course Overview

igmGuru’s AWS SysOps online training course offers a comprehensive preparation tool for users to gain domain expertise in AWS Solutions. The course captures a diverse range of topics to optimize the learning process of the AWS cloud and gauge essential knowledge to ace the AWS Certified Sysops Administrator - Associate certification exam. The course has all the necessary information to adept the users with use cases, scenario-based, and real-time examples for the highly in-demand AWS architect professionals in the industry.

The AWS SysOps online training course by igmGuru has been designed according to user convenience with specific session videos that can be viewed as per the user’s comfort and schedule. These concise videos help the student in easily grasping the information and fast retrieval during knowledge checks. The reading material covers the knowledge points step by step in a strategically designed manner.

About IgmGuru’s AWS Sysops Certification Training Online

igmGuru's AWS SysOps training course will equip users with detailed and accurate information of the AWS cloud platform to successfully pass the associate level of the AWS Sysops Administrator exam. The users will be provided with essential resources to gauge the operational understanding of computing, storage, database, networking, content delivery, migration, management tools, analytics, IAM tool, security management, and additional services. The training course will accredit users with the ability to effectively design and manage robust applications of AWS cloud using operational best practices.

AWS Certified Sysops Administrator - Associate training online course is designed to benefit the clients with the latest information about the AWS cloud systems and operational mechanisms. The training course utilizes case scenarios to educate the users and help them develop a functional understanding of the AWS cloud platform. The curated learning path of igmGuru helps users to develop a mind map of the AWS cloud which helps in retaining the information quickly. This course will help the user to understand the roles and responsibilities of an AWS Certified Sysops Administrator Associate professional day to day work life in the industry.

The perks of Choosing igmGuru’s AWS Certified Sysops Administrator Training Program are:

  •  The learning process is designed to create a mind map.
  • Short videos to view as per user convenience.
  • AWS Sysops Administrator Certification training material developed by industry professionals and certified trainers. 
  • Access to 24*7 lifetime support and course material.
  • Full assistance in searching for the right job opportunities..
  • A simulation exam that will help you analyze your performance efficiently. The simulation exam is designed to train you for a real-time AWS exam.

What are the key deliverables in AWS Certified Sysops Administrator online training?

  • Structural knowledge of application integration with AWS cloud resources.
  • Operational knowledge of migration of on-premises data to AWS cloud.
  • AWS SysOps expert can efficiently optimize the costs of deployment and implementation of AWS cloud-based applications. 
  • AWS SysOps professional gains necessary knowledge of disaster recovery methods to flawlessly maintain continuous operation.
  • Usage of security tools like AWS IAM, AWS KMS, Amazon Cognito to secure the resources on the cloud.
  • Earn the AWS Sysops Administrator Certification training course completion certificate.

Who can take AWS Certified Sysops Administrator online training?

You are eligible to take the AWS Developer Associate Certification online training by igmGuru if you meet the below-mentioned criteria:

  • A basic understanding of programming knowledge is required to appear for the AWS SysOps certification training.
  • Prior working experience with the AWS cloud is required..
  • A keen interest in learning cloud computing is required..

 What is AWS Sysops Certification?

With the world shifting the scales from offline to online, capturing and analyzing data is essential. In the world of growing possibilities where data is the new oil, AWS SysOps online training provides essential skills and knowledge for the maintenance of data. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud platform that provides users with functional implementation of data using AWS cloud-based applications. 

Amazon Web Services offers:

  • It is a constantly evolving platform with more than 1 million clients globally.
  • On a global level, Amazon has over 76 availability zones spread over 24 geographic locations with more than 200 edge locations.
  • Amazon has a global footprint with clients ranging from top MNCs to fast-growing start-ups looking for AWS Developer Associate Certified professionals.
  • Amazon is the fastest growing cloud-based platform capturing multiple domains.
  • The Certified AWS Solutions Architect can earn an average salary of $125,000 USD.

Who should take Our AWS Certified Sysops Administrator Training? 

  • The igmGuru’s AWS SysOps online training course is for enthusiasts interested in learning about AWS systems and operations. Cloud enthusiasts can benefit from the latest information covered in the training course. 
  • AWS Sysops Certification is a must-have for IT professionals who want to scale up their careers in the industry. As per industry reports, AWS professional gets a 19% increase in salary and more growth opportunities. 
  • Managers looking for opportunities to upscale from their current job role can utilize this chance to increase their salary scale and move towards new job opportunities.

Key Features

AWS SysOps Training Modules

1. Overview of Cloud Monitoring
2. CloudWatch: key concepts
3. CloudWatch: Logs
4. AWS CloudTrail overview
5. Third-party Monitoring apps
6. Cloudwatch metrics
7. CloudWatch Log analysis
8. Cloudtrail logs
9. Monitoring and Security
10. Troubleshooting

1. Scaling: overview
2. Elastic Load Balancing overview
3. Auto Scaling overview
4. Route 53 overview
5. Scaling Examples
6. ELB: Creating, How it Works, Cross Zone load balancing, Connection Draining, Sticky Sessions, ELB and databases
7. AS: Main parts, Instance Health, Termination policies, Steady Group, Typical lifecycle, Alarm sustain and cooldown, Event hooks
8. Route53: Concepts, Record types, Features, Latency Based Routing
9. Route53 and ELB
10. Troubleshooting Scalability

1. Cost reduction opportunities
2. Tagging: overview: What tags are
3. Tagging: CLI commands, Parameters and Restrictions, Examples of tags, Cost management, Billing (Demo included)
4. Cloudwatch: Billing alarms
5. Cost Explorer (Demo included)
6. AWS Trusted Advisor
7. Lab

1. Cloud Deployments Overview
2. Deployment with Auto Scaling
3. Blue / Green Deployment
4. Version Updates with Auto Scaling
5. Overview of the technologies for automated deployment
6. CloudFormation: Terminology
7. CloudFormation: Structure of the template, Maintaining Templates, Working with Stacks, Ref functions
8. CloudFormation: Parameters, Mappings, Resources, Init, Init and User Data
9. CloudFormation: WaitCondition, Outputs, Errors, Demo, Creating Base templates
10. CloudFormation: Troubleshooting templates
11. Lab

1. Introduction to the section
2. EC2 volume/storage types
3. EC2 EBS snapshots overview
4. S3 overview
5. Glacier overview
6. Concepts of Data lifecycle on AWS
7. Some storage limits important to know
8. How to work with EBS volumes
10. EBS Snapshots in details
11. Using Amazon S3 in details
12. S3 access (with console demo)
13. Demo #2: create IAM group policy with Policy Generator
14. S3: versioning, CORS, Reduced Redundancy storage
15. Using Amazon Glacier (with demo #3)
16. Storage Security
17. EBS and encryption
18. S3 and encryption
19. Storage troubleshooting
20. Storage Pricing
21. Lab

1. IAM Overview
2. IAM User Administration
3. IAM Groups
4. IAM User Permissions
5. MFA
6. Securing AWS Master Account

1. Section overview
2. Cloud Networking Basics
3. VPC, CIDR Notation
4. Private IP Ranges and Limits for VPC
5. VPC and Subnets
6. VPC Custom Route Tables
7. Default VPC, VPC peering, Connecting VPC and on-premises datacenter,
8. Public and Private Subnets, Configuring Subnets, Bastion Host and security groups for it
9. NAT: basic principles, NAT: route tables, NAT server and NAT Gateway, High Availability design, Port forwarding
10. Security Groups limits
11. VPC and DNS
12. ENI
13. Security: overview
14. Security: Security Groups and network ACL's
15. Placement groups
16. Troubleshooting
17. Lab

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AWS SysOps Certification Exam

How to become an AWS Certified Sysops Administrator in 2024?

Users have to create an account on the AWS platform from where they’ll be redirected to a certification page. They can choose the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate Level exam from the list of options available by paying a nominal fee of $150 USD (exclusive of taxes).

The exam would be conducted online at test centers or can be proctored by Pearson VUE from home or office location. Candidates can select as per their convenience. The format of the question paper is of Multiple Choice Questions.

A total of 65 questions will be asked in AWS Sysops Exam Questions from:

  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • High Availability
  • Deployment and Provisioning
  • Storage and Data Management
  • Security and Compliance
  • Networking
  • Automation and Optimization
Time Duration: 130 minutes
AWS SysOps Certification Exam


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