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igmGuru’s Minitab online training program is curated for individuals interested in the creation of insightful graphs and charts to further perform basic data analysis essential for Six Sigma. There are no prerequisites to our Minitab training course. Minitab certification will validate your skills to use this statistical software package for quality control, data analysis, and process improvement. Learn to use Minitab for various statistical techniques and functions to analyze data including DOE, hypothesis tests, descriptive statistics, regression analysis, etc.

Minitab Course Overview

igmGuru’s Minitab Training online program has been curated by subject matter experts according to the Minitab Certification exam. This Minitab Course Online program is most helpful for associations that urge workers to take up proficiency/ quality tasks and get key bits of knowledge and information. This training program makes sure that participants crack the exam in the 1st attempt and explore the numerous job opportunities that come as a result of our training under industry experts.

Become a Minitab 17 pro with the help of this Minitab Training by igmGuru. Our course is designed to ensure complete learning and understanding of the field.

What is the focal point of this Minitab Certification Course Online?

This Minitab course guarantees learning of the most recent rendition of the factual instrument, Minitab® 17 and exceed expectations at the apparatuses utilized by both Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt experts. Our Minitab basics course is the perfect beginning for freshers who are interested in learning more about this software. igmGuru's Minitab training will help you get your hands on understanding the key applications of this software such as the input of statistical data, identifying patterns and trends, finding resolutions for any issues arising in Six Sigma projects, and data manipulation.

Our Online Minitab certification course covers 9 contextual investigations in the spaces of:

  • Healthcare
  • IT and IT Services and
  • Manufacturing

Kindly note, each contextual investigation portrays an issue and its answer utilizing Minitab® 17.

What are the Minitab Online Course Objectives?

After finishing the Minitab training preparation successfully, you will have the capacity to:

  • Process key factual information tasks utilizing Minitab
  • Fare information to different MS office applications
  • Comprehend and apply different factual devices in different quality activities
  • Comprehend and expel basic traps in information investigation
  • Ace every single factual device/points required for Green/Black belt ventures

Who is Minitab Training Online apt for?

This Minitab training course is most suited for:

  • People anticipating learning information investigation utilizing Minitab
  • Examiners
  • Quality System Managers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Quality Supervisors
  • Quality Auditors

Key Features

Minitab Training Modules

1. Types of Data
2. Using Graphs to Analyze Data
3. Using Statistics to Analyze Data

1. Fundamentals of Statistical Inference
2. Sampling Distributions
3. Normal Distribution

1. Tests and Confidence Intervals
2. 1-Sample t-Test
3. 2 Variances Test
4. 2-Sample t-Test
5. Paired t-Test
6. 1 Proportion Test
7. 2 Proportions Test
8. Chi-Square Test

1. Statistical Process Control
2. Control Charts for Variables Data in Subgroups
3. Control Charts for Individual Observations
4. Control Charts for Attributes Data

1. Process Capability for Normal Data
2. Capability Indices
3. Process Capability for Nonnormal Data

1. Fundamentals of ANOVA
2. One-Way ANOVA
3. Two-Way ANOVA

1. Relationship Between Two Quantitative Variables
2. Simple Regression

1. Fundamentals of Measurement Systems Analysis
2. Repeatability and Reproducibility
3. Graphical Analysis of a Gage R&R Study
4. Variation
5. ANOVA with a Gage R&R Study
6. Gage Linearity and Bias Study
7. Attribute Agreement Analysis

1. Factorial Designs
2. Blocking and Incorporating Center Points
3. Fractional Factorial Designs
4. Response Optimization

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Minitab Certification Exam

How can I become a Minitab professional in 2024?

The Minitab Beginner can assess the data, scrub and modify it, and use Minitab to analyze and interpret any business situation. The certified candidate understands and demonstrates the ability to use the right graphical technique in a given business situation.

  • Conduction platform: online
  • Number of questions: 30 multiple-choice questions (Each question carries 1 point)
  • Passing percentage: 60% (18 out of 30 questions)
  • Type: open book
  • Time allotted: no time limit
  • There is no negative marking for any incorrect answers.
Minitab Certification Exam


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