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ABAP workflow training Exam has helped in designing igmGuru's ABAP Workflow Online training course. The attempt is to make sure that the candidate passes the exam in the first attempt. This course is designed for all those professionals who already have experience in testing workflows in the system. You have the option to use ABAP object classes for the alternative of business objects. This makes the work of agents easy in sending the transaction and deals to the next level. Business workflow, Approval, Web flow, and Workflow will be the same but used interchangeably under the ABAP Workflow tutorial. Thus, if you are thinking of getting hands-on with this ABAP workflow tutorial, we would like to accommodate you. Get in touch and have the best information and process in your hands, as available at our end!

ABAP Workflow Course Overview

What is the ABAP workflow?

The process that we are talking about is one of the automated processes that includes automation of work related actions like sending notifications or mail documents.

This is done from one geographical area to the other, by making sure the sending and the receiving is made an automated process. With igmGuru's ABAP Workflow training, you will become a pro in carrying out all these necessary tasks essential to help an organization adopt automation in the best way possible.

How you become an asset to the companies after completing ABAP Workflow course?

  • Help improve the SPEED of a business process.
  • Enhance the CONSISTENCY of the business process.
  • Improve the QUALITY of a business process.
  • Increase the TRANSPARENCY of the business process.
  • Enhance the process of MONITORING activities.

Who can opt for ABAP Workflow training Online?

The following professionals can go for the ABAP Workflow Course Online.

  1. Application Consultant
  2. Developer
  3. Developer Consultant
  4. Industry Specialist
  5. System Administrator
  6. System Architect
  7. Technology Consultant

ABAP Workflow Tutorial Key Features

ABAP Workflow Training Modules

1. Identifying the Workflow Architecture Components and the Design of ABAP Business Workflows
2. Creating an Organizational Unit

1. Defining Workflow Templates

1. Explaining the BOR and Business Object Types
2. Adjusting Standard Object Types to Suit Customer Requirements

1. Creating Standard Tasks Using Synchronous Methods
2. Creating Standard Tasks Using Asynchronous Methods
3. Integrating Tasks in a Workflow Template
4. Creating Task Groups

1. Describing Containers and Binding Directions
2. Defining Container Elements and Bindings
3. Using Secondary Methods and the Step Type Container Operation

1. Determining the Recipients of Work Items
2. Creating a Rule with Rule Type Responsibilities
3. Describing the Interaction Between Possible and Responsible Agents and Handling Errors

1. Defining Agents and Tasks Dynamically
2. Extending Workflows Using the Step Type Ad Hoc Anchor

1. Using Simple Deadline Monitoring
2. Using Modeled Deadline Monitoring

1. Describing Events in the BOR
2. Linking a Triggering Event to the Workflow
3. Triggering Events in an Application
4. Defining Additional Start Conditions and Describing the Event Queue
5. Testing Workflows During Implementation

1. Using Step Type Fork and Multiline Attributes
2. Using Step Type Loop, Form Processing, Document from Template, and Conditions in the Workflow Step
3. Using Step Types Block and Multiline Condition

1. Using Wizards for Workflow Template Definition
2. Defining Steps in a Process Using a Wizard

1. Creating the Notification of Absence Workflow

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ABAP Workflow Certification Exam

How to get certified in ABAP Workflow?

The skills and knowledge of developers, marketers, and business users are been validated by the certification granted after the successful completion of exams. Those who pass the ABAP workflow certification exams earn the distinction of being a Certified Professional. This certification helps the candidates in getting rewarding job positions. If a candidate opts for our well-structured certification program at igmGuru, they can gain knowledge for entering the lucrative domain and earn the certification. 

ABAP Workflow Certification Exam


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