Top CCSP Interview Questions and Answers

April 19th, 2024
CCSP Interview Questions

Earning a CCSP certification means you have the skills and knowledge needed to secure data in a cloud environment. While the credential speaks volumes for itself, you will still need to prepare well for the interview. As a Certified Cloud Security Professionals, you must go through these CCSP interview questions and answers. 

Top CCSP Interview Questions

Question 1. What is meant by systems integrator?

A systems integrator in cloud computing can either be a company or a person. These have expertise and skills in integrating component subsystems together to ensure they work well with one another.

Question 2. How many models for deployment does cloud computing have?

Cloud computing has four primary types of deployment models. These are -

  • Private cloud
  • Public cloud
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Community cloud

Question 3. How is mobile computing different from cloud computing?

Mobile computing is the ability around accessing and employing apps and data on portable devices. These could be mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

Cloud computing is a computing model. It offers on-demand access to resources over the internet. These resources could be software, applications, storage, servers or databases.

Question 4. What are the layers of cloud?

Cloud computing layers are -

  • Applications layer (users)
  • Platform layer (software developer)
  • Infrastructure layer (system admin)
  • Datacenter layer (system admin)
CCSP Cloud Computing Layers

Question 5. Explain the difference between traditional and cloud datacenters.

Traditional data centers offer organizations a wide range of web hosting options. These include dedicated, shared and virtual private server hosting. These are more secure and offer better control.

Cloud data centers, on the contrary, offer a completely autonomous cloud-oriented architecture. These offer greater scalability, cost effectiveness and agility.

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Question 6. What is Eucalyptus in cloud computing?

Eucalyptus in cloud computing refers to an open-source software. This storage platform implements IaaS, along with offering efficient and quick computing services. It was crafted in a manner that supports compatibility with Simple Storage Service (S3) and EC2 cloud by Amazon.

Question 7. Which platforms are used for large-scale cloud computing?

The two platforms used for large-scale cloud computing are MapReduce and Apache Hadoop.

  • MapReduce - Built by Google, it supports distributed computing by using a gigantic set of data and different cloud resources. The data is then distributed to different computers called clusters.
  • Apache Hadoop - Written in Java, it is an open-source platform. A pool of computers is created with each file system.

Question 8. What are some precautions to be considered prior to going for cloud computing?

Key precautions that must be kept in mind are -

  • Loss of data
  • Continuity of business
  • Integrity of data
  • Uptime
  • Data storage
  • Compliance with rules & regulations

Question 9. Which security laws are implemented to ensure data security in the cloud?

The security laws that are implemented to ensure data security in the cloud are -

  • Backup & security
  • Processing
  • Validation of input
  • Output reconciliation

Question 10. Why is PaaS important?

PaaS or platform as a service is important as it offers the app platform. It enables users to completely virtualize the infrastructure layer and make it act as a single server.


There are plenty of options after earning the CCSP certification. These top CCSP interview questions are to give a beginning point in the learning and preparing journey.

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