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igmGuru offers inclusive Sitecore Content Management training online that has been organized by professional experts to upskill enterprise-level content to advance personalization and e-commerce. Our online program will help you learn how to optimally use Sitecore content management to assist marketers and content editors in full control over all facets of the website from social integration and blog posts. A Sitecore Content Management certification course will allow you to uphold and optimize the solutions to customize all your needs.

Sitecore Content Management Course Overview

Sitecore Content Management (SCM) is an essential platform for creating, enhancing, and handling customers' digital experiences. It is an application that enables users to collaborate in editing, creating, and producing digital content, like blog posts, web pages, etc. Sitecore Content Management is presented as a cloud-based solution that helps you write content, and add headlines, as well as images. These features will support you to provide content more rapidly and emphasize customer experience to stand out from other competitors.

Sitecore Experience Manager (XM)

Our Sitecore Experience Manager (XM) course will let you easily manage content across multiple sites and in multiple languages. igmGuru offers 40 hours of Sitecore Content Management online training. Here you will be learning from professionals having 15+ years of experience in the field. The goal will be the same whether you choose interactive one-on-one training or classroom instruction, for a prosperous future. Anybody who decides to learn Sitecore Content Management through a trustworthy online course will acquire the benefits. Professional developers and experts in business domains will have additional opportunities to advance their professions.

Sitecore Content Management training at igmGuru reveals the chance to grow and have rapid career growth. You will receive all the information and instruction in this online course taught by professionals in the field. You will learn intermediate and higher-level concepts by the time your course is over.

The curriculum of igmGuru's Sitecore Content Management course is revised frequently to make sure your skill set is up to mark with current market trends. In our course, you will learn about various important aspects such as content cloud, editorial tools, Content Hub DAM, and user interface, which will help in facilitating good content according to market trends. 

Who Should Opt For Sitecore Content Management Certification Training?

The Sitecore Content Management course is suitable for entities who wish to create, issue, and manage relevant content on websites.  It is the best learning opportunity for those who want to gain expertise in managing and implementing solutions for organizational prerequisites.

  • Brand Owners
  • Web Developers
  • IT Professionals
  • Digital Marketers
  • Business Analysts
  • Content Editors

What Are The Prerequisites For Sitecore Content Management Training?

There are no requirements for igmGuru’s Sitecore content management course. Only decent knowledge of programming languages will be required for doing this training or course. 

Why Should You Learn Sitecore Content Management Course Online?

Getting enrolled online by igmGuru will provide you with abundant chances to find achievement in your career in this field. Sitecore Content Management is an excellent platform that is being used widely for advancing personalization and e-commerce for more social integration.

What Are The Main Objectives of Our Sitecore Content Management Course?

Here at igmGuru, we recognize that every person is unique, with distinctive goals and backgrounds. The main objective of the Sitecore Content Management platform is to ensure the knowledge for creating, managing, modifying, and publishing the best digital content.

Including theoretical and practical instruction and the chance to work on various projects are other objectives of Sitecore content management. With this opportunity and the knowledge of our instructors, you can navigate your career in the proper direction.

What Important Skills Are Covered in Sitecore Content Management Training?

Sitecore Content Management training and certification by igmGuru holds the perspective to transform your needs. This training and certification program by igmGuru will benefit you in getting ahead of your opponents with these important skills-

  • Managing and supervising media.
  • Utilizing workflows.
  • Personalizing digital marketing experience.
  • Learning to employ editorial tools for customizing content according to requirements. 
  • Learning associated with the content cloud.
  • Understanding more effective tactics for targeting many audiences online.

Sitecore Content Management Course Key Features

Sitecore Content Management Training Modules

1. Introduction to Sitecore Experience Platform (XP)
2. Introduction to Sitecore Experience Manager (XM

1. Introduction to Editing Tools
2. Introduction to Media Asset Management
3. Introduction to Publishing and Workflows

1. Navigate and Customize Content Editing Tools and Ribbons
2. Editable Components Within Content Editing Tools

1. Inserting and Previewing Items
2. Versioning Content
3. Search for Content Items

1. Workflows and Publishing
2. Media Item Management

1. Navigate and Customize Content Editing Tools and Ribbons
2. Editable Components Within Content Editing Tools

1. Inserting and Previewing Items
2. Versioning Content
3. Search for Content Items

1. Workflows and Publishing
2. Media Item Management

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