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With igmGuru’s Golang certification program, the individual will be able to gain knowledge and expertise in this widely popular programming language. Our Golang Course online program will give you an intro to Golang, along with its structure, loops, packages, conditional statements, concurrency, arrays, methods, and interfaces. This Golang training online is a good fit for programmers, end-users, developers, and even freshers looking to upgrade their career. Get started in your career with experts with 10+ years of experience today.

GoLang Course Overview

igmGuru's Golang Training online program is in sync with the latest curriculum to get in-depth insights in this programming language. Go, also called Golang, is a programming language developed by Google. It is known for simplicity, efficiency, and scalability. Golang online program introduces the Go language training from Google and provides learners with an overview of Go's special features. Learners will gain necessary knowledge and skills for creating concise, efficient, and clean applications using Go. This course by igmGuru is in sync with the Golang Certification exam.

Go, developed by Google, is famous for its simplicity, efficiency, and scalability. Go programming course by igmGuru will cover the following topics:

1. Introduction to Go and its syntax

2. Types and variables in Go

3. Control structures such as loops and conditionals

4. Functions and method in Go

5. Go's built-in data structures such as arrays, slices, and maps

6. Concurrency and parallelism in Go using goroutines and channels

7. Best practices for writing clean, readable, and maintainable code

8. Go's standard library and its usage for I/O, networking, and other common tasks

9. Interfacing with other languages and systems

10. Go's error handling mechanism and idiomatic way of error handling

What are the Objectives of this Golang Online Training in 2024?

The objectives of the Best Golang Course program are mentioned below:

  • Fundamentals of Go programming language.
  • Implement GoRoutines and channels to build massive parallel systems.
  • Plan and expand projects using Go runtime.
  • Use Interfaces to reduce complex programs.
  • Build real-time applications using Golang.

Why is Golang training high in demand?

  • Golang training is one of the trending programming languages in the IT industry, as stated by Stack Overflow.
  • Many top companies have switched to Golang due to its highly advanced features and capabilities.
  • The career opportunities for Golang professionals are ample right now and it's expanding day by day with its popularity.
  • Golang professionals are drawing very high salaries across the globe.

What will you learn in this Golang Online Course?

Upon completion of this Go Certification, you will gain prowess in the following:

  • You will understand the syntax and control structures of the Go programming language.
  • You will explore the very advanced features of Golang.
  • You will learn to use packages to organize code
  • You will grasp about variables, functions, constants, pointers, operators, arrays, etc. 
  • Better understand the core difference between maps and structs.
  • Concurrency with the shared variables.

Who can opt for Go Training?

Go training is most likely to benefit the following individuals:

  • Programmers
  • Developers
  • Aspirants looking for a career in the programming field.

This Golang certification course program is suitable for beginners and experienced programmers from other languages wanting to learn Go.

Golang certification training provides hands-on experience on tool and best practices for using Go to build efficient and scalable applications.

Key Features

GoLang Training Modules

1. Introduction to Go
2. Installing and Getting Started
3. Understanding Concurrent and Parallel Processing
4. Advantages with Go
5. Go Downsides
6. Hello World Application

1. Module Intro
2. Declaring at the Package Level
3. Determining Types
4. Short Assignment
5. Pointers
6. Passing by Value
7. Passing by Reference
8. Constants
9. Accessing Environment Variables

1. Why Functions
2. Go Function Syntax
3. Function Basics
4. Variadic Functions

1. if Syntax
2. if in Practice
3. Simple Initialization Statements
4. Switch Syntax
5. Switch in Practice
6. The Role of if in Error Handling

1. for Syntax
2. for
3. for range
4. Break and Continue
5. Arrays and Slices
6. Arrays vs. Slices
7. Syntax
8. Getting Under the Hood
9. append()

1. Syntax
2. Iteration and Ordering
3. Manipulating Maps

1. What Is a Struct?
2. Object Oriented Programming in Go
3. Defining a Struct
4. Working with Structs

1. Encapsulation in GO
2. Encapsulation Strategies in GO
3. Creating Interfaces with GO
4. Working with Polymorphism

1. Introduction
2. Concurrency vs. Parallelism
3. Concurrency Models - Processor Threads
4. Concurrency Models - Events
5. Concurrency Models - Callbacks and Promises
6. Concurrency Models - Communicating Sequential Processes
7. Concurrency in Go

1. Goroutines
2. Memory Requirements
3. Parallelism in Go
4. Demo: Basic Goroutines
5. Demo: Asynchronous Web Service Calls
6. Demo: Filewatcher

1. Memory Isolation
2. Demo: Basic Channels
3. Demo: Buffered Channels
4. Demo: Closing Channels
5. Demo: Ranging Over a Channel
6. Demo: Switching Between Channels

1. Mutex Lock with Goroutine and Channels
2. Simulating Events
3. Simulating Promises
4. Pipe and Filter Pattern

1. Working with http
2. Creating Sinple Web Server
3. Working With Templates
4. Working with HTML Forms

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GoLang Certification Exam

Is there an official Golang certification in 2024?

There are several organizations and companies that offer certification exams for Go (Golang) developers. The format and content of these exams can vary, but they generally test a candidate's knowledge and skills in the following areas:

1. Go language fundamentals: This includes knowledge of Go's syntax, types, and control structures.

2. Concurrency and parallelism: Candidates should be familiar with Go's concurrency model, including goroutines and channels, and understand how to use them to build concurrent and parallel applications.

3. Standard library: Candidates should be familiar with Go's standard library and be able to use it effectively to perform common tasks such as I/O, networking, and data manipulation.

4. Best practices: Candidates should be familiar with Go's idioms and best practices for writing clean, readable, and maintainable code.

5. Real-world usage: Candidates should be able to apply their knowledge of Go to solve real-world problems and be able to build a complete Go application.

Most of the certification exams are proctored, time bound and consists of multiple-choice questions. This Go certification exams are usually online and can be taken from anywhere and anytime but you can visit the center as well.

This certification exams are intended for experienced Go developers who want to demonstrate their skills and insight to potential employers or clients worldwide. It's recommended, that the candidates are having a good understanding of the language and practical experienced working with Go before taking the certification exam.
GoLang Certification Exam


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