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igmGuru’s Certified Scrum Developer or CSD training is specially designed for developers and programmers associated with building software in a Scrum setting. The aim of this CSD training online is to enable working professionals to upgrade their skills and knowledge to help expand their career opportunities. After all, a CSD certification holds a great deal of value in companies involved in software development. This is your chance to get ahead in your career and unlock a sea of opportunities in this field.

Certified Scrum Developer Training Overview

igmGuru's Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) Course has been curated by subject matter experts in according to the Scrum Certification Exam. This CSD Training online is to ensure that the applicant crack the exam in the very 1st attempt and receives his or her scrum developer certification. The CSD Classroom Course deliver by Scrum Alliance trains experts to build up their capacity to fill in as the fittest Developer for a scrum group.

What are the CSD course Online objectives?

Centered on programming designers (developers), Certified Scrum Developer course trains people on how to manufacture programming in a Scrum situation.

The point is to open students to the most critical devices and methods that should be connected with the end goal to fabricate great programming. This is done while keeping in mind the iterative and gradual form that Scrum requires.

What Skills will you grasp?

By enrolling in our Certified Scrum Developer training, one can:

  • Take part in the establishments of Scrum and go for Certified Scrum developer job!
  • Extend your professional openings by remaining pertinent and embracing Agile practices.
  • Get in with a network of perceived Scrum specialists who are focused on enhancement of the field.

What are the requirements for this CSD Online Course? 

  • To opt for the curse, it would be great if developers have a good hang of languages like Java, C#, Swift, C++, Ruby, etc.
  • It also requires real programming knowledge in a group domain.

Key Features

Certified Scrum Developer Course Modules

1. Define simplicity, communication, and feedback
2. Describe individuals and interactions over process and tools.
3. Describe working software over comprehensive documentation
4. Describe customer collaboration over contract negotiation
5. Explain, responding to change over following a plan

1. Study of Scrum principles
2. Define Scrum roles, activities, and artifacts
3. Outline the process of working with a product backlog and a sprint backlog.
4. Define a sprint
5. Describe the process of defining “Done.”

1. Study of architecture and design
2. Outline principles of architecture in an Agile environment
3. Outline principles that enable testability and ease of refactoring

1. An in-depth look at the way Agile teams work together
2. Describe “working together as one team.”
3. Describe how to “include the customer” in the process
4. Define pair programming

1. Study of test-first development
2. Describe Test-Driven Development (TDD) as a design approach.
3. Review the steps of the red-green-refactor cycle
4. Explain unit testing principles and practices
5. Outline qualities of a good test
6. Describe how to measure test effectiveness

1. Introduction to the practice of refactoring
2. Describe when to refactor
3. Outline refactoring for maintainability
4. Define refactoring to patterns

1. Introduction to the key practices of continuous integration
2. Define a single command build.
3. Summarize how to create a build that is automated, self-testing, and fast
4. Describe the importance of a single-source repository
5. Define increasing visibility and automating deployment

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Scrum Developer Certification Exam

How would I turn into a Certified Scrum Developer in 2024?

To gain a Scrum Developer Certification, one must make the accompanying task roles:

  • Understanding Scrum is the initial move towards CSD.
  • The second step is to go to a two-day CSD® course led by a scrum confirmed coach.

Key Points about Exam:

  • The certification is valid for 2 years.
  • $200 USD per attempt
  • Passing score: 85%
  • Time limit: 60 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 80
  • Format: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, True/False
Scrum Developer Certification Exam


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