AWS DevOps Interview Questions and Answers

May 6th, 2024
AWS DevOps Interview Questions

AWS and DevOps together have become a powerful combination. Those with skills and knowledge in both are high in demand in organizations globally. These AWS DevOps interview questions and answers are great for those looking to kick start their career in this sector. While these are only the basic ones, these usually cement your first impressions among the interviewing panel.

AWS DevOps Interview Questions and Answers

Question 1. Why do organizations use AWS for DevOps?

There are plenty of reasons behind AWS being used extensively for DevOps.

  • Fully managed services
  • Automation
  • Getting started faster
  • Programmable
  • Built for scale

Question 2. Explain AWS Lambda in AWS DevOps.

AWS Lambda refers to a computation service. It is extensively used by users to run codes without managing or provisioning the servers explicitly. No prior integration is needed to run any strip of code for a service or an application.

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Question 3. Explain the function of AWS RDS.

AWS RDS, which is short for Relational Database Service, is a service. This service facilitates users to set up an RD in the AWS cloud architecture. Setting up, using and maintaining the DB online becomes easier with RDS.

Question 4. What is a build project?

A build project refers to an entity whose key function is to integrate with CodeBuild. This helps in providing the necessary definition.

Question 5. Who do you know about Microservices in AWS DevOps?

Microservices in AWS DevOps are an organizational and architectural approach to the process of software development. The software here comprises small, independent services that are able to communicate with one another over well-defined APIs. Small, self-contained teams own these services.

Microservices provide various benefits like -

  • Flexible scaling
  • Technological freedom
  • Agility
  • Easy deployment
  • Resilience
  • Reusable code

Question 6. How does communication happen between containers in Kubernetes?

Containers communicate with one another in Kubernetes in three ways -

  • Via the IP address of the pod.
  • Via the port number & localhost exposed by another container.
  • Via another service with an IP address and (usually) a DNS name.

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Question 7. What are some of the cloud security best practices?

Some of the top cloud security best practices every organization must implement are -

  • Training the staff well.
  • Understanding the shared responsibility model.
  • Establishing & enforcing key cloud security policies.
  • Asking the cloud provider security questions in detail.
  • Encrypting data at rest and in motion.
  • Deploying an IAM solution (identity & access management).

Question 8. How is CloudFormation different from Terraform?

Ease of UseIt is confined to only AWS services.It has a large base across various cloud service providers. These include Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure, etc.
Cost It is free but users have to pay the cost of AWS services that are provisioned by CloudFormation.It is completely free and open source. There is a paid version available.
Management The state files here are managed by AWS. Thus, the engineers are not worried about these state files being corrupt.The state files are managed by the engineers, who are responsible for ensuring these do not get corrupted.

These basic AWS DevOps interview questions are just the beginning to unlock this field's true potential. Keep learning to become a pro and land the job of your dreams.

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