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igmGuru’s Google Cloud Platform Training Online and Certification course is curated to help the candidate ace the Google Professional Cloud Architect certification exam. This Google Cloud platform online course will provide you hands-on experience in leading Google cloud services like database, computing, security, and storage. Learn to design and deploy scalable Google Cloud Solutions with our Google Cloud Platform certification training now!

Google Cloud Training Overview

igmGuru's Google Cloud Platform training course program is planned to assist users to gain an efficient understanding of Google Cloud. The principle goal of Google Cloud platform training program is to enlighten the user about cloud terminology and cloud computing concepts. GCP Certified Professional Cloud Architect trains the user about designing, developing, and managing robust, scalable, secure, dynamic, and highly available organizational solutions to drive business objectives. The Google Cloud Platform course online program for Cloud Architects provides exhaustive learning of Google Cloud Platform services like Docker, Cloud with Kubernetes, Storage, Google compute engine, Google Cloud SQL, BigQuery, and Google App Engine. igmGuru’s Google Cloud training course assists the user to culminate an outstanding insight of Google Cloud Platform to develop a technical propensity and devise an optimal solution based on organizational requirements.

igmGuru’s GCP Certified Professional Cloud Architect online training course offers an all-inclusive preparation tool to the users to gain domain expertise in Google Cloud Platform. The course captures a multitude of topics from designing and planning a cloud solution architecture to the deployment of solution systems to ensure operations reliability. To optimize the learning process of the Google Cloud Architect Online Training, the course has been designed to equip users with optimal information of Google Cloud with scenario-based use cases and real-time examples.

The Google Cloud Architect Training course by igmGuru has been planned according to user convenience. The concise video format enhances the learning process for faster information retrieval and helps the user to learn from anywhere at any time. The reading material covers the knowledge points in a strategically designed step by step method to maximize the learning.

About igmGuru’s Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect Training Course

igmGuru's Google cloud architect training online will help users with in-depth and accurate information on Google cloud to successfully pass the Google Professional Cloud Architect exam. The users will be provided with essential resources to gauge the functional understanding of concepts like License mapping, network planning, and data storage allocation, data growth management, security management, and additional services. This training course program will accredit users with the ability to effectively design and manage the robust application on Google cloud using industry-based best practices. The curated learning path of igmGuru’s Google Professional Cloud Architect online training program will help a user to understand the roles and responsibilities of Google cloud professionals. igmGuru’s GCP online training course keeps users abreast of the latest technological advancements in the industry and assists them in comprehending information.

The perks of taking igmGuru’s Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect Training

  • The learning process is designed to create a mind map for fast information retrieval.
  • Training material is developed by industry professionals and certified experts. 
  • Access to robust 24*7 lifetime support and Google Professional Cloud Architect course material.
  • Full assistance in looking for job opportunities.
  • A simulation exam that will help users to analyze their performance efficiently. The simulation exam is designed to train users for real-time Google cloud exams.

The key deliverables of Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect online training:

  • A basic understanding of Google cloud computing basics and cloud terminology.
  • Functional knowledge to gauge cloud & technology improvements, business needs evolve, and advocacy to design a cloud solution architecture.
  • Operational knowledge of configuring network topologies, individual storage systems, and computing systems by Google cloud.
  • Experience in Container orchestration with Kubernetes and infrastructure provisioning technology configuration like Chef, Puppet, Deployment Manager, Ansible and Terraform.
  • Designing security systems with IAM, encryption keys with Cloud KMS, resource hierarchy, penetration testing, data security.
  • Efficient knowledge of analyzing and defining technical processes like SDLC, service catalog, post mortem analysis, continuous deployment, and disaster recovery.
  • Effective cost-optimization of cloud resources using GCP free-tier resources.
  • Prolific assistance of the Google cloud solution system using monitoring, logging, and profiling.
  • Proficiently analyze the best Google cloud solution based on technical requirements using industry-based best practices.
  • The possession of the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect training course completion certificate.

Prerequisites for Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect online training

  1. No prior knowledge of programming is required to appear for Google cloud certification training.
  2. No prior working experience with Google cloud is required.
  3. A keen interest in learning about cloud computing is required.

Benefits of Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect Certification

With the world shifting the scales from offline to online, capturing and analyzing data is essential. In the world of growing possibilities where data is the new oil, Google cloud online training provides the efficient maintenance of data. Google cloud platform provides users with deployment and integration of applications on Google cloud using BigQuery, SQL, and Google App Engine. 

Google cloud platform offers:

  • CISCO has predicted 92% representation of cloud traffic across all data center network traffic in a 2020 report.
  • A constantly evolving platform with more than 1 million clients across the globe.
  • It uses Google’s backbone network for advanced networking and caching services to deliver scalable, consistent, and rapid services.

Who should take the Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect training online course?

  • Google Cloud training is a critical resource for IT professionals who want to scale up careers in the industry.
  • Managers looking for new job opportunities can upscale their skill set by utilizing igmGuru’s online training platform to increase pay scale and grow in career.
  • The igmGuru’s Google cloud online training course is for cloud enthusiasts interested in learning about Google cloud management. Cloud enthusiasts can benefit from the latest information covered in the Google cloud training course. 

Key Features

Google Cloud Platform Training Modules

1. Explain the advantages of Google Cloud Platform
2. Define the components of Google's network infrastructure, including: Points of presence, data centers, regions, and zones
3. Understand the difference between Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
4. Lab: Sign Up for the Free Trial and Create a Project

1. Identify the purpose of projects on Google Cloud Platform
2. Understand the purpose of and use cases for Identity and Access Management
3. List the methods of interacting with Google Cloud Platform
4. Lab: Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform
5. Deploy a LAMP stack using Google Cloud Launcher

1. Learning Objectives
2. Understand the purpose of and use cases for Google App Engine and Google Cloud Datastore
3. Contrast the App Engine Standard environment with the App Engine Flexible environment
4. Understand the purpose of and use cases for Google Cloud Endpoints
5. Lab: Deploying Applications Using App Engine and Cloud Datastore
6. Deploy a sample Python application called Bookshelf to the App Engine standard runtime environment
7. Test the Bookshelf application and inspect data saved to Cloud Datastore

1. Understand the purpose of and use cases for: Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud SQL, and Google Cloud Bigtable
2. Learn how to choose between the various storage options on Google Cloud Platform
3. Lab: Integrating Applications with Google Cloud Storage
4. Create a Google Cloud Storage bucket to store images
5. Deploy an App Engine application that uses Cloud Storage
6. Use the Cloud Storage Browser to view objects

1. Define the concept of a container and identify uses for containers
2. Identify the purpose of and use cases for Google Container Engine and Kubernetes
3. Lab: Deploying Applications Using Google Compute Engine
4. Create a Google Compute Engine instance
5. Deploy the Bookshelf application using a startup script
6. Add a firewall rule to allow HTTP traffic to the application

1. Identify the purpose of and use cases for Google Compute Engine
2. Understand the various Google Cloud Platform networking and operational tools and services
3. Deploying Applications Using Google Container Engine
4. Create a container cluster using the Cloud SDK
5. Build and push a Bookshelf image to Container Registry
6. Use kubectl to deploy the Bookshelf container

1. Understand the purpose of and use cases for the products and services in the Google Cloud big data and machine learning platforms
2. Lab: Getting Started with BigQuery
3. Load a CSV file into a BigQuery table using the web UI
4. Query the data using the BigQuery web UI
5. Query the data using the CLI and the BigQuery shell

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Google Cloud Platform Certification Exam

How to test my knowledge of Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect?

  • Create a google account or use your existing account to login to the Google Cloud Training Platform.
  • Register for the GCP Certified Professional Cloud Architect exam.
  • Select the optimal date and time slot for the Google Cloud exam in 2024.
  • Give the exam to check your knowledge.
  • The certificate would be generated and sent to the registered Email ID.
  • The format of the question paper is Multiple Choice Questions that can either be proctored or taken in the nearest test center, which can be located from the GCP exam portal as per user comfort.

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect will evaluate the candidates on the following factors:

  • Designing a cloud solution architecture for future solution improvements
  • Configuring systems to manage and provision a solution Infrastructure
  • Designing for security controls and compliance audits
  • Analyzing and defining technical processes to optimize the business process to ensure resilience
  • Managing application development and implementation
Google Cloud Platform Certification Exam


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