AWS DevOps Certification Path

AWS DevOps Certification Path

May 8th, 2024
AWS DevOps Certification Path

An AWS DevOps certification is highly useful for those who wish to pursue a career in cloud computing and IT. This credential renders pursuers with the ability to deploy, develop and maintain software systems in business environments. This article covers the AWS DevOps certification path for those interested in enjoying a successful career.

What Is The AWS DevOps Certification?

The AWS DevOps certification is a highly esteemed credential that validates knowledge in cloud architecture solutions. It is all about learning and gaining skills about cloud infrastructure construction, migration tactics and cybersecurity. This certification showcases dedication towards reinventing oneself with technological advancements.

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AWS DevOps Certification Path

Following this AWS DevOps career path will prove to be extremely beneficial in earning this credential. Keep these key pointers in your mind to get started.

1. Gain Necessary Skills

    • AWS Services- Good understanding of AWS services is important, along with their usage in building and deploying apps.
    • Scripting- Python, Ruby and Bash are some important scripting languages to know about.
    • Infrastructure as Code- Working knowledge of IaC tools like AWS Elastic Beanstalk & AWS CloudFormation is imperative.
    • Automation Tools- Skills in using different automation tools like Puppet, Jenkins, Chef and Ansible.
    • Monitoring & Logging Tools- Tools for this include AWS Config, AWS CloudTrail and Amazon CloudWatch.
    • Communication & Collaboration- Good speaking, listing and collaborative skills are needed to ensure smooth functioning and learning.
    • Problem Solving- Many problems arise in the AWS environment. Tackling these requires good and quick problem solving skills.

    2. Meet the Prerequisites

      • Education- To get to this certification, it is important to have a bachelor's degree in a tech field like comp. Science or any related one. 
      • Work Experience- The AWS DevOps Engineer certification is for those who have 2+ years of working experience. This should be in operating, managing and provisioning AWS environments.

      3. Enroll in an Online AWS DevOps Training Program

        Clearing this examination is not just something anyone can do. Being a professional-level certification, there is high value attached to it, and a cost of 300 USD per attempt. Hence, it's best to be fully prepared for the exam before appearing for it.

        The best way to gain extensive knowledge and skills is by enrolling in an online AWS DevOps training program. An online program is a great way to learn on the go, especially with a self-paced course. An instructor-led course has its own benefits. It's best to pick as per individual needs.

        4. Use Free Resources

          There are plenty of free resources like tutorials, blogs and videos available for those who are just testing the waters. While these do not provide complete knowledge, they are great for revisions or to get started.

          5. Understand the Exam Details

            DOP-C02 a professional level exam with 75 multi-select and multi-choice questions, which must be answered in 3 hours. It could be taken online or in a Pearson VUE testing center. The topics covered are resilient cloud solutions, SDLC automation, monitoring & logging, configuration management & IaC, incident & events response, and security & compliance.

            Final Word For AWS DevOps Certification Path

            The AWS DevOps certification path is pretty straightforward with a lot of means to help sail it. Start preparing today and this one credential is sure to shower a lot of success in the future.

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