Roadmap To Becoming A Certified MuleSoft Platform Architect

February 9th, 2024
Become Certified MuleSoft Platform Architect

Automation has risen out to be more than just something used by big names. Today, a lot of SMEs have come to the realization that automation has the true power to change their future growth graph. The MuleSoft platform has thus become an important name today. MuleSoft provides businesses with apt tools for automating everything. Whether we talk about automating processes and workflows, creating amazing digital experiences, or integrating systems and data, this one platform has it all. This unique approach has been known to aid IT create the much-needed building blocks. This blog provides a roadmap to becoming a certified MuleSoft Platform Architect, a highly esteemed and well-paid profession.

Let's begin by understanding who these experts are.

Who is a MuleSoft Platform Architect?

A MuleSoft Platform Architect is a professional with the knowledge and skills to define and hold responsibility for a company's strategies related to MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform. There are a lot of key skills and knowledge areas you must know about to be able to clear the MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect (MCPA) Level 1 exam.

Prerequisites for a MuleSoft Architect

Here is a list of the prerequisites for a MuleSoft Architect. You can attain most of the requisites by enrolling in a MuleSoft Platform Architect certification course.

  • Good knowledge about Integration, SOA principles, and APIs.
  • Deep understanding of the key fundamentals of MuleSoft Development. 
  • In-depth knowledge on Integration Principles and Patterns. 

MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect- Level 1 Exam Details

To become a certified MuleSoft Architect, it is important to gain as much information as possible about the MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect - Level 1 exam. Here are the key details you should know about.

1. Format

Number of Questions: 60

Time Duration: 120 minutes

Format: Multiple choice, online, proctored, closed book

Pass Percentage: 70%

Language: English

2. Topics

  • Explaining application network basics
  • Designing & sharing APIs
  • Governing APIs on Anypoint Platform
  • Deploying API implementations to CloudHub
  • Establishing platform & organizational foundations
  • Designing APIs using Process, Experience Layers & System
  • Meeting API quality goals
  • Architecting & deploying API implementations
  • Analyzing & monitoring application networks

3. Cost

The MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect certification exam costs $400 USD.

This fee includes one free retake.

4. Validity 

The validity of the MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect - Level 1 certification is 2 years from the date of your passing. To maintain your certification, you can choose to go for the MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect Level 1 MAINTENANCE exam.

5. Target Audience

This exam is best suited for -

  • Solution Architects
  • Developers
  • IT Professionals
  • Integration Architects
  • Technical Leads

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Roadmap to Become a MuleSoft Architect

MuleSoft Architect

If you learning or planning to become Mulesoft Architect then you must follow this roadmap for a proper guidance.

  1. Understand all Exam Topics

Since you need to pass the certification exam to earn this credential, you must get down to understanding all the exam topics. This information will help you prepare well for the exam and give you the confidence to ace it. Your preparation will move better as you decode the exam format and topics.

  1. Understand the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Architecture

The MCPA Level-1 exam covers topics that are pre-mentioned. A lot of the exam weightage is associated with the Anypoint Platform Architecture, and consecutive deployment options. As an aspirant, you must have a good understanding of these, along with the various components of the platform and their working.

  1. Learn Integration Patterns & Best Practices

The exam has a portion dedicated to integration patterns and the best practices around it. Hence, it is important to review and learn MuleSoft best practices and integration patterns to get a good understanding of the right approaches to design and implement integration solutions.

  1. Get Acquainted with Mule Applications & Anypoint Studio

In the exam, you will be asked questions around designing and implementation of Mule applications via the Anypoint Studio. Hence, you must know how to create Mule apps and make use of key tool features.

  1. Enroll in MuleSoft Training

Enrolling in MuleSoft training will help you abundantly. You will learn about testing and debugging Mule apps, and learn essential security practices. Getting trained by industry professionals will further help you ace your certification exam and become a proficient MuleSoft Platform Architect.

  1. Take Practice Exams

Before you set out to sit for the MCPA Level-1 exam, you must go for practice tests. These tests will give you a better understanding of the type of questions asked, and how to best answer them, given the time constraint.


MuleSoft certification is way more than just a credential. It is a revolutionary trail to an efficient and advanced career. With integration and connectivity becoming paramount for success, MuleSoft becomes a sought-after name. Earning the MuleSoft credential and starting your journey as a MuleSoft Architect is just a step away.

Certified MuleSoft Platform Architect FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Que 1. How long does it take to be MuleSoft certified?

It can take anywhere between 4-6 weeks to be MuleSoft certified. However, the actual time depends from person to person.

Que 2. How much is the MuleSoft Platform Architect certification?

The fee for the MuleSoft Platform Architect certification is $400 USD.

Que 3. Is MuleSoft a high paying job?

Yes, MuleSoft is a high paying job. The average annual salary of MuleSoft Architect in the US is $128,756.

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