How To Become A DevOps Architect? Details Inside

March 26th, 2024
DevOps Architect

Commencing your journey as a DevOps architect pertains stepping into a world wherein operations and software development go hand in hand. Your entire career would revolve around creating scalable, reliable, and efficient systems wherever you go. The question of utmost importance here is how to become a DevOps architect. Let's get into it!

The first thing that we must get into is ‘who is a DevOps architect'. Let us begin there and explore other aspects like their roles and responsibilities and how to get started.

Who Is A DevOps Architect?

A DevOps architect is an expert with the prowess of designing and implementing the best practices within a company. Their main role is to establish an efficient and harmonious collaboration between the operations and development teams. Additionally, they are in charge of integrating CI/CD pipelines and automating processes.

They also make sure that the DevOps framework is in sync with the company's goals and objectives. The demand for these professionals is growing at a rapid pace.

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How To Become A DevOps Architect?

Becoming an architect is not a piece of cake. It requires dedication and consistent efforts to gain the skills, foundational knowledge, certification, and experience necessary to move ahead. Here are a few necessary factors that can help you in your journey to become an architect.

  1. Strong Education Foundation

One primary aspect is to have a strong educational foundation. A tech field like IT, computer science, or akin is preferable. While the minimum requirement is of a bachelor's degree, having a master's will certainly help you learn faster and grow more. Subjects like cloud computing, systems engineering, and software development will help you more.

  1. Develop Necessary Technical & Soft Skills

There are plenty of skills you would need to become a DevOps architect. This is a profile wherein you will also have to learn continuously and keep updating yourself as per the changing industry. Some of the key technical and soft skills you need are:

  • Understanding of IT operations & software development
  • Coding skills
  • Programming languages like Ruby, Python, Java
  • Experience with infrastructure as code (IaC)
  • Knowledge of tools like Ansible and Terraform
  • CI/CD Practices
  • Version control systems like Git
  • Security, networking & system administration best practices
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  1. DevOps Solution Architect Training

Becoming a DevOps solution architect is fruitful when you learn from those who have good experience and expertise themselves. Pick a good learning institute, preferably an online program to ensure you still have a good amount of flexibility to learn on your own terms.

This is also a great way to start building your network, prepare for a certification of your choice, and give your resume a massive boost.

  1. Gain Real-World Experience

Hands-on experience is a big aspect of the DevOps field. You should get started with roles like a system administrator, software developer, or any junior DevOps positions. This will help you gain hands-on learnings of the concepts and the how-to's.

  1. Build Your Network 

Networking is crucial to grow in the tech world. This helps you stay updated on what fields are expected to bloom in the future and what companies are growing. A nudge in the right direction can alter the entire course of your professional career.

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DevOps Architect Role and Responsibilities

DevOps Architect Role and Responsibilities

Let us take a look at some of the key DevOps architect roles and responsibilities. In addition to these, there are many others that you might have to undertake as a part of your job.

  1. Monitoring

You must continuously monitor the ongoing technical operations at all the stages of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). This includes reviewing the errors, overseeing the development cycle, and resolving errors in real time.

  1. Automation

Automation is at the core of DevOps and you must ensure pipeline automation for seamless running. Every process of the SDLC should be automated and run smoothly with minimal human intervention.

  1. Integration

Integration is an important responsibility to promote rapid and synchronous development. All processes of software development should be integrated. These include building, monitoring, testing, and deploying.

  1. Designing

The complete plan for process automation and integration is done by an architect. This includes collaborating with different teams and professionals.

  1. Risk Management & Security

Your duty will include ensuring that the DevOps practices being implemented are in line with the compliance requirements and security basics. Apt risk management practices and security measures are implemented regularly.

  1. Problem Solving

Any problems that arise in any team must be dealt with by you. Ensure that the SDLC does not get hampered and software delivery is done on time.

AWS DevOps Architect vs Azure DevOps Architect

An AWS DevOps architect and an Azure DevOps architect play quite a similar role to one another. Both their responsibilities revolve around managing and implementing DevOps best practices.

The only highlighted difference between these two is that each works within their respective cloud environments. Hence, an AWS DevOps architect is a pro at working within Amazon Web Services, while an Azure DevOps architect is a pro at working within Microsoft Azure.

Their cloud providers are different and hence, the slight difference between their profiles.


There are plenty of things to learn about to become a DevOps architect. However, the ROI for the time, efforts, and finances you spend on acing this field is exceptional. This is a great time to start your journey as an architect because of the expanding nature of this field.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1. What is the path to become a DevOps architect?

The path to become a DevOps architect typically involves gaining expertise in IT operations, DevOps principles, best practices, and software development. An associated certification is also helpful.

Question 2. How much does a DevOps architect earn in the US?

An architect earns approximately $119k per annum on an average in the US.

Question 3. What qualifications do I need to be a DevOps engineer?

A DevOps engineer needs a bachelor's degree in IT, software design, or related field.

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