Cybersecurity 101: How to Protect Your Tech from Hackers

February 18th, 2022

One of the most significant security threats that companies worldwide are currently facing is hacking attacks. Hackers use technology to exploit network vulnerabilities to gain access to your system to deny services, corporate espionage, hacktivism, or shut down the entire system. So how do you protect your system, network, and data from hackers? Here are some of the best ways to protect your tech from hackers.

Conduct Firmware Updates

Updating the firmware of your devices helps improve their functionality while upgrading the features which can protect your tech from hackers. Different companies provide bug fixes through firmware updates while integrating additional capabilities. If the updates are not automated, you will need to search for the device update button. The benefit of conducting these updates is that they help resolve any vulnerability issues your device may be having while installing security patches. If your device is still operating on an outdated or old firmware version, it may be a potential target for a targeted attack seeking unpatched flaws to exploit.

Regularly Change Passwords

Changing passwords regularly is among the simplest ways to protect your tech from hackers and ensure they do not gain access to your system. Hackers can collect information, including passwords from data breaches, social engineering, and the reuse of credentials. Hackers can use technical and psychological tricks and social engineering to get account information.

The hackers can also use hacker tools and password crackers to get multiple guesses on password combinations. They can also employ brute force to crack passwords that are weak and do not follow secure password conventions. Once the hackers gain access to your account, they can easily change the password to gain total control and use the accounts for malicious personal gain. Regularly changing the password with various combinations of characters and recommended password lengths will help stop any attack from hackers. You can also learn cyber security course to protect your tech from hackers.

Use a Firewall To Protect Your Tech From Hackers

Firewalls are tools which is design to prevent any access that is unauthorizes from accessing your network. Operating systems such as Windows and macOS come with in-built firewalls to help create the barrier between any intruders and the company's data and information. The firewall should be configured in a way that it sends alerts in case it detects any intrusion. Depending on the business need, you can purchase a physical firewall from networking companies or opt for an additional networking firewall to protect your tech from hackers.

Install an Antivirus Software

Yes, antivirus software can help stop a potential hacking attack. The software is design to help protect your system from any malicious programs, viruses, and malware that a hacker may use to access your system. The use of an updated antivirus on all computer systems within the company network should be entrenched in the cybersecurity - governance, risk & compliance policies in the organization. The antivirus program can detect any unauthorized code or software that may pose a threat to the data stored or the operating system. Some antivirus programs with advanced features can conduct automatic updates helping protect your tech from hackers for any new viruses or malware.

Make Use of Encryption

Encryption is the conversion of data and information to a code that protects it if it falls into unauthorized hands. If the security measures implement to restrict unauthoriz access into the network are breach, encrypting the data and information will prevent it from being accessed by any outsider. Windows allows you to encrypt your data and information in the hard drive using BitLocker, while macOS encrypts the information using FileVault. It is also possible for you to encrypt the web traffic by using VPNs for safe data transmission, which can protect your tech from hackers.

Install an Anti-Spyware Package

Hackers use several tools to collect data by secretly monitoring the activities and information within the organization. These programs cannot be removes easily or detect, although their behavior comprises delivering search results that take you to malicious sites and several ads. Advanced spyware programs can record keystrokes to obtain usernames, passwords, and critical financial information. Installing the anti-spyware will help protect your tech from hackers by scanning incoming connection requests and information and blocking any suspicious threats.


Protecting your tech will, in most cases, involve protecting your gadgets and mobile devices, which may need additional measures such as feature deactivation and installation of security apps.

The key to protect your tech from hackers is combining best practices and security tools, to protect your system from any unauthorized access. The above tips will help you secure the company devices, network, and information from hackers.

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