Your Guide To Data Science Careers (Plus Tips for Getting Started)

February 26th, 2024

Data Science is consistently growing as an in-demand career path in this technologically advanced society. While the most common job option people go for after studying Data Science is that of a Data Scientist, there are a plethora of other options too. More businesses have started to look for professionals who are trained and certified in this field. To enhance your career options, you can also go for Data Science with Python course or Data Science with R training. Let's discuss how to start a career in Data Science.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is a technological field that amalgamates machine learning, research, and software development. When talked about in association with the academic sphere, it incorporates business, statistics, and computer science. In simpler definition, Data Science has come into being because of the rapid evolution of information technology.

Data Science Jobs & Roles

When it comes to understanding Data Science jobs and roles, there are plenty you can go for. However, a few of them truly stand out in their scope and future prospects. Here are four of the most highly chosen options for a career in Data Science.

1. Become a Data Scientist

The most preferred and most well-known option to go for is to become a Data Scientist. As a Data Scientist, you will use programming languages like Python to build models, and then transform these models into applications. These professionals aid in solving complex problems as they analyze data to make predictions about the future.

Skills needed for Data Scientist career path

  • Statistics
  • Machine learning
  • Data analysis
  • Tools (SQL, Hadoop, etc.)
  • Mathematics
  • Deep learning 
  • Big data processes
  • Programming skills

2. Become Data Analyst

As opposed to a Data Scientist, when you become Data Analyst, you will learn to use structured data for solving business problems. They use tools like R, Python and SQL, along with data visualization, and statistical analysis. With these skills, they collect, clean, and then reorganize data to analyze and spot business insights and trends.

Skills needed for Data Analyst career path 

  • Statistics
  • Data visualization
  • Mathematics
  • Programming languages (Python, SAS, SQL, R, etc.)

3. Become Data Architect

As a Data Architect, you will be designing plans for integration, maintaining all data source types, and creating blueprints data management systems. Their job is to oversee the entire underlying infrastructure and processes.

Skills needed for Data Architect career path

  • Data mining
  • Machine learning
  • Data modeling
  • SQL
  • Data management
  • Coding languages (Java, Python, etc.)

4. Become a Data Engineer

As a Data Engineer, you will be tasked with preparing and managing humongous amounts of data, along with optimizing and developing data infrastructure and pipelines. Hence, they prepare data so that business analysts and data scientists can work with it.

Skills needed for Data Engineer career path 

  • Frameworks (Apache Hadoop, etc.)
  • NoSQL Databases (MongoDB, etc.)
  • Programming languages (Java, etc.)

How to Start a Career in Data Science?

When it comes to starting a career in Data Science, there are a few steps that you must undertake. It all begins by gaining the right set of skills and knowledge. Let us understand what you must do to begin a career in Data Science.

  1. Learn Data Visualization, Reporting & Wrangling

Being a Data Science means working with humongous data sets, and dealing with them. Thus, the need to learn data wrangling. This includes learning various tools and libraries like Pandas. To present your findings, having knowledge of data visualization and reporting tools is essential.

  1. Gains Statistics, Machine Learning & Maths Skills

You do not need a degree in these fields, only functional knowledge. With  knowledge of linear algebra, statistics, and calculus, you will be able to create optimization algorithms to get started on machine learning. A Data Science with Python training or a Data Science with R course will really help you out.

  1. Learn to Code

The most often chosen languages and the smartest choices today are Python and R. These are highly versatile and offer ubiquity. Since working with data means being involved with databases, SQL stands as another useful language. There are various other languages you can think about getting into and include JavaScript, Go, Scala, Swift, C/ C++, etc.

  1. Work with Big Data

Since the quantity of data is ever-increasing, collecting, processing, and maintaining it all is becoming harder. However, a skilled Data Scientist knows how to make it happen and extract detailed insights. To enjoy a career in Data Science, learning cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud will prove to be beneficial.

  1. Gain Knowledge of Databases

With relational databases, a Data Scientist is able to store structured data in an efficient and rapid manner. Thus, when the data is being collected and organized, SQL is the most opted tool. SQL facilitates in query databases, prepare, wrangle and experiment with data, and handle structured data.

  1. Enroll in Data Science Training

Data Science training is a great way to begin your career in this field. Learning from industry experts with many years of experience will help you further as you get to learn from their experience too. A data science course will also give you structure on what to focus on most.


Data Science is a field that is growing rapidly, offering opportunities to grow your career in this field too. Whether you choose to become a Data scientist, a data analyst, a data engineer, or take up any other job title, you will find yourself surrounded by opportunities. Begin today and enjoy a career in Data Science.

Career in Data Science FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1. Is data science a good career option?

Ans. Yes, data science is a good career option as it holds a great amount of potential for future expansion. Those who decide to get trained and certified in this field are sure to find many new doors open for them.

Question 2. Is Data Science a high paying job?

Ans. Data science is a high paying job with an average annual pay of $126,694 USD in the United States.

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