How Can A Salesforce Certification Accelerate Your Career in 2024?

April 10th, 2019
Salesforce Certification

Salesforce is a large and ever-changing field, with technological progress and breakthrough applications approaching rapidly and widely. Companies of all sizes today are turning to Salesforce for handling and managing marketing, customer support operations, and sales. Due to the continuous regional expansion and finding applications across a wide range of functions, the demand for Salesforce Certification Professionals is expected to grow.

Talking of demand, a report by Forum's Future of Jobs pointed that the demand for digital skills is forecasted to leap by over 50 percent by 2025. In the same report, it was revealed that around 50% professionals will need to reskill by the year 2025. To get there on time, you must start today! And there is no better name to begin with than Salesforce. This blog covers ‘how can a Salesforce certification accelerate your career in 2024 and beyond'!

Why Get Salesforce Certification?

We know you are wondering ‘why get Salesforce certification'. The question of how can a Salesforce certification accelerate your career in the coming years must be making rounds in your brain. Well, you are in luck because this blog has got you covered. Here are some of the ways, in which a Salesforce certification gives your prospective employer/ your current employer a better understanding of your skills.

With the Salesforce economy growing rapidly, the IDC or International Data Corporation has predicted over 9 million new jobs by the year 2026. These jobs are not just limited to growth at Salesforce, Inc. but affect the entire Salesforce ecosystem. 

1. Enhanced Knowledge Graph

A Salesforce certification provides you an in-depth knowledge of the platform. When you explore thoroughly into this platform, you will find a lot of tools that you would have never used or found before, despite your expertise and years of practice.

This will benefit your career growth since companies prefer individuals with a good knowledge graph about the field. More hiring managers would be interested in hiring you.

2. Better Skill Set

Salesforce certification training courses lay emphasis on practical experience. This is delivered via a combination of industry-appropriate live projects and case studies based on real-life scenarios.

When you enroll in an Online Salesforce course, you can expect to work on in-class lab practice, along with skill understanding under industry experts. Having this credential on your resume will help the hiring manager know more about your skill set and how it will gel with the company requirements.

3. Updated and Current Knowledge

One of the biggest benefits of cloud technology is that all announcements get automatically pushed to the application. Salesforce releases these updates at different times, every year. An organization that has deployed Salesforce means that there is no need to wait for a long duration to tediously update the whole enterprise software.

Being certified means that you will be the point of contact in your company whenever there is a release. This will help you stay updated with everything new that is happening, ensuring you are always learning and growing with Salesforce.

4. Deploy Efficient Account Planning Knowhow

This point is exceptionally valid for a sales rep. With a Salesforce certification, you learn how to plan better, making you better at your job. With a more in-depth understanding of the Salesforce platform, your navigation through the application will be quicker, along with more efficient handling of customer and prospect requests.

Having this certification will also ensure that you always know the best practices related to leveraging the tool strategically to improve your processes.

5. Optimize Salesforce Implementation

Many organizations do not have a solid plan to optimize their Salesforce, even after having chosen to implement it. As a result of this, companies miss out on a large chunk of the platform's functionality, since it is not being utilized to its optimum potential.

Once you become Salesforce certified, you will have the skills and knowledge to easily optimize and customize your company's Salesforce instance. You will learn exactly how to configure Salesforce, leading to your managers creating a dependency on you regarding any strategic Salesforce questions or assistance.

6. High ROI

When in doubt, always think of the returns. There are plenty of studies that indicate that the return on training-related expenses is considerably higher when it comes to Salesforce certification, as related to other courses. So, you might think that getting trained and certified for Salesforce is a pricey task today, but consider it as an investment. One that will yield an amazing return on investment.

7. Spearhead Success for the Organization

As per an IDC study, it is observed that certified employees are tasked with more responsibilities as compared to their uncertified peers. This makes their position more valuable and influential in the organization as they spearhead success for the organization. Consequently, any company would focus more on the growth of their skilled and certified force, whether small or big.

8. Certification Mandatory For Salesforce Roles

Maximum Salesforce-related job descriptions currently indicate that a Salesforce Certification is compulsory. So if you have been wondering why you didn't get interview calls despite your expertise, this is probably the reason. Do not be surprised if you are rejected because you lack the right certification by Salesforce.

Therefore, if you wish to join companies using Salesforce or maybe those that plan to use Salesforce, you must get trained and certified.

About Opportunities Post- Salesforce Certification

We all understand that there is no better way to validate our skills than a certification, and it stands true for Salesforce experts as well. Salesforce certification training validates your skill and expertise. As a result, earning a Salesforce certification will not only get your resume selected for the next round, but also help you ace your interview, and get a good salary package offer.

Salesforce certified specialists possess efficient processing ability. They are also known for their innovative use and excellent response-times to customers and are capable of handling all kinds of tough situations without any hiccups.

It is no surprise then that employers are steadily recognizing the value that a Salesforce certified expert adds to their business. And therefore, more and more companies want to hire these individuals over their non-certified peers. Check the list of professional course

The Salesforce business is growing great right now, which indicates that there is a huge competition for the same job position. Therefore, it's almost certain that you will be competing against certified individuals.

A Salesforce certification will highlight your skills and make you stand out in the crowd.

What kind Of A Hike Can I Expect With Salesforce Certification?

It is no story or myth that certifications make a difference to paychecks. IT professionals see as much as 25% more pay hike with that single credential on their resume. The more concentrated the certification is, the better the hike is expected to be. People who earn the right Salesforce certification are sure to benefit heavily from it, especially in the coming years. This is because the demand for Salesforce certified professionals is rising.

So, if you think that your career requires Salesforce, and if you're great at it, you have got an excellent chance to progress towards a successful career path. But if you are working without certification, you are certainly hurting your potential to make a whole lot more money than you do right now. In spite of your capabilities, hands-on experience, and expertise, a certification can boost your salary in a way you never imagined.

What Do I Do Next?

If you feel you're ready to take on the excitement of a career as a Salesforce expert, then this is a great time to get started. Once you make up your mind, find a training course that meets your requirements and needs, and you're all set and ready to go! Planning to crack Salesforce Certification? Check out the blog preview of our Salesforce Developer Tutorial here. So set aside your resistances and kick-start your career with a Salesforce certification. Explore your options, grab your chance to grow and make complete use of your tremendous potential.

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