How I Get Salesforce Developer Certification in 2024?

May 29th, 2019
Salesforce Developer Certification

The Salesforce Developer certification is a necessary credential that provides the necessary skills and knowledge of designing custom-made applications and analytics while being supported with declarative features of the Salesforce platform. It is a certification that shows a professional's ability to build special data models, no business logic, design user-interface and ensure security for customized applications. This credential benefits professionals to come to terms with the value of sales and revenue income forecasts. Certified developers can better customize Salesforce applications, business processes and maintain a high degree of a workflow.

Accreditation body

Salesforce is the chief accreditation body that manages the structure of the Salesforce Developer certification. They have however allowed ATOs to supervise the training of eligible candidates who then must take the exam from Salesforce offers the exam structure as well as sample examination questions. A candidate is expected to qualify for the course through several prerequisites that are well documented on the website.

Eligibility Requirements

Salesforce stipulates the last set of requirements that all qualified candidates must go through. The least qualification requirement is a degree in BBA, BCA, MCA or MBA. A candidate is also wanted to have a good knowledge of the basic concepts and functionalities in the Salesforce platforms. A training provider is expected to take candidates through the Salesforce platform to enable them to qualify for the certification. Once a candidate shows that they have this qualification, they can then be permitted to apply for the certification exams.

Certification Process

All candidates who wish to achieve the Salesforce Developer certification must ensure they have attained the eligibility criteria by obtaining the necessary training. The process to get accredited will take a candidate through a short series of stages that will require them to visit the Salesforce website after they have undergone training for the same. Candidates then need to register for the Salesforce DEV 401 examination – the test for Salesforce developers. Candidates then need to take the exam to be certified. The exam is online-based having a multiple-choice questions format with 60 questions in total. The test lasts for about 90 minutes. The passing score requires 68%, which is a minimum score for all candidates.

Accredited Training Partner delivers the Salesforce developer certification and permits Accredited Training Organizations (ATO) to run the programs as directed by them. The developer certification gives a candidate more benefits that can qualify them for many job opportunities. The certification is valuable and requires a considerable amount of money. It also takes up a lot of time to master what is required. Once candidates have successfully passed the examination and received their certification. Certification holders can also add other credentials from such as administration to their portfolio.

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Examination Format

Visiting the Salesforce website, one can surely see the requirements to achieve success in the exams. To pass the exam, a self should not only be able to build custom applications through point-and-click capabilities on Salesforce, but also be able to design data model, user interface, security for customized applications, and business logic. Designing portals, reports, and dashboards are also a necessity. The examination takes the format of multiple-choice questions with 60 questions in total. The exam duration is 90 minutes with a passing score of 68%. Candidates need to register with an examination fee. The examination body does not allow hard-copy or online materials inside the examination center.

Retaking The Exam

The Salesforce Developer certification exam is intensive and an all-general exam that requires proper attention and study. The examination body, offers to revise material and examination outlines to help interested candidates do well in the examination. However, it is quite normal to find one or two candidates who may fail to attain the minimum passage score of 68%. This should not worry you as you can retake the examination and attain your desired certification. Candidates, who wish to re-sit the test, must resubmit their registration details together with a re-take fee of $100. You should go through the areas that you failed to increase your chances of doing well in the retake.

Career Growth And Role of Post Certification

The job market is growing competitive day by day; it is, therefore, wise for you to add value to your resume before you submit it for job consideration. Salesforce's website record shows that Salesforce professionals are in demand in the job market. The figure being talked about here is 159% since 2010 – this information can be found on Salesforce's website. Salesforce developers are the most needed-after since they hold the highest recognizable credential. Maximum employers are now interested in employing individuals who can help their organization with high competitive skills; having the Salesforce developer training gives you an edge over your colleagues. Salesforce requires holders of this credential to work extremely smart to try and maintain their certification.

Post Examination Requirement

After the examination is cleared, holders of the certification need to protect their credentials by practicing their professionalism to the fullest and adhere to the Salesforce platform requirements. There is no expiry date of the certification and holders are highly regarded in the sales and application developing market. There is also much more to learn by following and reading books and websites on the Salesforce platform. Other excellent certifications can be taken by holders of this credential. Managing the credential is the most important appearance to be performed by credential holders. Certification Holders can demonstrate high skills in the sales and application design market. One can register as a member with through visiting their website and signing up as a member. This may help you study and earn other certifications offered by Salesforce. 

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