A Comprehensive Guide to Learn React Native

April 23rd, 2024

Ensure a smoother career path in the field of mobile app development with these tips to learn React Native.

Learn React Native

In the past, mobile applications were simpler and no one really paid attention to its performance. But today, the competition between organizations has gone up. This has led to an increased demand for highly intuitive, cross-platform apps, and that too at minimal costs. This is achievable with the aid of the apt frameworks and languages.

With roots in JavaScript, the React Native framework is being used extensively by developers globally. It enjoys a high level position in the space of native, cross-platform mobile apps. Learn React Native (RN) by following these tips and tricks & unlock the doors to unlimited career opportunities.

Introduction to React Native

React Native, at its very core, is a JavaScript (JS) framework that is used primarily for creating mobile apps. This cross-platform framework leverages React and JS for building native mobile apps.

React Native was on the second position on the list of the most popular cross-platform mobile frameworks preferred by software developers between 2019 and 2022. This is as per a report released by Statista.

Why Learn React Native?

There are plenty of reasons to learn React Native in 2024. Here are a few of those reasons.

  1. Develop Cross-Platforms apps

Learning RN is a great pick because it helps in creating cross-platform apps. These platform-independent apps can be run on any platform. Hence, these apps are no longer limited to only Windows or Android, or others.

  1. High Productivity

With this framework, developers are able to rapidly develop multi-platform apps in a shorter time. Since the quality is not compromised, productivity is increased.

  1. Developer Friendly

It is highly developer friendly because of its features like live reloading and hot reloading. Hot reloading enables refreshing the files wherein changes happened, but the state of the app is not lost. Live reloading means refreshing the complete app during a file change.

  1. Strong Community

While it's not even a decade old technology, it has garnered a huge and strong community because of its continuously-growing popularity. This community is a big plus for any new developer who ever finds themselves stuck in a problem.

  1. High-Paying Jobs

Mobile apps have become highly imperative for businesses that want to reach their target audience easily. This has led to an increased need for good libraries, frameworks and programming languages, of which, React Native is a top one.

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Tips & Resources to Learn React Native

Becoming a professional RN developer is not a one day task. It requires time and dedication to master the concepts and optimally use this framework. Here are the best tips & resources to learn React Native and commence your career in this field.

  1. Learn JavaScript

Since JavaScript is RN's primary language, it is imperative to have knowledge and working experience in it. Those who jump directly to RN usually find themselves struggling to pass the basics phase. The ease of creating a code in RN is directly proportional to the knowledge in JS.

  1. Learn React

While learning React is not as important as it is to learn JS, this is still a helpful step on this path. A good React foundation is sure to come handy when developing apps for different platforms since the syntax is quite similar.

  1. Learn Top Tools

Building a perfect website is all about the tools one uses to make it happen. Here are a few must-know tools for developers.

React Native Tools
  • Redux- This open-source JS tool is great for building DBs. It is used extensively for client-side as well as server-side.
  • ES6- ES6 is the latest update that has come for the language. This means it is a must-have knowledge area.
  • ESLint- It is a great tool to identify & report mistakes that occur in a JS code.
  • Jest- It's a JS testing framework that is crafted to guarantee the correctness of the JS codebase. It aids developers to write tests quickly via APIs.
  1. Learn Key Skills

As mentioned above, becoming a pro requires dedication and that pertains gaining these key skills.

  • HTML & CSS

These two are core web development technologies. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the base required to create the layout and elements of a web page. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is the technology that adds styling to the different layouts and elements.

  • Testing & Debugging

Errors are mostly likely to stem up when building an app, which means it is important to have great testing and debugging skills. The code must be tested in different scenarios to ensure it is suitable to run in all conditions. If any problems arise, debugging skills will ensure everything is sorted.

  • Performization Optimization

The app should work well at all times, which is only possible with skills like performance optimization. It's the end stage in getting an app up and working.

  • Soft Skills

Many soft skills are needed to become React Native developer. Having great communication skills, problem-solving skills, leadership qualities and a go-get attitude are extremely important.

  • Data Handling

It is imperative to have a clear understanding of the process of data handling. After all, it's something that will be done quite often.

  1. Enroll in React Native Course

Enrolling in a React Native course will pave the path for quality learning. Industry experts are the best means to get started in any field. These professionals also prepare individuals for associated exams. An online course gives the flexibility to learn any time, anywhere.

Final Words

One must take a strategic approach to learn React Native effectively. Since the demand for React Native developers is multiplying, this is the right time to step into this field. It's one of the top frameworks for creating cross-platform, visually appealing and highly-functional mobile applications. Get the significant edge in any interview by gaining skills and knowledge about this framework.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Is React Native hard to learn?

Learning React Native is not exactly a piece of cake. The reason for this is that good knowledge and skills in different tools, technologies and associated languages (like JS) are needed to develop a good app.

Question 2. What is the salary of a React Native developer?

A React Native developer earns around $157k USD per year on an average.

Question 3. Is React Native enough to get a job?

Yes, having knowledge and skills in RN are enough to get a job as a developer.

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