Mendix Platform Features

Discover Top 10 Mendix Platform Features in 2024

Vidhi Gupta
April 2nd, 2024
4:00 Minutes
mendix platform

Let's discover how Mendix platform features aids organizations in adopting digitalization!

Companies are no longer interested in hauling the burden of complex app development. Instead, they wish to stay focused on unleashing the true potential of digital transformation. Hence, the need for business and IT to work together comes forth, birthing the need for a modern, business-friendly, and powerful digital platform.

With a low-code development platform like Mendix, companies are able to fast-track the process of their digital transformation. Mendix, which has been recognized as a low-code leader for the seventh time by Gartner, allows organizations to effortlessly build apps in no time. It eliminates the need for complex code, even when making innovative apps, to accelerate the app development process.

In this blog, we cover the top 10 Mendix platform features behind its global hype.

Top Mendix Platform Features

Here is a list of the top Mendix features that enable it to offer such a vast amount of possibilities to both IT and business departments.

  1. Web & Mobile App Development

Mendix's primary purpose and feature is to develop fully responsive web and React Native-based native mobile apps.

  1. Cloud & On-Premises

Companies can choose between on-premises and cloud-native infrastructures while developing an app with Mendix. As per the user's choice, either choice can be streamlined.

  1. Complete Lifecycle Management Support

Mendix provides thorough support throughout the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC). This includes idea mapping, designing, deploying, launching, maintaining, and improving.

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  1. Custom Code Capabilities

In addition to the ready-to-apply components, Mendix offers custom code capabilities. This helps organizations personalize each application as per the demand and need.

  1. Reusable Components Marketplace

The integrated Mendix marketplace comprises various reusable components. These include widgets, modules, and connectors, and are used to rapidly achieve certain aspects of the code. These components are created by both community members and Mendix itself.

  1. Scalability

The platform is apt for businesses of all sizes as it is highly scalable. Mendix can handle any level of scalability your business seeks in the future. It offers both horizontal and vertical scalability options.

  1. Automation Capabilities

With its process-first approach, users are supported with automation possibilities. This extensive process automation allows organizations to bypass all workflow roadblocks easily, gain complete control over their IT working, swiftly implement new solutions, and enhance business outcomes.

  1. AI-Assisted Development

Programmers can utilize Mendix's AI and ML solutions to rapidly model and deliver software. With this assistance, all errors can be avoided during the designing process.

  1. Mendix Data Hub

Mendix Data Hub facilitates businesses to connect, manage, and work on their data accumulating from different systems and sources. These sources could both be internal or external.

  1. Application Governance

Its trusted governance controls and tools enable secure, compliant, and effective use of the platform.

Final Words

The Mendix platform has become a top pick for enterprises interested in leveraging no-code and low-code tooling. As more companies look for this feature, the market for Mendix developers will grow too. Get started on this platform today and make the most of it in the coming years.

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