Roles and Responsibilities of MSBI Developer

April 27th, 2024

Uncover the key roles and responsibilities of MSBI developers to further explore this field. Read our blog to know more.

MSBI Developer

Everyday operations and external sources lead to the creation of a lot of data in an organization. Analyzing this data is crucial for the organization to measure the performance showcased by the corporate operations. Implementing the right business intelligence tools like Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) is an essential aspect here.

This blog covers the key roles and responsibilities of MSBI developers, along with essential skills. Since the future of organizations is incomplete without good BI tools, having skills in a leading tool like one will certainly be great for the career. Let's begin with reasons to become an MSBI developer.

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Why Become MSBI Developer?

Organizations everywhere are only focused on extending their opportunities of growth and success. With an MSBI developer on board, they are able to achieve this. Since these professionals optimally utilize the data with their skills, the demand is increasing too. Here are some reasons to choose MSBI developer as a career path.

  1. High Demand

Skilled Microsoft Business Intelligence developers are high in demand across different leading industries. Since all companies are generating and gathering increasingly more data, the need for such professionals is growing too.

  1. Constant Learning

Those who like to keep themselves updated on the happenings will find this job really interesting. The world around data is changing rapidly, which entails learning new tools, trends and techniques from time to time.

  1. Lucrative Salary

MSBI developers are often high paid professionals. An entry-level expert earns around $97.5k per annum and experienced professionals can earn around $129k annually.

  1. Great Asset to Organization

These professionals have the prowess to extract highly valuable insights from the data collected. This aids organizations in reaching their goals faster and earning more profit.

  1. Multiple Career Opportunities

MSBI skills are not restricted to be used in a single industry or domain. Companies of varying sizes and nature utilize this tool from industries like retail, healthcare, finance, etc.

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MSBI Developer Roles and Responsibilities

There are various roles and responsibilities a Microsoft BI developer fulfills. Some of these are -

  1. Dashboard & Report Creation
  • Create high interactive scorecards, dashboards and reports with MSBI tools like Power BI and SSRS.
  • Design user-friendly and visually appealing data visualizations to easily and effectively convey insights. 
  1. Data Modeling & Database Design
  • Optimize database )DB) performance for reporting & querying.
  • Design & implement data models to organize & structure data efficiently.
  • Develop & maintain a data warehouse to store both structured and unstructured data.
  1. Data Analysis & Insights
  • Collaborate with business stakeholders and managers to understand business requirements. Translate these needs into actionable analytics solutions.
  • Analyze data patterns, anomalies and trends to gain imperative business insights.
  1. ETL Development (Extract, Transform, Load)
  • Extract data from a myriad of sources like APIs, spreadsheets and DBs.
  • Transform data to standardize, enrich and cleanse for analysis.
  • Load this transformed data into data warehouses & other different target systems.
  1. Communication & Collaboration
  • Communicate the findings and technical concepts to non-tech stakeholders and simpler terms.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams incorporating IT professionals, business analysts and data engineers.
  1. Performance Monitoring & Optimization
  • Monitor performance relayed by data solutions.
  • Identify areas for optimization.
  • Tune indexes, data models and queries to enhance scalability & performance.
  1. Data Governance & Security
  • Manage user permissions & access to data assets to ensure confidentiality & security.
  • Implement data governance policies to regulate data compliance, integrity & quality.

Key MSBI Developer Skills

There are various MSBI developer skills that need to be aced to become a professional in this field. While every job profile varies slightly from the other one, there are certain skills that are common. Here is a list of the key skills needed to have a career as a Microsoft BI developer.

  1. Database Skills

It is important to have knowledge and skills in software development and associated best practices. Knowledge about data mining is important, along with creating and designing testing, deployment rules, procedures, objects, etc.

  1. Troubleshooting

Awareness of troubleshooting all performance-related issues is imperative. Knowing the root cause of occurring issues is essential, along with tool performance and associated issues.

  1. MSBI Tools

There are various different MSBI tools that need to be learned. SSAS (SQL Server Analytical Services) incorporates various aspects like dimensions, KPIs, cubes, etc. SSIS (SQL Server Integration Service) aids in reading and transforming data into valuable insights. SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Service) enables creation and deployment of reports.

  1. Testing Skills

Testing at every stage is an important aspect of building a software. While there are many reasons for the same, one of the biggest reasons is to ensure no big challenges are faced after the completion of the entire project. This is where this Microsoft business intelligence developer comes into the picture.

  1. Data Security

Data security skills are needed because everything is based on certain information or data. From data availability to integrity and ensuring confidentiality, security and safety of data is essential.

Final Words

There are many roles and responsibilities of an MSBI developer that one needs to fulfill after getting in this role. The demand for these professionals is rising, which means that there is great scope of opportunities in the coming years. Additionally, being attached to a name like Microsoft is in itself an achievement and stamp of success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question. What is the role of a developer in MSBI?

An MSBI developer is responsible for crafting, implementing and developing BI solutions using this particular tool.

Question. Is SQL and MSBI the same?

MSBI is a product by Microsoft that uses SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Service) to create reports on SQL server-based data.

Question. What are the components of MSBI?

There are three key components of MSBI. These are SSAS, SSIS and SSRS. Having knowledge of each of these is important to start your career as MSBI developer and completely understand the tool.

Question. Who can learn MSBI?

Microsoft BI is a great choice for graduates, working professionals and even non-programmers.

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