MSBI Tutorial – A Beginner’s Guide To Learn MSBI

April 9th, 2024
MSBI Tutorial

Business intelligence (BI) has become crucial to turn data into information, which itself plays a big role in enabling organizations to take data-driven decisions. It comprises various tools and techniques that aid in extracting meaningful information from raw data. There are many tools that provide BI solutions and one of the top names is Microsoft Business Intelligence or MSBI. This MSBI tutorial is a step towards understanding the Microsoft BI tool. Let's get started with a basic question and then move on to understand why learning this tool is a good idea.

Let's get started.

What Is MSBI?

So, what is MSBI? MSBI is the acronym for Microsoft Business Intelligence, which is a popular tool that provides organizations with BI solutions. It aids enterprises in performing data analysis by using Microsoft Excel, which ensures easy data collection and analysis as well as generation of eye-catching reports.

This MSBI tutorial will give you details on its architecture and why to learn this tool.

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MSBI Architecture

MSBI's strong front-end and back-end functionality is what makes its architecture stand out among the myriad of BI tools and solutions.

Back-End Architecture

  1. SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services)

SSIS refers to a data integration service. It brings together data from plenty of sources including Excel, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase and Text. This entire data is combined into a unified format before beginning the process of refreshing and clearing it. MS SQL Server's online transactional processing (OLTP) module is utilized to finalize this process.

  1. SSAS (SQL Server Analyze Services)

SSAS (SQL Server Analyze Services) is an analyzing service that analyzes the pre-saved data. For this process, data mining and online analytical processing (OLAP) are utilized, which create various multi-dimensional structures called CUBES and mining models.

  1. SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)

This reporting service is used for displaying and analyzing data in a graphical manner. This enables organizations to effectively take decisions, which leads to enhanced revenue, minimum wastage and maximum profits.

Front-End Architecture

  1. Microsoft Excel

Most widely used BI solution, Microsoft Excel offers all functionalities needed to analyze data, share information and create spreadsheets in a manageable space. It has various self-service capabilities via tools like Power Pivot, Power View and Power Query.

  1. Reporting Services

It has its very own reporting portal environment that allows businesses to run any report online or even schedule it for automatic delivery into a central folder.

  1. SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint has some of the finest BI features that enable collaboration between teams and individuals in an organization. A single portal can be created. This is where all key information can be accessed from.

  1. Report Builder

It provides end users with intuitive report authoring abilities. Anyone seeking a more sophisticated and composed authoring environment benefits by choosing this.

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Why Learn MSBI?

There are plenty of BI tools in the market, which paves the path for a very important question - why choose MSBI. This question arises in the mind of every beginner or professional who is looking at the career scope of an MSBI developer. These are some points why organizations pick MSBI and so should you.

  1. Easy Data Visualization & Exploration

Great data exploration and visualization capabilities are necessary, which you can do too by learning MSBI. This is imperative for businesses to showcase their acquired insights via impressive visuals and analytics.

  1. Benefit from Native MS Excel Features

If you already have knowledge of using MS Excel, then you can move on to learning and using MSBI in no time. Since you are already aware of collecting, storing and managing data, you will be able to design expert reports and documents.

  1. Intuitive Scorecards & Dashboards

MSBI dashboard can be used to tap into almost any data source. A scorecard is used to bring together data from various sources and then convert them into a unified and customized experience. Since all data sources are accessible from a single place, as well as manipulated from there, business solutions become more effective.

  1. Provides 360-Degree Business Solutions

This is a brilliant tool for organizations that aids them in effectively deploying business products to improve complete business services. Since strong data analytics and mining become staple to an enterprise, stronger business decisions are enabled too.

  1. Easy Usability & Management

While business intelligence tools were previously only employed by experts, their usage has become more widespread in the last few years. Especially with tools like MSBI, anyone can become a professional in a short span of time.

Future Scope of Microsoft BI

The average salary earned by a Microsoft BI developer in the US is $110k annually. More experienced workers earn more and the salary is also subject to change as per the location.

The one certain thing about this tool is its growing scope and future. Microsoft is a trusted name today and anything associated with it is also widely accepted without any hesitation. This brings us to the fact that learning this tool, earning a certification and polishing your skills will yield impeccable future opportunities for you.


This MSBI tutorial is aimed at all those who seek to make a career in the field of data analytics and have the right tools by their side. Learning Microsoft BI requires dedication and picking the best means to move ahead with. Becoming an MSBI developer will help you get seen by organizations everywhere and increase your employability.

FAQs for MSBI Tutorial

Question 1. How many days will it take to learn MSBI?

Learning MSBI can take anywhere between two to four months. The timeline depends on how much time you are willing to spend each day, your existing skill set and your learning skills.

Question 2. Who can learn MSBI?

MSBI is an ideal tool to learn for-

  • Those interested in ETL with SSIS
  • Developers interested in MSBI
  • Those interested in Cube making with SSAS
  • Developers interested in SSAS, SSRS & SSIS

Question 3. Is MSBI a good career?

Yes, MSBI is certainly a good career. In fact, it is among top paid entry-level tech profiles globally. It is a great step in your quest to reach unprecedented heights of success.

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