Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder Tutorial

May 8th, 2024
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Every marketer needs intuitive tools and platforms that enable quality customer interaction and experience creation. Journey Builder by Salesforce is one such tool that's extensively used by organizations to deliver personalized customer experience across various channels. This Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder tutorial covers everything a marketer needs to know about it.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder- An Introduction

Organizations must utilize the latest technologies to ensure unified and consistent interaction with their customers. With the increasing number of platforms, it has become a necessity to have a platform/tool in the working that connects them all.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder is just the tool needed to make it all easily approachable.

What is Salesforce Journey Builder?

What is Journey Builder by Salesforce?

Journey Builder is a Salesforce Marketing Cloud module that helps companies in building highly automated and personalized journeys for their prospects. This aspect of Salesforce Marketing Cloud visually automated various marketing channels easily in a single place. This could be email and/or SMS.

This tool is used to set goals on different factors such as behavior and past purchase patterns. This gives the marketing teams essential points to base their marketing campaigns on.

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How to Build a Journey in Journey Builder?

Setting up a journey in Salesforce Journey Builder is extremely easy and user-friendly. There are two options to pick from. One gives the flexibility to use templates that are pre-created in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Other one is to begin from scratch and create the path as needed.

Five options can be found under the 'Activities' tab, which can skillfully be included in the Journey. This image is a clear description of the activities, options and the description that each of those offer.

Journey in Journey Builder

To begin building a Journey, any of the relevant activities can simply be dragged and dropped to the 'Journey Builder Canvas'.

Types of Journeys

To better understand this tool, it's important to understand the type of journeys that can be built with it. There are three types that are possible.

1. Single Send Journey

    A single send journey is where a single message is automated to be sent to the target audience. It's an easy manner of sending a transaction email, notification to multiple contacts  or sending a marketing email.

    2. Multi-Step Journey

      A multi-step journey is one where a series of customer interactions are automated over a period of time. This type of journey includes various channels like SMS, email and social media. The customizations happen as per the customer attributes or interactions.

      3. Transactional Send Journey

        Transactional send journey is crafted to automate the process of delivering transactional messages. These could be shipping notifications or order confirmations.


        Salesforce Journey Builder aids marketers to understand the process behind harmonious working of multiple channels to convert a potential client. Learning this tool opens many possibilities and opportunities both for aspiring marketers and experienced ones.

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