Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Salary in 2024

Vidhi Gupta
April 4th, 2024
4:00 Minutes
Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is a leading power platform offering organizations with necessary tools for creating, managing and executing marketing campaigns across different channels. The increasing digital growth in marketing has led to an increase in the demand for skilled and certified professionals also. Here, is Salesforce Marketing Cloud developer salary in 2024, along with their roles and what affects their salary.

An SFMC developer is a professional with the responsibility of building, and customizing different marketing solutions on this platform. They comprehend business requirements and offer technical solutions for those, making them an integral part of the marketing teams.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Salary

The average annual salary of an SFMC developer in the USA is $124k.

The average salary of an SFMC developer in India is ₹8.3 LPA.

Factors Affecting your Salary

The final step of any interview is deciding upon a salary. There are various factors affecting this final salary, including -

  1. Experience

Your experience level is imperative here. Entry-level individuals earn less but as the experience grows, so does their salary.

  1. Certifications

Having a relevant certification, like developer or consultant one from Salesforce will give an edge. This certification showcases potential and commitment.

  1. Company Size & Reputation

The company size and its market reputation matters a lot too. Bigger and more reputed firms are highly likely to offer higher salary and additional perks as opposed to a smaller firm.

  1. Location

Depending upon where the company is located and the cost of living there, the salary can vary significantly. This is true both globally and within the country.

  1. Skills & Expertise

There are various skills one must have for this position. No company would let those go possess these skills, retaining them at a good price.

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What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer?

Here are some of the key roles and responsibilities undertaken by a Salesforce Marketing Cloud developer are mentioned here. These can ultimately vary a lot depending on similar factors mentioned above.

  1. Implementation & Configuration

They develop, implement, and configure different components like contact builder, journey builder, audience builder, email studio, and automation studio, within SFMC.

  1. Integration

They integrate SFMC with other platforms and systems such as data warehouses, external APIs, CRM systems, and e-commerce platforms.

  1. Automation & Workflow Optimization

These professionals build and optimize automation workflows for enhancing efficiency, reducing manual efforts, and streamlining marketing operations.

  1. Solution Architecture & Design

These professionals work with stakeholders to understand and solve all business needs and requirements. Ultimately, they craft efficient and scalable solutions within the platform.

  1. Customization & Development

They employ scripting languages like SSJS, SQL, and AMPscript for customizing and extending the platform's functionality.

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Future of SFMC Developers

As we move towards digital channels, the demand for experienced and certified SFMC developers will keep on growing. Businesses do not want to be left behind in this rat race and these SFMC developers ensure businesses stay ahead in the competition. Salesforce in itself is a leading name and being associated with it is sure to yield remarkable outcomes.

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