Salesforce Marketing Cloud - An Overview of Studios & Builders

March 12th, 2024

Automation is no longer enough from a standalone point of view. This is not the era wherein the same message can be automated to be sent to every customer. The key to success today is personalized marketing, for which tools like Salesforce Marketing Cloud have become integral. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Overview or SFMC facilitates marketers to create a deeper connection with prospects and generate better results. Earning a Salesforce Marketing Cloud certification will help you learn more about this field.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Composed of?

So, what is Salesforce Marketing Cloud composed of? It has two modules and it is extremely important to gain optimum knowledge of how these are utilized. Enrolling in a Salesforce Marketing Cloud training online is important to understand these aspects, along with the changing technologies of this platform.

The two modules of SFMC are:

  1. Studios
  2. Builders

An Overview of Marketing Cloud Studios

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Overview

Marketing Cloud Studios aid in managing content, along with specific marketing channels.

  • Email Studio - Build, test, preview, and send emails.
  • Social Studio - Create, monitor, and schedule social media posts. Offers rich analytics and real-time engagement in a single interface.
  • Web Studio - Manage user web experience. Collects data to ensure a highly personalized web experience for your customers.
  • Mobile Studio - Create, monitor, and send SMS, along with push notifications.
  • Automation Studio - Create data management and marketing automation activities, then insert them in a Journey Builder canvas.
  • Advertising - Streamlines your CRM data and intended online advertising. Helps in searching for an audience that matches your target audience profile.

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An Overview of Marketing Cloud Builders

Marketing Cloud Builders aid in managing data, along with campaign automation.

  • Journey Builder - It is a brilliant campaign automation building experience that visually maps out which journey contracts will be a part of the organization's marketing touchpoints. 
  • Content Builder - It builds landing page and email templates, as well as interactive/ reusable content blocks.
  • Analytics Builder (Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud) - It was launched in Jan 2021 and has replaced the Discover Reporting Tool. It has simplified the use of pre-built dashboards by Datorama reports. 
  • Audience Builder (Contact Builder) - It is used to manage data consisting of people or contracts. It provides all access to behavioral and demographic information, by organizing them into events, populations, and attribute groups, which can further be segmented.
  • Brand Builder - It aids in elevating your Marketing Cloud account's look and feel by inserting the company logo and making changes to the default color scheme. In Enterprise 2.0, multiple brands can be created and assigned to business units.


This blog has given you an overview of Salesforce Marketing Cloud studios and builders, both of which are essential modules to learn about. An SFMC course is a crucial aspect of growing in this field since you will need the right skill set and knowledge to get hired by leading organizations. Learn Salesforce Marketing Cloud today with the best!

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