What Is AMPscript In Salesforce Marketing Cloud

May 9th, 2024
What is AMPScript Salesforce

Thinking about elevating the business' email marketing campaigns with more personalization to drive better engagement? Well, there is nothing better than incorporating AMPscript language. Not sure about why to utilize it? Well, here we will discuss what is AMPscript in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and how to get started with it.

What is AMPscript In Salesforce?

Those who are familiar with Marketing Cloud Engagement must have come across instances of AMPscript. But what exactly is AMPscript?

AMPscript is a proprietary scripting language for Marketing Cloud Engagement. It is used mainly for advanced dynamic content in SMS, push messages, landing pages and emails. Even though it uses some basic programming concepts, extensive coding knowledge is not required to understand and employ it.

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What Can Be Done With AMPscript?

This proprietary scripting language is great for many tasks including-

  • API- Easily create SOAP API interactions.
  • Content- Modify all SFMC Engagement content like images and text.
  • Date Time- Change date/time details.
  • Math- Carry out basic math functions.
  • Contacts- Modify contact details in the all-subscribers DB.
  • Encryption- Encrypt and decrypt data in the Marketing Cloud Engagement easily.
  • Data Extension- Modify data here.
  • Salesforce- Interact smoothly with Sales & Service Cloud data.
  • HTTP- Modify & post HTTP details.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM- Interact seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM data.
  • Social- Work with Social Forward functionality available in Email Studio.
  • Sites- Work with CloudPages sites.
  • Utilities- Return & assess types of data in Marketing Cloud Engagement.
  • String- Edit/Omit string details.

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Working Examples of AMPscript

These working examples of AMPscript will give an overview of its usage.

1. Basic Personalization-

This is an example of using this language to pull the first name of the subscriber from the data for personalized email greeting.

    ```html %%[ var @firstName set @firstName = [First Name] ]%% Hello %%=v(@firstName)=%%, We have some wonderful news for you!```

    2. Dynamic Content-

    This depicts dynamic content picked on the basis of the subscriber's gender and changes the suggestions accordingly.

      ```html %%[ var @productImage set @productImage = "default.jpg" if @gender == "Male" then set @productImage = "mens_trousers.jpg" else set @productImage = "womens_heels.jpg" endif ]%% Check out the latest additions: Latest Additions ```

      AMPscript creates a trackable link. When clicked, the interaction is recorded to help the future marketing efforts.

        ```html %%[ var @linkURL set @linkURL = "https://www.example.com/campaign-link" ]%% Click here to get more information ```

        Tips To Get Started in AMPscript

        Those who are serious about learning AMPscript and making a career with it can follow these pro tips.

        • Learn the Basics - It's always a good idea to start with the basics and that include capabilities, functions and syntax. 
        • Leverage Available Resources - There are plenty of resources available to help commence the learning journey. These include online tutorials, blogs and paid courses.
        • Stay Updated - In the rapidly evolving tech world, it's imperative to stay on toes and learn with the changing tide. Keeping oneself upskilled is imperative to stay employable.
        • Practice Well - Just like other languages, practicing AMPscript is the key to polish skills and gain in-depth knowledge. Beginning with sample scripts is a good idea and then gradually moving to proper projects.

        This AMPscript Salesforce Marketing Cloud guide is apt for those interested in making a career with this proprietary scripting language. Keep learning to keep growing.

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