What Is Blue Prism? A Beginner’s Guide To A Career in Blue Prism RPA

April 9th, 2024

What Is Blue Prism

RPA Blue Prism is a leading tool for automation that has been aiding businesses since 2001. In the last twenty plus years, Blue Prism has grown to become a trusted name in terms of ensuring cost efficiency and agility in organizations. This tool does so by automating repetitive, rule-based and manual back-office processes. Based on the Java programming language, it presents a visual designer with plenty of drag-and-drop functionalities. This blog is here to cover ‘what is Blue Prism', along with a path to build a career with this tool. After all, a career in robotic process automation is one that will help you have a bright future.

What is Blue Prism?

It is amongst the top three robotic process automation (RPA) tools in the world. It facilitates organizations with a spectacular digital workforce (bots), which are fully capable of continuous improvement and self-learning. As transactions get automated, uncountable employee working hours are saved, which instead gives them the space to work on other tasks.

By leveraging both skilled workers and a digital worker, organizations experience streamlined, sustainable and cost-effective work. Using this tool allows enterprises to lay a foundation for intelligent automation.

Why Do Companies Use Blue Prism?

Now you know ‘what is Blue Prism' but do you know why do organizations use this tool? There are plenty of benefits associated with adopting this tool and organizations everywhere have understood the imperativeness of this implementation.

Here is a list containing some key advantages of this tool, which has led to it being adopted so widely in companies everywhere.

  1. Scalability

The digital workforce implemented by this tool can be both scaled up or down with ease as per the business needs. This is a great way to make sure that the automation efforts are always in line with the changing demands without any disruptions.

  1. Accuracy

As routine tasks get automated, the chances of human errors lower, creating a line of consistency and accuracy in business operations. This is especially useful for domains that are precision-based, such as finance and healthcare.

  1. Integration

This tool has the feature of seamlessly integrating with plenty of systems and applications. This renders it as a top choice for many enterprises that deal with multiple technology stacks. 

  1. Security

Every organization that has a digital presence prioritizes security. This is another reason why this tool is preferred everywhere. It provides exceptional security features such as access controls, encryption and credential management.

  1. Compliance

There are many sectors that have to follow strict rules and regulations, and always ensure that they are compliant with them. This tool has amazing compliance and audit trail features that enable companies to have a transparent record for all automated activities.

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Career in Blue Prism RPA

Do you wish to have a career as a Blue Prism developer? If yes, then this is just where you belong because we are about to give you the guide to exploring a career in this field.

  1. Get the Exam Details & Guide

The AD01- Blue Prism Developer exam leads to a highly esteemed credential that is meant to test a developer for their understanding of the key Blue Prism functionality and concepts. It is important to know the exam details and concepts covered here.

The exam contains 60 MCQs, all having equal weightage. These questions must be answered in sixty minutes and the passing percentage is 70%.

  1. Gain Essential Skills Via a Blue Prism Training

A Blue Prism training is a great way to gain all essential skills and knowledge needed to ace the certification exam. There are many key aspects that you must learn, which is only possible by learning from an industry professional. Practical skills are of great imperativeness here, which is why you should also aim to work on hands-on projects for the same.

  1. Go for Free Resources

There are plenty of free resources available online that you can take help from to learn about this tool. Whether we talk about blogs (like this one) or tutorials, they all contain extremely useful information to begin. The one thing, however, you must keep in mind that these are not enough to gain the entire skill set.

  1. Become a Part of the Community

Becoming a part of this community will give you many advantages. The reason is that you get in close proximity with experienced developers who know how to use this tool for maximum benefit. In addition to this, you can consider Blue Prism tutorial to learn this RPA tool.

  1. Use Practice Tests

It is always a good idea to know exactly what you would have to face when you sit for your exam. This is where practice tests come into the picture. There are plenty of these available online and even your trainer would provide you with it.


This blog began as an overview to ‘what is Blue Prism' and moved on to a guide that you can take the help of to become a successful Blue Prism developer. This is a leading RPA tool that is extensively used by organizations globally. Get started now with the correct means and enjoy a great future in RPA.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1. Is Blue Prism a platform?

Yes, Blue Prism is a cloud RPA platform. It is used by enterprises to streamline operations via robust scalability, security and automation.

Question 2. Is Blue Prism in demand?

Yes, Blue Prism is in demand because of the intelligent automation it is providing across all industries. It is helping organizations turn over a new leaf in expansion and making the most of their human workforce.

Question 3. What are the main components of Blue Prism?

There are three main components of Blue Prism. These are Process Layer, Object Layer & Application Modeller.

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