What is CCSP

What is CCSP? A Guide to Getting Certified in 2024?

Vidhi Gupta
April 12th, 2024
3:00 Minutes
Experienced professionals understand the need to keep earning higher level certifications and expand their knowledge and skill span. This stands true for those who seek the CCSP credential. These professionals have 5+ years of relevant industry experience and wish to get better opportunities in the coming time.

This blog is your guide to getting certified and making the most of this leading certification. Let's begin with 'what is CCSP'.

What is CCSP?

CCSP or Certified Cloud Security Professional is a certification offered by the (ISC)2. It is listed as one of their most advanced and professional credentials in the market. It can only be earned by those who have the prowess to demonstrate their advanced level knowledge and skills.

These professionals must be capable of managing, securing and developing applications, infrastructure and data in the cloud. Their acquired industry best practices and policies are the actual reason behind why organizations are keen on hiring these experts.

Prerequisites to Become a CCSP?

Becoming a certified cloud security professional is not an easy task, which is why it is so highly considered among hiring professionals. Here are a few prerequisites you must fulfill to be given the certification upon passing the exam.

  • Five+ years of working IT experience
  • Three years (from the above-mentioned five) experience in the information security domain
  • One year (from the above-mentioned years) experience specifically in either of the six CCSP domains

Wondering which are these CCSP domains?

  • Cloud data security
  • Cloud application security
  • Legal, risk & compliance
  • Cloud platform & infrastructure security
  • Cloud architecture & design
  • Cloud security operations

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Benefits of CCSP

Here are certain benefits of CCSP that are enough to motivate you into going for this credential.

  1. Cloud Professionalism & Competence

CCSP is the epitome of your competence and proficiency in Cloud. This validates commitment and expertise in cloud security as well as skills to manage and implement secure cloud environments.

  1. Build Professional Network

This credential gives you entry into the professional network as you join their community. This will give you the chance to mingle with other certified professionals from around the globe, learn from them and enhance your field knowledge.

  1. Learn About Latest Technology

This advanced level certification is for those who have the zest to keep learning about the latest technologies and policies. These professionals get access to highly valuable resources such as forums, educational material and industry publications.

  1. Global Acceptance

This globally accepted certification will also give you global acceptance. Upon passing the associated exam and earning this credential, you could work anywhere in the world and your skills and knowledge would not be questioned.

  1. Better Career Opportunities

Your professional journey will become better as more doors open for you. This also comes with salary perks and recognition. Your skills will speak for themselves and open bigger doors to success.

Get started in the field of CCSP today. A great beginning is all you need to ensure your future in this sector is secure and grows as per your expectations.

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