What Is Microsoft Power BI

What Is Microsoft Power BI?

Yash Vashisht
May 14th, 2024
2:30 Minutes
Most companies do not face the issue of acquiring data but how to best work on it and visualize it. Visualization and reporting is a key factor in ensuring that the data is optimally utilized. Thus, it all comes down to using the right tools and platforms, a leading name in which is Microsoft Power BI.

This blog covers not just 'what is Microsoft Power BI', but also what it's used for and who it's the most useful for.

What Is Power BI?

Power BI by Microsoft is a powerful and widely used data visualization platform. The term BI stands for business intelligence, which indicates its usage for purposes around such tasks. It is crafted to be used by business professionals who hold data knowledge.

This platform's dashboard holds the capability of visualizing and reporting data in different styles. It includes charts, graphs, scatter plots, maps and much more. With its 'AI insights' functionality, artificial intelligence is employed to extract valuable insights within the users' data sets.

Power BI is not a single tool but rather a suite of various interrelated applications. These include Power BI Desktop, Premium, Pro, Report Server, Embedded and Mobile. Some can be used for free, while some offer a pro and premium version through paid means.

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What Is Power BI Used for?

Power BI has become so famous because of the features it offers to empower businesses with data-driven insights. It is equally useful for both beginners and professionals, and here are some of the advantages of this platform.


    It can be integrated seamlessly with software like Excel as well as other applications by Microsoft. This makes it workable with data that is collected from different sources.


      Power BI has been crafted to facilitate flawless collaboration between the different teams within an organization. This leads to better results and processes as everyone knows what is happening in the project at all times.

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        One does not have to technically sound to make the most of this platform. It is equally useful to technical and non-technical people, whether they are beginners or already have experience in the field.


          A business can be small in size, mid-sized or a large one, this platform has features that tend to all of them. Its capability to support humongous data sets makes it a scalable pick.


            Businesses benefit greatly with its ability to curate customized, visually appealing dashboards and reports. This makes the stakeholders and teams get a better idea about the data findings in a simpler manner. 

            Who Uses Power BI?

            There is no single professional or team that benefits from and uses Power BI. Its usage is widespread and here are some of the professionals who can utilize it -

            • Data scientists
            • Data engineers
            • Data analysts
            • Business analysts
            • Supply chain analysts
            • BI analysts, etc.

            This blog not only covers 'what is Power BI' but also gives an overview of its additional aspects. With more businesses relying on good data visualization platforms, the demand for Power BI increases, along with those who have skills in this area.

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