What Is React Native? Everything You Need To Know

May 4th, 2024

This introduction to ‘what is React Native' is all you need to understand this framework. It's a must-learn framework for every aspiring developer out there!

What Is React Native

Mobile phones have become the most common accessory today and the biggest tool that sway our decisions and choices. Mobiles become worthy because of the applications that are downloaded, which also reflect a person's preferences. These mobile apps are a great way for businesses to get seen by their existing and target audience.

Frameworks like RN are imperative in creating mobile apps that work simultaneously on different platforms. This blog has everything essential one must know, beginning with ‘what is React Native'.

What is React Native?

So, what is React Native? Basically, it is a popular JavaScript (JS)-oriented mobile app framework. It is used by developers to build native mobile apps for different platforms like Android and iOS. A single codebase enables the creation of an app for multiple platforms. It's a leading framework used globally by some of the biggest companies like Meta, Skype, Instagram, etc.

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Pros of React Native

The list of pros of React Native is quite lengthy. It entails some significant features that help developers in building a brilliant, cross-platform mobile app.

  • Code reusability
  • Accelerated development
  • Fast refresh
  • Simple UI
  • Faster learning process
  • More cohesive team
  • Large community
  • Multi-platform development
  • Good performance

Cons of React Native

There are certain cons of React Native that must be kept in mind while learning this framework. These are also influential when a project is being built with it.

  • Debugging & compatibility issues
  • Need for native developers
  • Upgrading issues
  • Extra consideration from the beginning
  • Custom modules missing

What is Cross-Platform Development?

Since RN promotes cross-platform development, it's important to know ‘what is cross-platform development'. It's a practice wherein the software that's built is compatible on multiple (two or more) hardware platforms. Thus, a cross-platform app can be run on Linux, macOS, Windows, etc.

Some perks of cross-platform development are-

  • Platform consistency
  • Quicker development
  • Wider audience
  • Reduced cost
  • Reusable code

What is it Used for?

When it comes to what it is used for, there is almost no limitation as to its use cases. It's a great framework that can be employed to build an app for any industry. The cross-platform apps created with RN are developed at a much faster pace, tending to the customers easily and rapidly.

Some top names that have used RN for their mobile app are -

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Wal-mart
  • Tesla
  • Pinterest 
  • Shopify
  • Vogue
  • UberEats
  • Salesforce, etc.

How Does React Native Work?

A very common question among those who are just beginning to learn React Native is ‘how does React Native work'. Here is an explanation of how it works in layman terms.

How does React Native Work

A mixture of JXL and JavaScript is used to write a RN code. It can communicate seamlessly with existent, native app threads and JS-based threads. This communication happens through a ‘bridge'. This bridge facilitates bi-directional communication between these threads, in spite of being written in different languages.

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React vs React Native

Here is a side-by-side comparison on React vs React Native. This comparison is to clear out how RN native stands different from react.js. 

React is a JavaScript (JS) library.React Native is a JS-based framework.
It was released in 2013.It was released in 2015.
It's used for front-end web development.It's used for mobile app development.
It employs JS library & CSS for animations.It has various built-in animation libraries.
It makes use of HTML tags.HTML tags are not used.
There is high level security.The security here is lower as compared to ReactJS.
A React-router is used to navigate through web pages.There's an in-built navigator library to navigate through mobile apps.
Code components are used. This saves time. React Native UI modules and components can be reused. 

React Native Developer Salary

The motivation to get started and keep going comes from the monetary benefits associated with any learning or credential. Becoming a React Native developer means opening doors to plenty of job opportunities.

Average RN developer salary in the US is $126k per year. At entry level, the average pay is around $103.5k. 

In India, an RN developer earns ₹10.5 LPA. At entry level, the pay is around ₹6 LPA.


RN is a brilliant solution to create apps that run smoothly on all systems and platforms. It's a widely preferred framework by many developers and businesses. It's a great way to save many hours of work, which leads to cost-efficiency and faster development.

Many amazing apps have been created with it till date and that showcases how good it is. Learning RN as the next framework is a great choice for those who're interested in enjoying a career as a developer. Get the basics with this blog on ‘what is React Native' and move ahead to ace it completely.


Question. What is React Native mainly used for?

It's is mainly used for building natively-rendered mobile phone apps. It's used for building cross-functional apps via a single codebase. 

Question. Is React Native frontend or backend?

It's is best fit for UI-focused front-ends that play an important role in delivering high end-user experience.

Question. Is it hard to learn?

Learning RN is not an easy walk. It will take some time to learn it and then a long time to perfect its implementation. Good practice is the key to learning this framework.

Question. Is it easy to learn React Native if you know ReactJS?

RN uses concepts of React and JS to build native mobile apps. Thus, having knowledge of the latter two can make it easy to learn RN.

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