Key Benefits of Salesforce CPQ Certification

May 13th, 2024

Explore the highly useful CPQ software by Salesforce & read through the key benefits offered by the Salesforce CPQ certification. Tap into how this credential is great for your future!

Salesforce CPQ Certification

Most businesses have no problem finding clients, but rather in converting them. Taking the prospect through the sales process and converting them holds great imperativeness. Many businesses do not employ the right means to speed up the price and quote steps, costing them their valuable clients.

The CPQ (configure, price, quote) software by Salesforce is a great investment for such organizations. As its name suggests, it optimizes the final steps of the sales cycle. This blog taps into the key benefits of Salesforce CPQ certification from the POV of enhancing your career prospects.

An Introduction of Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ (configure, price, quote) software is a powerful name making transformative changes in many businesses. It has enabled organizations in creating a streamlined sales process by automatically creating proposals and quotes.

This tool has come as a boon for sales teams by enabling them to generate accurate quotes quickly. These quotes are polished. These are based on product configurations, pricing rules and customer requirements. Thus, a more effective and efficient sales funnel is curated.

Key Benefits of Salesforce CPQ Certification

The market size of the configure, price & quote software is growing at an exceptional pace. In 2023, it was valued at 15.8 billion USD and is projected to cross 35.4 billion USD by 2030. Since Salesforce has the best CPQ software today, the demand for Salesforce CPQ certification is growing.

Here are some of the key benefits of Salesforce CPQ certification for career growth. Understanding these benefits will give added motivation to enroll in a good Salesforce CPQ training and get certified.

Showcase Expertise & Potential

    In the tech world, earning a certification is a great way of showcasing your expertise and potential. The Salesforce CPQ certification is a reflection of one's understanding of the functionalities associated with this tool. This includes pricing rules, integration motives, quoting processes and product configuration.

    In simpler words, having this credential makes employees an invaluable asset for the organization. These Salesforce CPQ skills are success-driving fuels.

    Accelerated Career Growth

      There is no end to the number of opportunities that can be explored within the Salesforce ecosystem. The kind of career acceleration possible with Salesforce today is mind-boggling. With the CPQ certification, career progression pathways are paved, both within the current enterprise and in others too.

      This career growth is also reflected through the different job roles, titles and responsibilities that come through. Some of the top job profiles to pick from are Salesforce CPQ administrator, solution architect, project manager or business analyst.

      Get a Competitive Advantage

        This is the right time to make a career with specialized and focused skills. In fact, those with a precisive skill set are experiencing better career growth. Holding this exceptional Salesforce credential is a great way to showcase your directed skills and expertise, giving more competitive advantage.

        Organizations that are intent on hiring sales professionals with CPQ proficiency will find this credential eye-catching. Career growth also gets accelerated.

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        Freelancing & Consulting Opportunities

          There are no doubts about the rising number of organizations adopting the Salesforce (configure, price, quote) software. This growth has also led to increased demand for freelancers and consultants offering optimization, customization and implementation services.

          Thus, those who are not too sure about a full-time or an in-office job can also get lucrative opportunities. This credential gives learners the position of a subject-matter expert, unlocking various remote, contract-basis and consulting options too.

          Enhanced Employability

            Streamlining the sales operations is an important aspect for many companies. This is especially true to industries like telecommunications, technology, manufacturing and professional services. There is no other tool that is even remotely close to the brilliance offered by Salesforce CPQ.

            In short, earning this certification aligns the holders with the soaring demand for such skilled professionals. This credential is a great way to boast about one's skills in implementing and managing CPQ solutions with Salesforce.

            Global Recognition

              Any organization that is looking to implement a configure, price, quote solution is certainly aware of Salesforce too. It's a leading name on a global level and that means Salesforce CPQ certification holders get global recognition.

              Thus, it doesn't matter where a professional has completed their Salesforce CPQ course or passed the exam. This also means that companies with global presence open their doors to hire these experts.

              Final Word

              There is no dearth of opportunities attached to the Salesforce CPQ certification. In fact, it's even considered to be among a name whose potential is still growing. Whether it's accelerated career growth, chance to showcase expertise or gain global recognition, this credential is apt.

              This blog covers only a few key benefits associated with this credential but in reality, there are dozens of perks one can enjoy. It's all about completing a good course, learning from industry professionals and earning the credential.

              FAQs for Salesforce CPQ Certification

              1. Is Salesforce CPQ certification worth it?

              The CPQ certification is certainly worth it for both individuals and organizations. Sales reps can choose to earn this credential to enhance their skills. Alternatively, companies can choose to go for corporate training and upskill their workforce for the betterment of the organization.

              2. Is Salesforce CPQ a good career?

              The market size of the CPQ software is growing at a good pace. Since Salesforce offers an exceptional tool in this, the demand for Salesforce CPQ professionals should grow too. There are dozens of benefits associated with this software, making it a great pick for accelerated career growth.

              3. What is the salary of a CPQ developer in Salesforce?

              The salary of a CPQ developer in Salesforce is around $129k per year on an average. Top earners also earn about $170k annually.

              4. Is Salesforce certification enough to get a job?

              A great deal of recognition and value is attached to Salesforce certifications. This, however, does not guarantee the best jobs from the very beginning. To get the job of your dreams, it's best to gain experience and then climb the ladder with skills and expertise.

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