Expert Tips on How to Pass CCSP Certification Exam

February 7th, 2024
CCSP Certification Exam

Cloud is being adopted by a strikingly high number of organizations today. Hence, the demand for trained and certified professionals in hitting the roof. The one certification that will ensure a successful career for you in CCSP certification.

This blog has been curated with the purpose of rendering expert tips on how to pass CCSP certification exam, with details about CCSP exam fee, exam outline, CCSP syllabus, and prerequisites.

Let's begin!

What Is CCSP (Cloud Certified Security Professional)?

Let's understand what is CCSP? Cloud Certified Security Professional or CCSP is a leading cloud security credential today. This one certification will validate your skills, understanding, and expertise in administering and developing security measures. Created together by the (ISC)2 and The Cloud Security Alliance, CCSP has been termed as the best cloud security certification.

As you read this blog to know how to pass CCSP certification exam, you will gain the following skills alongside.

  • Management & upkeep cloud security services
  • Apply your understanding of information security in a cloud setting
  • High competency in service orchestration
  • Learn details about architecture & design for cloud security

Who Is CCSP Best For?

CCSP is a great certification for information, software security, cyber, and IT leaders, who apply design, service and operations orchestration, and cloud security architecture best practices. People with these titles can go for it-

  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Specialist
  • Cloud Consultant
  • Cloud Security Analyst
  • Professional Cloud Developer
  • Auditor of Cloud Computing Services

How To Pass CCSP Certification Exam?

CCSP Certification Exam

If you are preparing for CCSP certification exam then these tips may help you get succeed in one go. Here are some useful tips as follows-

  1. Enroll in a CCSP Training Program

The first thing we can advise you on your journey to crack ‘how to pass CCSP certification exam?' is to enroll in a CCSP training program. There is nothing that can truly replace the impact of learning from industry professionals, having expertise and experience in the field.

  1. Cover the Entire CCSP Syllabus

While it goes without saying, we'll say it still - cover the entire CCSP course and syllabus. This is the only way to tackle every question that comes your way, and how a question can be asked.

  1. Learn Time Management

Since CCSP is a timed test, it is important to learn time management. CCSP practice exams are a great way to ensure you know how much time to devote to each question, and spare time to go back to a missed question.

  1. Take CCSP Practice Test

Taking the CCSP practice test is important to ensure you know the kind of questions you can be asked. Additionally, it prepares you for the time constraint, the language, and the difficulty level.

  1. Become a Part of Study Discussions & Groups

You are never the only one preparing for the examination. Hence, being a part of study discussions and groups is a great idea. Learning with fellow aspirants will keep you motivated and you will learn a lot in the process too.

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CCSP Exam Format

This is the CCSP exam format to keep in mind-

  • Number of questions: 125
  • Exam duration: 3 hours
  • Language: English
  • Question Type: Multiple choice
  • Passing Marks: 700/ 1000
  • Test Location: Pearson VUE Testing Centre

CCSP Exam Outline

Here are the topics covered in the CCSP certification exam, along with their weightages.

CCSP Certification Exam
Cloud Data Security19%
Cloud Application Security17%
Cloud Concepts, Architecture & Design 17%
Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Security17%
Cloud Security Operations17%
Legal, Risk & Compliance13%

CCSP Certification Prerequisites

CCSP is not the first certification on the list of cloud security certifications. To earn this certification, there are a few prerequisites you must fulfill.

  • CISSP certification
  • Paid IT work experience of at least 5 years
  • In this span, at least 3 years of work experience related to information security
  • In this span, at least 1 year of work experience with either of the six CCSP domains


The world is experiencing an all time high in terms of need for cloud security measures and professionals. As per a research conducted by (ISC)2, cybersecurity professionals suffered the least impact of layoffs in 2023. This research has truly changed the way professionals feel about making a career in the cyber security field in the coming years.

CCSP Certification Exam FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Que 1. Is the CCSP exam easy?

The CCSP exam cannot be said to be an easy one. It is pretty challenging and requires you to have a good amount of knowledge, skills, and expertise in the section.

Que 2. What is the passing mark for CCSP exam?

The pass mark for CCSP exam is 700 out of 1000. Hence, you must score 70%.

Que 3. What is the CCSP certification cost?

The CCSP certification cost is $599 USD.

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