Is It Worth Getting A Splunk Certification? Expert Suggestions

January 16th, 2024

The IT sector is such that it is experiencing constant growth and enhancement. Consequently, more people are stepping into this sector and expanding the horizon of their career scope. While there is no dearth of the number of tools, software, and technologies you can learn, the one name that is all the rage today and holds a bright future too is Splunk. Splunk is a scalable, effective, and advanced technology that is widely used for indexing and searching log files that are stored in a system. This powerful platform has shone as a game-changer and has ensured that anyone with its knowledge is high in demand too. This Splunk tutorial is for those who wish to enjoy a successful career with this comprehensive platform. But is it worth getting a Splunk Certification? Let's see what experts have to say about it!

An Introduction To Splunk

Splunk Introduction

What is Splunk? Splunk is the most popular data tool which is primarily used to search, examine, and monitor machine-generated Big Data via a web-style interface. It captures, indexes, and correlates all real-time data within a searchable container that facilitates the production of reports, visualizations, dashboards, alerts, and graphs.

Splunk makes it easy to search for a particular speck of data hidden in a group of complex data.

A Splunk career is only possible when you choose the right certification. This blog will guide you towards its many certifications and what opportunities they open for you.

Understanding The List of Splunk Certification

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Here is a table to help you better understand what skills are associated with each Splunk certification.

Splunk Core Certified User-Create basic reports & dashboards
-Use lookups & fields
-Perform searches
Splunk Core Certified Power User-Create workflow actions, knowledge objects & data models
-Normalize data
-Understand SPL commands
-Use macros, field aliases & calculated field
Splunk Core Certified Advanced Power User-Implement advanced knowledge object use-cases
-Author complex reports & searches
-Build dashboards using best practices
Splunk Cloud Certified Admin-Configure forwarders & data inputs
-Monitor Splunk Cloud
-Manage user accounts
Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin-Gain expertise in data ingestion, monitoring, configuration, search heads & license management
-Manage Splunk Enterprise
Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect-Manage & troubleshoot distributed deployments with search head clustering and indexer
-Plan, size deployments & collect data using best practices
Splunk Core Certified Consultant-Work with Splunk scalability, architectures & clustering
-Deploy & implement large Splunk installations
Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin-Understand technology add-ons, customizations, event processing deployment requirements & risk analysis settings
-Manage the Splunk Enterprise Security environment
Splunk IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin-Gain insights on deep dives, architecture, & deployment planning 
-Install & configure ITSI
Splunk SOAR Certified Automation Developer-Install, configure & use SOAR servers
-Understand complex SOAR integration & solution development
-Plan, design, debug & create basic playbooks
Splunk 011y Cloud Certified Metrics User-Deploy & configure OpenTelemetry Collector 
-Monitor & visualize metrics via Splunk observability Cloud
-Monitor development environment in real-time by setting up alerts
Splunk Certified Cybersecurity Defense Analyst-Use tools for continual monitoring
-Detect, analyze & combat cyber threats
-Use common cyber defense systems to mitigate risks and manage vulnerabilities

Career Opportunities with Splunk Certification

As you earn your Splunk certification, you will find a lot of new doors to opportunities opening for you. Here is a list of a few career opportunities you can explore-

1. Splunk Administrator - A Splunk Administrator is charged with the task of managing and configuring Splunk deployments to ensure that the platform runs swiftly without hindering the organizational needs.

2. Splunk Developer - A Splunk Developer uses this platform for creating customized apps, dashboard, and solutions. These are all tailored to fit the specific requirements of the organization.

3. Data Analyst - As a data analyst, you can benefit by learning Splunk. This platform is a boon for data analysis as it helps in deriving meaningful insights from the sourced machine data that further contributes to business intelligence efforts.

4. Security Analyst - The demand for security professionals is at an all time high and as a proficient Splunk professional, you can become a Security Analyst.

Why Learn Splunk?

If you still have any doubts about why you should learn Splunk, then here is a list of a few reasons enough to convince you.

1. Enhance your Career Opportunities

Splunk is one of those names that is famous throughout the globe. It is used to collect, visualize, and analyze machine-generated data, which helps companies in gaining valuable insights for future reference. Thus, once you become Splunk certified, you will have a lot of career opportunities lined up for.

2. Gain Global Validation & Recognition

Splunk is a highly valued certification. Splunk training is the right way to get that one. Thus, once you earn a certification in Splunk, you will also get on the list of globally recognized professionals. Hence, you could go anywhere in the world and your Splunk certification will be valid and hold value to land you a good job.

3. Increase your Earning Capabilities

The right certifications can help in increasing your earning capabilities and Splunk is undoubtedly one of them. It offers twelve certifications and you can choose one depending upon your current experience and expertise, along with your future goals.

4. Get Hired Faster

The IT world is such that it gives preference to those with a certificate. A physical credential will add more emphasis on your skills and abilities to carry out a particular task associated with your profile. Thus, more companies will be keen on hiring you.

5. Stay Updated with Technological Changes

The tech world is constantly changing and if you want to succeed in it, you must stay updated with it too. Having a career with Splunk will give you the bandwidth to continuously grow, evolve, and learn to stay with the current times.


Data has become the oxygen that keeps organizations running. Thus, those with expertise around how to make the most of this data benefit the most. Learning Splunk will help you start a career with your best foot forward and upgrade it if you are already working. Getting Splunk certified will help you become a valuable asset to companies everywhere.

Splunk Certification FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Que 1. Is Splunk a good skill to have?

Ans. For companies that rely on Splunk for managing their machine-generated data, you can become highly desirable with this training and certification.

Que 2. What is Splunk good for?

Ans. Splunk is a good technology for application management, security, web and business analytics, and compliance.

Que 3. How much does Splunk certification cost?

Ans. The fee for Splunk certification exam is $130 USD for every attempt.

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