Splunk Careers- Learn Splunk To Get Big Data Jobs

September 27th, 2023
Splunk Careers

Have you ever wondered what millions of gigabytes of data look like? Have you got any idea how to work with this much data to derive meaningful insights from it? When the data at hand exceeds a certain limit, it is referred to as big data, wherein an Excel spreadsheet is no longer rendered useful. When big data is involved, big tools, techniques, and methods need to be involved too. And one such amazing solution is Splunk. An online Splunk training will help you gain more information but let us get to know about why choose Splunk careers learn Splunk to get big data jobs?

Let's get started.

What is Splunk?

Splunk is a widely used big data solution that aids professionals in converting raw data into meaningful insights. It helps in extracting these insights in real time to help companies serve their customers without any delay.

This powerful engine is extensively employed for monitoring, alerting, searching, troubleshooting, reporting, and investigating machine-generated data.

Splunk Solutions for Big Data

There are numerous add-ons to help organizations extract more from any dataset. These include-

  1. ODBC Driver

It empowers the user to connect Splunk Enterprise with a lot of third-party tools like Excel or Tableau.

  1. Splunk Analytics for Hadoop

It enables the user to make use of the data that is stored in Hadoop clusters from any virtual index.

  1. DB Connect

It enables the user to integrate DBs with Splunk. It includes support for different databases like SAP SQL Anywhere, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.

Splunk DB Connect

Benefits of Splunk for Big Data

The reasons why so many companies are using Splunk to work with their big data are many. While every organization has different motives and goals, each of them wishes to succeed and that can be done by making the most of their data. And with Splunk, it is all possible.

Here are some benefits of Splunk for big data -

  • Insights on historical and real-time data 
  • Scalable
  • Enterprise-scale data analytics
  • Robust security
  • Disparate data
  • Integration
  • Powerful reporting
  • Alerts and notifications

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Why Learn Splunk?

We know that a big question on your mind is about why learn Splunk. There are many tools, techniques, and methods out there but Splunk's popularity is at another level altogether. Let us look at a few reasons as to why you should go for Splunk training.

1. Job Opportunities

There is a dearth of good professionals with the knowledge to work on big data using the latest tools and methods. Thus, when you learn via a Splunk course, you will find yourself surrounded by a sea of opportunities.

2. Rising Need for Data Analytics

Almost all top organizations in almost every industry have understood the need to implement data analytics best practices. And to make it happen, they need those who have a good grasp of  the field. You can become this professional today.

3. High Salary

When there is a high demand for any expert but not enough professionals to fill the gap, salaries are bound to be high. Once you have the right skill set and knowledge pool to be called an expert, you can expect a good salary package.

4. Top Splunk Careers

When you choose to go for a Splunk careers, it is necessary that you research thoroughly. Having a good understanding of the path you are going to trend on will help you plan your future moves accordingly. While there are a lot of job opportunities that stem from Splunk certification, here are the top three careers you can choose from. 

  • Splunk Engineer

A Splunk Engineer is responsible for looking after solution development and end-to-end maintenance. Their key responsibilities include working around workload design, estimation, architecture, implementation, and management.

  • Splunk Architect

A Splunk Architect is tasked with the responsibility of searching, reporting, and monitoring data. They are also expected to create Splunk Knowledge Objects, operate Visualizations and Dashboards, and deploy and architect Splunk.

  • Splunk Admin

As a Splunk Admin, you must have knowledge about managing and installing Splunk Apps, along with Event Parsing, Performance Tuning, etc.

How to Unlock Splunk Jobs?

But how can you unlock Splunk jobs? How can you ensure you are seen by hiring managers and hired by companies that can help you grow in your career? Let's find out!

1. Splunk Training

In order to find success in any field, you must go for the right training course. This is especially true for the tech world. Hence, if you want to have a successful career in big data, then you must go for Splunk training. You can choose to go for official training or learn by watching Splunk tutorial online.

Learn from industry experts to unlock the best growth chances and paths in this sector.

2. Splunk Certification

A Splunk certification will help you showcase your abilities, skills, and knowledge to the hiring committee. Your expertise will get a stamp of approval that is highly valuable. Depending upon your current knowledge, experience, and future goals, you can choose from the myriad of certifications offered by Splunk.

  • Splunk Core Certified User
  • Splunk Core Certified Power User
  • Splunk Core Certified Advanced Power User
  • Splunk Enterprise certified Admin
  • Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect
  • Splunk Core Certified Consultant
  • Splunk Certified Developer
  • Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin
  • Splunk IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin
  • Splunk SOAR Certified Automation Developer
  • Splunk O11y Cloud Certified Metrics User
  • Splunk Certified Cyber Security Defense Analyst 

3. Prepare for Splunk Interview Questions

Everything is a waste unless you prepare well for your interview. While a good training course will give you all the knowledge you need to get a good job, it is still best to leave no stone unturned.

Hence, our advice is to search for the most often asked Splunk interview questions and practice them. Working on your soft skills will also be beneficial.


There is no end to how much you can achieve after a Splunk certification. Yes, the path is a long one but it is also a successful one. If you start to learn Splunk today, you will be trained and certified in the coming few months. And that will lead to a good job in a company that will give you your due recognition.

The world is all dependent on data, so why not make the most of it? This is your chance to start your journey towards a career in Splunk.

Splunk Careers FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Is Splunk a good career choice?

Ans. Yes, Splunk is a good career choice as jobs around machine data are increasing rapidly. If you get trained and certified, there will be higher chances of a bright future.

Q2. Do I need coding knowledge for Splunk?

Ans. No, there is no need for any coding knowledge for Splunk.

Q3. Can I learn Splunk for free?

Ans. There are various Splunk tutorials, videos, and other free content available online. However, nothing can compare to learning directly under industry experts.

Q4. What is the average salary of a Splunk Engineer?

Ans. The average salary of a Splunk Engineer is around Rs. 6.5 LPA. There are many factors that influence the final amount you earn.

Q5. Is it easy to learn Splunk?

Ans. While it is not something that you can learn overnight, the learning process can be made easier with the right tools and trainers.

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