10 Skills You Must Have As A Salesforce Admin To Succeed

October 28th, 2023
Salesforce Admin Skills

People around the world rely on the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management platform to help them run their business. Now that the dependency is getting greater, an increased demand for Salesforce admins is being felt. However, there is a wide gap between the number of professionals required to fulfill the demand and those who actually possess these skills. This is a golden opportunity to begin your career in this field. And all you need to do to commence the journey is enroll in a leading Salesforce Administrator course to get important Salesforce admin skills.

In this blog, we are going to introduce you to the 10 skills you must have as a Salesforce Admin to succeed in this field.

What Is A Salesforce Certified Administrator?

Individuals have many questions related to SF is mind as what is Salesforce Admin and how to become Salesforce Admin? A Salesforce Certified Administrator is a professional who solves business issues by customizing the Salesforce platform by building, automating, and configuring technology solutions. These professionals work with business stakeholders to customize the platform by clearly defining the system requirements.

Salesforce Admin Skills Summary

Before we take a look at the top Salesforce Admin skills, here are some stats to help you-

  • 11.8% of total Salesforce admin resumes have dashboard as a skill. It is the most common hard skill. 
  • The second most common skill is apex, found on 7.5% of resumes.
  • The third most common skill is custom objects on 6.6% resumes.
  • Common soft skills for a Salesforce admin include creativity, interpersonal skills, and detail oriented. 
Salesforce Administrator Skills

Top Skills To Help You Get High-paying Salesforce Administrator Jobs

Here are the top 10 skills you can learn to get the best Salesforce administrator jobs.

  1. Dashboards

It is a data management tool for BI that displays the distributed data in a single system offering easy and quick access to info as per requirement. Dashboards allow the admin to easily draw parallels between various data metrics as well as aid in identifying data trends.

Customized dashboards are developed for opportunity tracking, customer engagement, daily forecasts, operational efficiency, and management review. These dashboards also aid Salesforce admins in performing extensive data analysis, developing strategic recommendations for further development, and tracking opportunity pipelines.

  1. Salesforce Lightning

With Salesforce lightning, a Salesforce administrator can develop custom lightning components, retail management apps, migrate customizations, automate business processes, implement community support pages, etc. The Lightning Inspector is used for debugging, while working with Lightning components, events, apps, and controllers.

  1. Workflow Rules

These are certain sets of instructions, which are used for automating a business process. Workflow rules means the rules used to guide business procedures. There are various ‘if/then' statements that are a part of this flowchart.

These are mostly used for updating records, sending emails to customers, and creating and managing tasks. Salesforce admins ensure business logic is implemented by employing it for time-oriented tasks, field updates, related tasks, and email alerts.

  1. Apex

Apex is Salesforce's key programming language, which is used by Salesforce admins for creating VisualForce pages, validation rules, triggers, and custom objects.

Apex is used to migrate data to centralized data and other processes throughout divisions that earlier used decentralized databases or systems. You must learn to implement different Apex triggers, import data to Accounts, Opportunities, Leads, and Contracts from excel sheets, and monitor and administer daily apex jobs.

  1. Data Manipulation

The process of data manipulation entails organizing collated data to render it more presentable and easy to read. It is also a programming language for editing, deleting, and adding data in a DB to meet specified needs. Tools such as Excel Connector and Data Loader are also used for performing these tasks.

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  1. Approval Processes 

Approval processes are employed for authorizing the utilization of new office procedures. It may also navigate through a flowchart containing reviews to ensure that the new procedure is completely analyzed prior to giving approval.

The approval process is used by Salesforce admins to ensure that proper authorization is followed in high stake environments. Proper approval processes are developed and deployed, such as opportunities, assets' products management, and leads conversion.

  1. Custom Objects

Custom Objects mean customizable Salesforce components or database, which is used for storing the company's info. Custom Objects mean customizable DB that is used for storing the company's info. This includes accounting info, product details, and client records. As a Salesforce admin, you will use it to improve the company's CRM by allowing the user to easily view all details related to the client.

Salesforce admins use these for organizing email templates, developing business-critical applications, and historical opportunity reports.

  1. Validation Rules

You must learn to implement validation rules, approval process, and assignment rules to help the company maintain a standard. You can also learn to develop validation rules using JavaScript and formula editor to validate the data.

Salesforce admins employ validation rules to automate business logic and make sure that proper authorization is followed. This further aids in avoiding any data redundancy.

  1. Salesforce CRM

Learn to configure Salesforce CRM (customer relationship management) to support technical services, marketing, and sales. Many business processes are managed and automated by Salesforce reps by using Salesforce CRM. They also implement features such as web-to-lead, which iterate legacy systems and capture prospects.

  1. Service Cloud

Service cloud is an important skill to have. With this, you can develop email-to-case functionality for capturing customer inquiries, customize it, and design and implement its applications.  It is also used for monitoring client productivity, sharing business processes, and extending them throughout departments and offices.

Prepare For The Salesforce Administrator Certification Now

To get access to the opportunities that are available to a Salesforce administrator, you must get your hands on the highly esteemed Salesforce Administrator certification. This one certification will open a plethora of opportunities for you in this field and even strengthen your earning potential.

Since getting a Salesforce Administrator certification is not an easy feat to accomplish, you will find yourself surrounded by opportunities as more and more companies set out to hire you. Become an asset to hiring managers with this highly sought-after credential.


A good Salesforce admin training will help you become ready to ace your certification exam and get certified. One of the biggest benefits of choosing the field of Salesforce is that it has a bright future ahead of itself. This is clear from the amazing growth it has shown in the past years and continues to boast.

If you are ready to become a Salesforce admin, then get started now. Enroll in the best Salesforce certification program today and learn from experienced industry experts.

Salesforce Admin Skills FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What soft skills do I need to have to become a Salesforce Admin?

Ans. Essential soft skills to become a Salesforce admin include

  • Problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Attention to detail
  • Learner mindset

Q2. Which industries are hiring Salesforce Administrators?

Ans. Top industries hiring Salesforce administrators include financial services, software companies, businesses, healthcare providers, retailers, and nonprofits.

Q3. Who is an Advanced Administrator?

Ans. An Advanced Administrator is a seasoned administrator who has mastered advanced Salesforce functionality and features to help solve various business problems.

Q4. Is Salesforce Admin an IT job?

Ans. The job of a Salesforce admin is a highly sought-after one in the IT sector.

Q5. Do I need coding knowledge to become a Salesforce administrator?

Ans. No coding knowledge is required to become a Salesforce administrator since it uses a drag-and-drop interface.

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