How To Become A Salesforce Admin: A Complete Guide

September 20th, 2023

The Salesforce ecosystem is rapidly becoming popular in the world of technology. Professionals from all walks of the tech world are moving into this sector because they are well aware of the growth graph and scope.

Becoming a Salesforce admin requires you to stay ahead and alert. The one thing you can do to ensure you have all the right resources at your disposal is to enroll in a Salesforce admin training program. This blog here will act as a complete guide to help you become a professional in the world of Salesforce. So let's discuss how to become salesforce admin following a complete guide.

But first things first and that means understanding Salesforce.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a SaaS or Software-as-a-Service CRM platform. It offers cloud-based applications to enterprises of all sizes and domains to aid them in managing their customer data and relationships.

It was founded in 1999 and has only witnessed an upward growth graph since. Today, it is famous throughout the world for its unique features and services.

Who is a Salesforce Administrator?

A Salesforce administrator is one who is specialized in CRM platforms of the Salesforce suite. These professionals are the go-to experts for developing processes, training others in the platform, organizing data, answering questions, and running reports.

All in all, these are aware of the platform inside and out. But what are the responsibilities of a Salesforce admin? Let's find out!

What does a Salesforce Certified Administrator do?

The job role of a Salesforce admin is not fixed. This is because the software is so huge that what its professional is required and expected to do depends largely upon the company and the industry. However, here are a few job roles of this expert that are mostly common -

  • Import New Contacts, Data, and Leads
  • Setup & Run Deduplication Tools
  • Create & Maintain Record Archives
  • Process Setup & Optimization
  • Oversee User Profiles & Access Levels
  • Create Processes for Reporting
  • Test Sandbox System Updates 
  • Solve Challenges & New Issues
  • Run Database Maintenance Reports
  • Other Specialized Responsibilities 
  • Data Management

Required Skills

As a Salesforce System Administrator, you will be expected to be in possession of the following skills.

Technical Skills

  • Data Management
  • Salesforce Platform Knowledge
  • Problem-Solving Skills

Non-Technical Skills

  • Project Management
  • Communication
  • Analytical Thinking

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Why Should You Become a Salesforce Administrator?

The benefits of becoming a Salesforce Administrator are numerous and here are a few -

  • More career opportunities
  • Better chances of getting hiring
  • Better salary bracket and salary growth
  • Great growth opportunities
  • Enhanced confidence level

Salesforce Admin Certification

To be called a Salesforce Certified Administrator, four basic certifications are being offered by the company. Each of these certificates have their own merits and getting each of these would put a stamp of some distinct knowledge and skills. Let's talk about them-

1. Certified Administrator

The Certified Administrator certification is best-suited for admins who wish to understand and consequently implement the capabilities and the features offered by Salesforce. To earn this certification, the individual needs to-

  • Understand Service Cloud and Sales Cloud apps
  • Automate business processes with Salesforce
  • Have an in-depth understanding of the platform's capabilities and processes
  • Able to design advanced dashboards and reports 

2. Certified Advanced Administrator

Those with more experience as a Salesforce administrator will find this certification more apt to showcase their skills.

3. CPQ Specialist

This certification is specifically designed for individuals having experience with Salesforce CPQ or configure, price, and quote software. The CPQ Specialist certification will help an individual demonstrate their knowledge and skills in building, implementing, and designing proposal and estimation workflows for product price config.

4. Platform App Builder

A lot of organizations are looking for customized apps within the Salesforce platform. An administrator with the Platform App Builder certification is best fit such organizations. These professionals are able to design and build highly customized applications.

How to Become a Salesforce Admin?

If you think you are ready to explore the career opportunities as a Salesforce system administrator, then you must go for a Salesforce Admin course. However, there are a few other steps that will get closer to your goals.

1. Learn Basic and Gain experience in Salesforce

Gaining experience in this platform is essential to help you build a strong skill set that will eventually demonstrate your job-ready side to the employers. But can you gain experience in Salesforce? Here's how!

You can also go for a Salesforce enter-level job or an internship. This period of working with a company dealing with Salesforce will help you learn more about the platform. This hands-on experience will be a learning experience for a lifetime.

2. Listen To Salesforce Admin Podcast Or Watch Salesforce Admin Tutorials Online

One of the best ways to start as a Salesforce admin beginner is by religiously following a Salesforce admin podcast. It will help you gain better insights about new tools in the ecosystem. It is held by real admins who are dedicating their energy and time to make it a better place for learners with a growing zeal. In addition, watching online Salesforce Admin tutorials will also help you a lot in learning Salesforce.

3. You Can Join the Trailhead Community

The Trailhead community keeps you motivated by giving you priceless insights and peeks into other's experiences and work. You not only learn from what others in the field are doing, you can also earn points for every question you answer. Consequently, if you are consistent, you can also get featured on the answers leaderboard, which is again a big motivation. There are a lot of badges that can be completed too.

4. Enroll In The Best Salesforce Admin Course

If you are a beginner, you will want to take all the help you can and this includes enrolling in a Salesforce Admin course. Having experts by your side will ensure your preparation for the certification is streamlined and consistent. A course will also help you prepare well with practice tests and mock exams.


Acing the Salesforce Admin Certification exam requires you to stay calm, manage time well, and learn in a dedicated manner by making the most of the available resources. Once you have joined the best Salesforce Admin training, you can leave all your worries behind and move towards making a successful run in this field.

So, what are you waiting for? Salesforce is a leading craze right now and considering its features and benefits, it is going to stay at the top in the future too.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is the Salesforce Admin Certification cost?

Ans. The cost of the Salesforce Admin Certification exam is $200 + tax.

Q2. Can I get an admin job without this certification?

Ans. Many companies hire admins even without a certification. They also give time to get certified in many cases. However, it is always better to get certified first because then more companies will see you as an asset and you will also be able to negotiate your salary better.

Q3. What is the best path to preparing for this certification?

Ans. A combination of hands-on experience, formal training, and self-study is the best path to preparing for this certification. You can explore Trailhead communities, participate in workshops, and complete online tutorials.

Q4. How does a Salesforce Professional stay UpToDate with the features and tools?

Ans. The best way to stay UpToDate with the new features and tools is by checking the official website for updates, joining community forums and user groups, attending its annual conference, and participating in official events and webinars.

Q5. Are there any prerequisites to become a Salesforce professional?

Ans. No, there are no official prerequisites penned down by the company. However, certification training is the best path to take for the best outcomes.

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