Salesforce Developer Tutorial: Get Started With Salesforce Programming

November 20th, 2023

Salesforce Developer Tutorial

Whenever we talk about cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms, Salesforce is bound to get mentioned. It is a leading platform whose popularity is increasing with every passing day. It is one of the reasons why so many people have started to move towards this name. In this Salesforce Developer tutorial for beginners, we are going to give you answers to many questions. While the best way to get started is to enroll in the best Salesforce Developer course online, this blog will give you the right way to begin.

Let's get started!

Salesforce Developer Tutorial for Beginners-

Understanding Salesforce

Founded in 1999 by Dave Moellenhoff, Frank Dominguez, Marc Benioff, and Parker Harris, Salesforce initially began out as a CRM software. Today, however, Salesforce is considered a SaaS (Software as a Service), which basically means that the server or the software does not have to be installed to be worked upon. Signing up on will help you get started instantly.

In fact, it is also a PaaS (Platform as a Service), allowing clients to create their own applications.

Technologies Used by Salesforce

When we discuss Salesforce, talking about its technologies is a must. Let us look at the three technologies used by Salesforce for Salesforce Developer Tutorial.

  1. Apex

Apex is Salesforce's own programming language. Since this is the language Salesforce revolves around, it becomes important to learn Apex programming. For this, you can take the aid of the hundreds of Apex programming language tutorials available online. A good Apex language tutorial will take you a long way in your quest to becoming a Salesforce professional.

  1. Compiler

Another key feature of Salesforce is its own compiler that it uses to compile VisualForce Pages and Apex programs.

  1. VisualForce

Salesforce has also introduced a framework called VisualForce that facilitates developers in creating personalized UIs.

Who Is A Salesforce Developer?

One of the most frequently asked questions is who is a Salesforce Developer. These professionals are programmers with the skills and the knowledge to build Salesforce apps throughout different PaaS platforms. Since many people have this doubt, a Salesforce developer does not just work for Salesforce. There are plenty of companies that are always on the lookout for good developers.

Common Salesforce Developer Roles and Responsibilities

As a Salesforce Developer, you will be responsible for carrying out various tasks throughout the day. While your roles and responsibilities will differ a lot depending upon where you work, the company, the city, and your position, here are a few common ones.

  •  Design Salesforce solutions along with creating project plans.
  • Create and implement programs that will be used both on the internet and in-house.
  • Work with other programmers to create different diagrams and models with necessary information.
  • Analyze the key user needs to accordingly design, develop, and test software.
  • Add value to definition, development and deployment.
  • Design and define the various aspects of a system or an application.
  • Create optimum software by collaborating with computer specialists, etc.

How To Become A Salesforce Developer?

If you have come this far, then we are certain you must be looking for a way to become a Salesforce developer. There are a dozen things to keep in your mind and here are a few of them.

  1. Meet the Prerequisites

Before you set out to become a developer here, it is always a good idea to take a look at the prerequisites. While the list to this job title is not that long, it still requires you to fulfill the below-mentioned criteria -

  • Bachelor's in software engineering, computer science, or related field.
  • Key technical and non-technical skills 
  • Understanding of MVC design pattern, Java, OOP principles, or .NET. 
  1. Become a Salesforce Admin

To become a good developer, it is important you have good knowledge and understanding of the platform. Thus, it is advised that you become a Salesforce Admin first. There are a lot of opportunities that open up after you become a Salesforce Admin and you will be able to choose from the entire list.

Salesforce Admin
Image Source- ApexHours
  1. Learn to Code

A key step in this journey is learning how to code. Once you become an Admin, you need to move a step ahead and that involves learning to code. Since Apex is Salesforce's own programming language, having its knowledge is a must. Additionally, you can get your hands on LWC, Aura, JavaScript, and OOP concepts.

  1. Enroll in Salesforce Developer Training

There is nothing that can come close to helping you learn this platform better than Salesforce Developer training from a good learning platform. Yes, you can explore other learning options as well such as Trailhead, Salesforce communities, online Salesforce tutorials, etc. However, the opportunity to learn from industry experts and clear your doubts as you go only comes with an online training program.

  1. Pass the PD-1 Exam

Everything comes down to passing the Salesforce Platform Developer or PD-1 certification exam to showcase your skills and expertise to the hiring managers. This one certification will open a sea of opportunities for you.

Salesforce PD Exam

Reasons to Become a Salesforce Developer

Before you set out to pick a field as your career, you must carefully look into what the future possibilities are and how you can soar in your career with it. The reasons behind why you are picking that field should be clear. So, here is a list of a few reasons to become a Salesforce developer.

  1. Great Future Scope

Today, Salesforce is one of the most rapidly growing CRM platforms in the world. Hence, when you decide you get trained and certified as a Salesforce developer, you open numerous doors to success for yourself.

  1. Great First Step

As soon as you decide to become a Salesforce developer, you step into a world full of opportunities and capabilities. Salesforce is not just a show name, it is one where people find their lives completely transformed, and for the better.

  1. Perspective Career

If you are not someone who believes in doing the same work day in and day out, then this is the career for you. As a Salesforce developer, you will keep learning and growing with the expanding and changing technologies. As your knowledge and experience grows, you can aim for higher level certifications too.

  1. Work with Leading Companies

Salesforce developers do not just work for Salesforce. These professionals are high in demand by organizations everywhere, on a global level. Your expertise will be rightly valued at a company that leverages Salesforce best practices.

  1. Global Community

Salesforce has an amazing community with active members from around the world. This gives its members a chance to keep learning from experts and stay updated on everything that is happening in this sector.


The most difficult part of becoming a Salesforce developer is starting your journey. However, we hope that this blog has given you a nudge in the right direction to help you take your first step. The purpose of this Salesforce tutorial is to help you understand how you can become a pro in the wide field of Salesforce by undertaking the right steps.

Earning the Salesforce developer certification will help you set your career on the right track.

Salesforce Developer Tutorial FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What skills should a Salesforce developer have?

Ans. Based on resume usage, here is a list of the top skills-

  • Apex
  • JavaScript
  • SDFC
  • Java
  • Custom Objects
  • SOQL

Q2. What is the salary of 2 years experience as a Salesforce Developer?

Ans. As a Salesforce developer with 2 years of experience, you can earn between ₹10 LPA - ₹17 LPA.

Q3. Can a non IT person learn Salesforce?

Ans. Salesforce Administrative jobs are highly popular among non-IT people these days.

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