Amazon Web Services: Solution Architect

December 9th, 2019
amazon web services

Amazon Web Services: Solution Architect

The best running and the most favorable cloud services to gain knowledge of today is the Amazon Web Services, more popularly known as AWS. It is a widely adopted system and is trusted by many people globally. Leading government and private sectors, startups and the new and still in building phase entrepreneurs investments benefit the most with the help of Amazon Web Services

While AWS needs no introduction, it is not our target here. Today, this blog is all about discussing one of its certifications - AWS Solutions Architect. One of its most in-demand offerings for various reasons, we are going to give you a guide on what it is and how to become a certified AWS Solutions Architect. 

Who is an AWS Solutions Architect?

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate is a professional with skills and knowledge in the AWS technology, spread across multiple AWS services. It is important to enroll in a leading AWS Solutions Architect training. It will enable you to learn about the design of performance and cost optimized solutions to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of AWS' Well-Architected Framework.

AWS skills are high in demand and this certification will enhance your career profile and add to your earnings. Additionally, your credibility amongst customer interactions and stakeholders will go high too.

Who should Go for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Exam?

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate certification exam is best suited for professionals who possess either of the following -

  • Hands-on working experience in another cloud service.
  • Strong working knowledge of mapping on-premises to cloud and on-premises IT experience.
  • Good experience in AWS technology.

Exam Overview

Level: Associate

Time duration: 130 minutes

Number of questions: 65

Format: multi-choice or multi-response

Cost: $150 USD

Languages: English, German, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish (Latin American + Spain), Chinese (Traditional + Simplified), French (France), Italian

Delivery Method: online or Pearson VUE testing center, proctored

Passing Marks: 720/1000

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Roles & Responsibilities of an AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Before you decide to get enrolled in a leading AWS Certified Solutions Architect course online, you should take a look at the roles and responsibilities this professional undertakes. Having this knowledge will give you a clear picture of whether you want your future to look like that or not.

  • Understand company's business goals to develop cloud-based supportive solutions.
  • Preserve cloud environment security to avoid security outages and breaches.
  • Create, design, and manage internal cloud apps for the organization.
  • Stay updated with best practices for cloud computing to enhance the organization's cloud infrastructure.
  • Build apps & interact with the stakeholders for complete project requirement satisfaction.
  • Construct and sustain organization's scalable, cost-effective cloud systems.
  • Move internal data and operations to cloud architect.
  • Asses threat by external frameworks or platforms.
  • Ensure digital transformation.
  • Improve business operations by digitizing routine processes, etc.

Benefits of Earning AWS Solutions Architect Certification

When it comes to earning any AWS certification, everyone knows that the road is not an easy or straigtfrwrd one. It is full of ups and downs, and requires a lot of dedication. To earn this certification, we suggest you to take the aid of industry experts, as these seasoned professionals are the only ones who know what is required to ace the certification exam.

Enrolling in a AWS Solutions Architect Training Online will help you make the most of the time you spend studying and polishing your knowledge and skills. Here are a few benefits of earning this certification.

Evolving Technology

Having such well-known technology at one's hand is a great way to make sure that you have a winning hand. AWS is a field that is constantly evolving and bring out better features and services. Earning this certificate and the consequent ones mean that you are updated on the trends. This will help the hiring companies know about your zest to learn.

Be Part of a Large Community of Amazon Web Services

AWS has a huge community that is super active and super wide. Becoming a professional in the world of AWS means that you get access to the humongous network of these professionals, all of whom share similar goals and interest. As someone looking to expand their career, this support comes in handy.

High Earning Potential with Amazon Web Services

Being a AWS Solutions Architect certification holder means you tap into a door that has a high earning potential. This job profile is among the highest-paid ones on a global level. A high competitive salary is certainly a driving motive to ace this exam and invest your time in preparing for it.

Industry Recognition

Every hiring manager is aware of the fact that how difficult it is to pass this exam. Additionally, there is a long, tedious, and expensive path to getting the right training and appearing for the exam. It is an industry benchmark that testifies your skills and proficiency to handle top related job responsibilities wonderfully.

The Path to Test Preparation

A good training curriculum can get your hands on great opportunities at discovering practical inquiries to test your insight at a test level. A large number of the inquiries in the test will include consolidating these admins to configuration sound cloud structures for business use cases. Thus, it is important to carefully pick a AWS Solutions Architect training course.


That wraps up our guidance for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect course! Concentrate on the courses, read the AWS whitepapers, and practice test you feel you are completely ready to appear for the examination.

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