What Is Marketing Automation Software?

October 16th, 2023

Trends are changing or rather improving constantly. One recent change that has taken the world by storm is automation. Companies benefit immensely by automating time-consuming repetitive tasks associated with marketing campaigns by using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or marketing automation software.

Even in this trend, the one name stealing all the limelight is Salesforce. The reason is pretty simple and that is the result of using Salesforce significantly outweighs its costs and efforts. And for that matter, becoming a Salesforce marketing cloud consultant has come to be regarded as a top profession. With a good Salesforce marketing cloud training program, you can easily prepare for the certification exam and make the most of the numerous available opportunities in this segment.

What is CRM Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation

CRM marketing automation refers to a technology that is used to manage marketing processes as well as multifunctional campaigns automatically across various channels. 

Marketing automation comprises a lot of tools that are used by businesses for targeting customers. This is done through a lot of ways including social media, texts, emails, and websites. Since customers are inclined towards a digital-first approach, companies are abiding by it too.

Messages are automatically sent via a set of instructions known as workflows. These workflows can either be custom-built from scratch, modified during the campaigns for better results, or defined by templates. Workflow automation plays a huge role in helping marketers.

Marketing automation platforms are used widely by both the sales and marketing departments. The goals are simple. It aids in automating online sales activities and marketing campaigns to enhance personalization, efficiency, and revenue. Employing automation to take care of the repetitive tasks leave efficient employees with ample energy to deal with higher-order problems. There is also a decline in human error.

There are numerous marketing automation tools in the market. But how exactly do they work to help professionals reach their goals? Let's find out!

How Do The Best Marketing Automation Tools Function?

Companies or more precisely the marketing cloud experts collect customer data through various means. This includes website visits, social media, emails, app usage, and much more. This data is raw and not all of it is efficient to give you the insights you need. Thus, this data is integrated through a CRM after collection, which finally lets the company get a 360-degree view of every single customer.

From this point on, marketing automation software takes care of everything-

  • It helps in streamlining segmentation as well as targeting the processes essential to determine the right audience to target.
  • It helps in customizing messages as per the leads and the customers automatically depending upon their profile. 
  • It creates personalized and highly relevant messages across social media, email, web experience, mobile, and others in a few clicks. 
  • It aids in delivering a tailor-made experience to the customers. The leads are nurtured at every stage of their journey. 

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Use of Salesforce for Marketing Automation

We all know about Salesforce but do you know the uses of Salesforce for marketing automation? Here are some ways in which it is useful -

  1. Increased Productivity

To be able to streamline tasks works as a huge benefit. Companies only need to take out the time to build workflows once and then can be confined to a single click. This gives sales reps, customer service reps, and markets the chance to turn their attention towards more important things such as lead nurturing, lead generation, etc.

  1. Improve Pipeline Performance

Automating customer relationship management aids teams in generating more SQLs and MQLs and that too with better qualification rates.

  1. Better Data, Bigger Picture

Companies are able to achieve greater accuracy for their marketing campaigns because more multi-source marketing data is pulled. This big data picture of useful metrics provides powerful insights.

  1. Shorter, Better Sales Cycle

Companies can make out more from their CRM data with automation as the sales cycles are shortened due to better streamlining.

  1. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Chatbot integration is another important functionality of various CRM automation tools. Chatbots offer the 24*7 availability that many customers wish to witness today.

  1. Higher Customer Engagement

Since interactions have become more tailored due to better data accuracy, customer engagement rate has increased.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud used for?

As everyone already know, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a widely popular automation platform that is being used for-

  • Email marketing
  • SMS - sending & monitoring
  • Campaign automation - visual mapping 
  • Content creation & management
  • Online advertising - targeted
  • Segmentation
  • Mobile push notifications & in-app notifications
  • ETL activities/ data management
  • Social media marketing - scheduling & monitoring posts
  • Tailor webpages

Professionals having Salesforce marketing cloud certification are well-versed in all these activities.


Salesforce is one of the top CRM platforms for marketing automation. It is being used extensively in top companies throughout the globe and the demand is not showing any signs of going down. As more companies realize the need to be where their target audience is, the demand for Salesforce marketing cloud consultants will grow.

Enroll in a good Salesforce training today and pass your Salesforce certification exam to get the essential credentials for cracking a job at any top company. Start your journey in this field today!

Marketing Automation Software FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud pricing?

Ans. The Salesforce marketing cloud pricing varies as per the plan you pick. The basic plan costs $400 per month.

Q2. Which Salesforce certification is apt for marketers?

Ans. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Specialist is a good certification to choose if you are a marketer.

Q3. What is the cost of the Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist?

Ans. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist exam cost is $200 USD.

Q4. Do I need to learn coding for Salesforce marketing cloud?

Ans. No, you do not need any coding experience or knowledge for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Q5. What is the average annual salary of a Marketing Cloud Consultant in Salesforce?

Ans. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant earns an average of Rs. 10 LPA.

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