Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification Guide & Tips

October 2nd, 2023
Salesforce CPQ

Becoming a part of the Salesforce world is becoming more popular and beneficial as time is moving forward. This is a great time to learn this technology because more and more companies are adopting it. In the coming years, professionals with skills and knowledge in this area are sure to find success.

In this blog, we will throw light on how you can get Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification. You will also get more details about the Salesforce CPQ course.

What is CPQ for Salesforce?

CPQ for Salesforce is a powerful tool that is employed by organizations to streamline the sales process. This is supported by automating the time consuming processes of quoting and proposal generation.

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote. This platform helps businesses improve their efficiency and thus, is increasingly becoming a part of more and more companies globally. The CPQ certification is a highly sought after one. Professionals who wish to showcase their knowledge, abilities, and skills of the platform go for this certification.

What are the Benefits of Salesforce CPQ?

Benefits of Salesforce CPQ

Companies throughout the globe are using Salesforce CPQ. This is not something that happens to just every other platform. Thus, if Salesforce is enjoying such a success, there must be a valid reason behind it.

Here are some of the benefits that companies enjoy when they use Salesforce CPQ.

  1. It helps sales reps finalize deals faster

Many times, sales teams get stuck as they rely on email and spreadsheets during the last stages of their sales cycle. Thus, they tend to waste many hours in decoding how to get a contract approval or price a product rather than move on to the next deal. With CPQ, the process becomes a lot faster.

  1. It enables companies to launch new revenue models

Customers today want flexibility and companies everywhere are introducing new revenue models as a response. CPQ provides them the technology platform that helps them make it happen.

  1. It offers control and visibility to companies

Companies want control and complete visibility of what is being offered and sold. With CPQ, it is all possible.

What is Salesforce CPQ Certification?

The Salesforce CPQ Specialist certification is one of the most highly accredited credentials in the Salesforce sector. Anyone with this credential is sure to stand out among a sea of competitors.

The goal of this certification is to offer professionals in this sector with a standardized platform to verify that these individuals have all the important abilities and knowledge to succeed in the CPQ industry.

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What are the Types of CPQ Certifications?

There are four main types of Salesforce CPQ certifications offered by the company. Each of these certifications serve a specific purpose and are tailor-made for individuals with goals of using Salesforce in their job.

  1. Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification

The Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification is curated for individuals capable of demonstrating the ability of developing and deploying complicated CPQ solutions.

The exam for this certification covers topics like business process automation, user interface customization, solution architecture, product model development, pricing rule design, and data model.

  1. Salesforce CPQ Advanced Administrator Certification

The Salesforce CPQ Advanced Administrator Certification is curated for individuals who wish to know more about Salesforce CPQ to become an advanced administrator. You should have a good grasp of its multiple security protocols.

  1. Salesforce CPQ Specialist Architect Certification

The Salesforce CPQ Specialist Architect Certification is for architects with the knowledge to demonstrate high  level proficiency in implementing and designing CPQ solutions.

  1. Salesforce CPQ Sales Cloud Consultant Certification

The Salesforce CPQ Sales Cloud Consultant Certification is for sales consultants with the prowess to design and configure Sales Cloud solutions with CPQ.

Who Is A Salesforce CPQ Developer?

A Salesforce CPQ Developer is an expert who uses this platform to customize and ease their job. They can swiftly gather all necessary data to generate accurate proposals and establish rapid user experience flows customized to fit each customer's needs.

Salesforce CPQ Training For Career Growth

Salesforce CPQ training is the best idea for those who wish to make the most of the Salesforce platform. You can choose to gain knowledge about this platform in a lot of ways. You can watch a Salesforce CPQ tutorial or go for a Salesforce CPQ training online.

The best option is certainly to get trained under the guidance of industry experts. These professionals have all the knowledge that you need to succeed in this career. Thus, you can become a leading name in the field of Salesforce by enrolling in the right course.


There is a lot to learn about Salesforce CPQ and even more about Salesforce as a platform. We hope this blog has been able to provide you a few answers about Salesforce CPQ certification and how to get there. There are many reasons why Salesforce is becoming more prominent with every passing day. Once you get started in this field, you will be able to enjoy a bright future ahead.

Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification FAQs

Q1. Is Salesforce hard to learn?

Ans. When we talk about Salesforce, it all comes down to mastering it. So you can learn it pretty quickly but becoming a pro at it will take some time.

Q2. Does Salesforce CPQ have coding?

Ans. While you do not need to have high-level knowledge of coding, you will benefit if you understand the basics of concepts like CSS3 and HTML5.

Q3. Is Salesforce Certification worth it?

.Ans. Salesforce is most definitely a worthwhile course to invest in. Individuals with this certification find it easier to get a good job and move up the ladder of success.

Q4. How many levels of certifications are there?

Ans. There are two levels of Salesforce certifications-

  • The CPQ Specialist
  • The CPA Advanced Specialist

Q5. What is the cost of Salesforce CPQ Developer certification?

Ans. The Salesforce CPQ Developer certification costs $400.

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