Salesforce CPQ tutorial

Salesforce CPQ Tutorial for Beginners

Vidhi Gupta
September 21st, 2023
10:00 Minutes
Today, Salesforce is considered to be one of the world's leading CRM. In recent years, it has gained tremendous popularity that has also led to an increase in the number of job opportunities in this area.

Salesforce CPQ is a popular name in this ecosystem. A Salesforce CPQ course is all you need to help you get started toward a bright career in this domain. It is brimming with opportunities and all you need is the right guidance to get started. So, here is a complete Salesforce CPQ tutorial for beginners to help you get started in this field.

What is Salesforce CPQ?

So what is Salesforce CPQ? Basically, it's a sales tool that helps businesses offer an accurate pricing scheme with any said product configuration scenario. CPQ stands for configure, price, quote and facilitates an organization's sales team to create quotes with minimal effort and rapidly.

The process commences as an opportunity is created by the sales team and the quote is subsequently handed over within a short span of time. This allows the process to become more controlled and faster with few recorded errors. The result is that more deals and more accurate data are moved through the sales pipeline.

Salesforce CPQ Tutorial

(Salesforce CPQ Dashboards)

Features of Salesforce CPQ

Let us quickly take a peek at the key features of this tool.

Salesforce CPQ Tutorial

1. Product Configuration Features:

  • It allows the creation of product bundles with options and features. For the bundle, options are defined as the components and features as the bundle.
  • Offers support for inclusion and exclusion rules that are option constraints.
  • Options depict an important aspect of the bundle.
  • It aids in hiding components or additional dynamic components for the bundle that is being configured. 

2. The Productivity Features:

  • Capacity to guide the customer and sales users for the best product fit.
  • Offers customization in the search process of products.

3. The Quoting Features:

  • Customize quote templates for different sections that need to be configured.
  • Process for integrating E-signature tools.
  • Generate integrated quote documents.

4. The Pricing Features:

  • Contract pricing scenarios
  • Block pricing scenarios
  • Cost + Markup pricing scenarios 

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Benefits of Salesforce CPQ

There must be a reason as to why so many businesses are adopting CPQ in their everyday work. It has a lot of benefits to talk about.

1. Provide Guided Selling

Sales reps that use CPQ solutions are more likely to meet their sales quotas because they get the means to customize their solutions as per the client's needs.

This happens because CPQ deducts the need to dig through piles of spreadsheets to find suitable pricing rules. It allows you to create and store various prices, scenarios, configurations, and discounts.

2. Reduced Timeframes

The CPQ software facilitates both the sales rep and their clients to save time by streamlining the contract process. Quotes are created that need to be sent to the clients, reducing the downtime linked with creating contracts.

Configuring price quote software saves a lot of effort and time by automating configuration, pricing, and approval processes.

3. Increases Profitability

Another notable benefit of this software is its ability to increase profits by streamlining the selling process and quoting. Thus, you can close bigger deals seamlessly and maximize the sales opportunities with intelligent quotes.

4. Better Customer Satisfaction

It is increasingly becoming more difficult to keep up with the increasing demand of customers. But this is where a CPQ solution helps by offering customers a seamless experience.

It ensures no pipelines are slow, the customer's time is not wasted, and the resources are not drained. Thus, a win-win situation for everyone.

5. Increased Efficiency & Productivity

This software will help in streamlining the sales process and reducing the errors. Since sales quotes are all performed in real-time and that too with high accuracy, the result is reduced administrative burden and increased quoting capacity.

How Does CPQ for Salesforce Work?

CPQ for Salesforce works by allowing it to oversee the complete quoting process. This includes a customer's journey from the very initial research to the price requests. The need to have a CPQ system arises from the fact that we are living in an era where almost everything can be done or at least researched online.

Salesforce CPQ Certification - Your Path to Success

If you are searching for a Salesforce CPQ certification, then the only name you will find is the Salesforce CPQ Specialist certification. This one certification will help you establish yourself in the Salesforce ecosystem.

1. Exam Objective

This certification exam has a clear motive, to showcase your skills and expertise in using the CPQ software. Here is a list of the topics covered in this exam-

  • CPQ Platform: 23%
  • Pricing: 16%
  • Orders, Contracts, Amendments, and Renewals: 15%
  • Bundle Configuration: 17%
  • Products: 11%
  • Quote Templates: 7%
  • Approvals: 4%
  • Product Selection: 7%

2. Study Guide

Want to know how to best prepare for the Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification exam? Well, there are plenty of resources (free and paid) available in the market which you can consider to learn SF CPQ. Online tutorials, Salesforce community, recorded lectures or videos, and books are some of the most popular recourses to make learning better.

3. Salesforce CPQ Training

A Salesforce CPQ training will ensure you have learned all that is to be learned and that too from the best in the industry. You will be able to boast your skills, knowledge, and abilities once you get trained under the guidance of industry experts.

4. Trailhead

When we talk about preparing for any Salesforce certification, Trailhead is the most integral aspect. It gives you the chance to review Tip Sheets, search for exam topics, provide user guides, study related information, and view online documentation. Thus, you will find almost everything here.

5. Online Tutorials

Online tutorials generally do not stand alone in helping you prepare for your Salesforce CPQ certification exam. But it will give you an additional layer of support in covering everything that is out there that might help you on your journey.

6. Practice Tests

Before you appear for any exam, it is best if you take some practice tests to evaluate yourself. These practice tests also help you better understand the type of questions that will come and how much time you can allow yourself for each question.


As customers today prefer more personalized engagement, platforms such as CPQ are becoming increasingly popular. As you choose a Salesforce CPQ training, you will find yourself getting better acquainted with this topic and all the essential topics necessary to pass this certification exam.

Start your career in Salesforce today with the aid of industry experts. We hope this blog has helped you get started on understanding Salesforce CPQ.

Salesforce CPQ FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Is it hard to pass the Salesforce CPQ certification exam?

Ans. If you follow the study guidelines, give practice tests, enroll in the best CPQ online training program, and study well, then it is not so difficult to pass this certification exam.

Q2. What is the cost of this certification?

Ans. The Salesforce CPQ Specialist certification costs $200.

Q3. Is coding knowledge a prerequisite for CPQ?

Ans. No, you do not require any coding knowledge to get started in this field.

Q4. Is the future of CPQ Salesforce professionals bright?

Ans. As more and more companies try to find ways of improving their sales operations and leaving their customers with a good experience, the future of this software will continue to look bright.

Q5. Who is this CPQ course for?

Ans. This course is for anyone who wishes to learn more about CPQ business flow and make a career in it. You can be a fresher or a Salesforce Developer or a Business Analyst.

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