5 Reasons To Become An SFDC Admin in 2024

March 15th, 2024
SFDC Admin

Acquiring new skills is always a big step in anyone's career growth. It is more so when done right. Choosing Salesforce as your career's backbone is one of the wisest decisions you can make. Since Salesforce offers 40+ certifications, it all lies in which one you pick. In this blog, we are going to discuss 5 reasons to become an SFDC Admin.

These reasons will give you more confidence in your decision to pursue the Salesforce administrator certification.

Responsibilities of an SFDC Admin

A Salesforce admin holds a lot of responsibilities in an organization, making them an integral part of the working. Their tasks include -

  • Maintenance of the Salesforce platform
  • Enabling marketing automation
  • Staying updated on new Salesforce products and capabilities
  • Ensuring easy usability by all skill levels
  • Protecting customer relationships

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Why Become a Salesforce Administrator?

So, the question still remains: why should you become a Salesforce administrator. Let's explore with five amazing benefits.

1. High Demand

As per a report by Zippia, the growth rate for Salesforce administrators is 9% between 2018-2028, which is a great number. As more businesses aim at increasing their online presence, the need for professionals who can develop a robust CRM software grows. This is where your credential will come to use.

2. Continuous Learning

If you are someone who is willing to settle for a bland career path, then this is just the title for you. This is where you will get to flex your problem-solving and management skills. Everyday is a new day with new challenges around this platform.

3. Growing Industry

Salesforce is growing at a commendable pace with new tools, products, and capabilities being added in constantly. The platform has become a soothing point for a wide array of clients due to the diverse nature of offerings. As more companies get added to the list of clients, the work scope will increase, leading to more demand for your job title.

4. Different Clients

Becoming a Salesforce admin comes with many perks and one of them is the chance to work with professionals from all walks of life. Working in a large organization would mean working with other admins and other professionals in accounting, customer service, sales, etc. You can also become a freelancer.

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5. Great Salary Package

The average annual salary of a Salesforce admin in the USA is around $89k. This salary is expected to grow at a consistent pace in the coming years too. Once you get trained and certified, you will enjoy a great salary package. Getting certified will certainly give you more financial perks as opposed to not being certified.

Salesforce Admin Salary


Becoming an SFDC admin is one of the best ways to commence your journey in the field of Salesforce. Tap into unlimited opportunities and a great earning potential by taking the aid of the right learning program and certification.

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