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Learn Flutter from scratch and get started on your journey to build a promising career in this field with igmGuru’s Flutter Course online . Make this revolutionary framework a part of your career. Enroll in this Flutter training to learn about building attractive and natively compiled desktop, mobile, and web applications, all from a single codebase from the world best professionals Guru's. Get a hold of the Flutter certification today.

Flutter Course Overview

igmGuru offers Flutter training to help you become a proficient Flutter developer. Flutter is the most popular framework by Google for app development. This framework enables mobile app developers to build interactive and feature-rich web and mobile apps for Android, iOS, Web, and more, all from a single codebase. The world’s top tech giants including Google, Amazon, eBay, BMW, and many more rely on it. Our Flutter course is designed by top-notch trainers and Flutter developers. Thus, it includes practice sessions and modules with hands-on experience. Through our Flutter application developer course, you will be able to understand the Flutter platform and dart programming language in a better light. Our Flutter course online helps you build interactive and feature-rich mobile apps using dart language. No need to look anywhere else! Enroll in igmGuru's Flutter training course online to become a certified Flutter Developer professional today!

Are you looking for the best Flutter course or you want to become a proficient Flutter developer? Enroll in our Flutter online course to learn basic to advanced Dart language to build interactive web applications. Our course is designed to empower you with a deep understanding of essential components like Flutter widgets, mobile app testing, deployment, state management, and network integration, all while providing practical, real-world application-building experience.

Backed by a team of top-notch trainers, we enable you to build appealing cross-platform apps for mobile, web, and desktop using a single codebase. At igmGuru, we offer various training options such as one-on-one training, self-paced, and live instructor-led programs to help you learn programming language at your own pace. Join our Flutter online course to build dynamic mobile applications using a single codebase for various operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows.


We, at igmGuru, are known for delivering quality training, which is the reason why individuals choose us for online Flutter training. With our Flutter Training course, our trainers parallelly work with every individual to help them acquire skills and perform real-time projects with the best practices.

  • Android Developer
  • iOS App Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Web Developer


Having a decent knowledge of mobile app development can apply for this Flutter certification training. However, it is not mandatory.

Why Should You Learn?

Whether you're a beginner eager to dive into the mobile app development realm or a seasoned developer looking to boost your skill set, our Flutter course online will help you in every way possible to gain essential knowledge in widget-based UI design, efficient state management, asynchronous programming, and seamless network integration. It’s an undeniable investment for anyone aiming to make their career in modern mobile app development. Our trainers follow advanced methodologies to make learning easy and fun, while helping you create your first application successfully. This easy-to-go course is ideal for those who want to create cross-platform mobile applications with a single codebase, streamlining development efforts.


Our Flutter certification course is aimed at providing a rewarding and unforgettable learning experience.

Our goal is to help individuals gain an in-depth knowledge of Flutter's core concepts, such as mobile app testing, widget-based UI design, and mobile app deployment.

Our course aims to help individuals with practical skills for developing real-world cross-platform mobile applications along with advanced features.

We, at igmGuru, place a high value on practical training that enables learners to create and develop solutions for actual problems, enhancing their resumes and employability in this highly competitive market. Our online training program also promotes an understanding of best practices in app development, ensuring that aspirants are ready to change as per the always-changing mobile app business.

Skills You will learn

In this training program, we will cover many useful skills that are required to be a good asset for any organization. Some of the skills are-

  • Basic Of Data Programming
  • Widget-based UI design
  • Basic of Flutter Framework
  • Visually appealing user experience
  • Network Integration
  • Mobile app testing
  • Mobile app deployment

By mastering these skills, you will become well-prepared to create high-quality, cross-platform mobile applications.

Flutter Certification Key Features

Flutter Training Modules

1. Dart environment setup
2. Declaring Variables and DataTypes
3. String and String interpolation
4. Difference between Final & Const Keyword
5. IF ELSE Conditional Statements
6. What are Lists?
7. What are Maps?
8. Understanding Loops
9. Break and Continue Statement
10. Declaring Functions and Shorthand Syntax
11. Types of Parameters in Function
12. What are Classes and Objects?
13. Generic Type & Inheritance
14. Exception Handling using Try Catch
15. Static variables and methods
16. Ternary operator and Null safety

1. Creating a new Project and understanding file structure
2. What are Widgets
3. Working with Assets & Pubspec file

1. Text and Scaffold Widget
2. Center & Floating Action Button
3. Changing Color and Styling
4. What are Stateless Widget
5. Asset and Network Image
6. Icon and Button Widget
7. Container Widget
8. TextField Widget
9. Rows and Columns
10. ListView and ListTile

1. What is a State
2. The SetState() Method
3. Stateful Widget in action
4. What is initState() function
5. Understanding Widget lifecycle

1. Stack concept behind Navigation
2. Push And Pop method
3. Understanding Named Route
4. Passing data via Constructors
5. Drawer Navigation Widget
6. Bottom Navigation Bar

1. Deep Dive into TextField Widget
2. Adding a TextEditing Controller
3. Validating User Input
4. Decoration and other properties
5. Alert Dialog Widget
6. Displaying Snackbar

1. Understanding Futures
2. Async Await Concept
3. What are Streams
4. FutureBuilder and StreamBuilder Widget

1. Introduction to http request
2. Implement GET request to a server
3. Fetching Json Data from the API
4. Basic shopping application
5. Handling POST request
6. PUT and DELETE request
7. Make Authenticated requests

1. Why do we need models
2. Creating our first model class
3. Changes required in frontend
4. Tool to generate Models easily
5. Consume a new rest API

1. Understanding Firebase Products
2. Setup Firebase into Project
3. Login and Register UI
4. Authenticate using Email Password
5. Exception Handling
6. Loading Indicator while authenticating
7. Check authentication state
8. Setup Project for Google Sign In
9. Implement Google Sign In and Sign out

1. Get Started with Firestore
2. Understanding CRUD operations
3. Building Note App UI
4. Creating Note data and Model
5. Retrieving and updating Note data
6. Adding Security rules

1. Configuring Firebase Storage
2. Understanding Cloud Storage
3. Implementing Image Upload
4. Retrieving and Deleting Image
5. Compressing and Caching Image
6. Upload Multiple Images
7. Image Upload in Note App

1. Create a new project
2. Build a basic application
3. Passing data through Constructor
4. Problems using SetState method
5. Implementing Provider package
6. Accessing provider data
7. What is Consumer
8. MultiProvider

1. Get Started with Hive
2. Understanding Hive methods
3. Implementing CRUD
4. Type Adapter Concept
5. Build a Todo application
6. Update and Delete Todo

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How can I become a Flutter Certified Application Developer in 2024?

For now, there is no certification for Flutter. That said, igmGuru's Flutter training is enough to make you a pro in the field and ensure you get projects around the same. your knowledge and skills after completing this course will help you get great opportunities to work with.

Flutter Certification Exam


Flutter has been built to be a cross-platform SDK, which can be used to build both backend and frontend of a website. Developers can build high-end, good-quality apps quickly with Flutter.