Why Learn Python? Top Reasons To Learn Python

September 25th, 2023

Python has become one of those names that don't need to be introduced. People just know that it is an integral part of the tech world and is among the top names today. This one programming language is being used across all industries and by organizations of all sizes and nature. 

If you are looking for a Python tutorial for beginners, then this is where it all begins. Python certification holds a lot of value today but before you tread on that path, we know you must want to know why you should learn Python. We are going to cover the top seven reasons to learn Python as your programming language.

What Is Python Programming?

Python is an object-oriented, general purpose programming language.  Object-oriented means that this language has a lot of built-in data structures and has dynamic semantics. The developers can create objects and classes by using Python. When we say general purpose, we mean that it has various applications that go beyond just web development, unlike CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Python has been in the picture for over 30 years. However, it has only come into the limelight recently. But it has only grown since getting popular.

Its growing popularity is based on the fact that Python coding is no longer the language's only use. Let's see what makes Python such a widely used one.

Why Learn Python? Top Reasons To Learn Python

Python is finally shining in all its glory as it should. It is getting a lot of attention and for all the right reasons. Let us see how going for Python training and learning it will benefit you.

1. Simplicity - Python for Beginners

If you are searching for Python for beginners, then you are bound to find this one factor stated everywhere and that is its simplicity. It is counted as one of the simplest and easiest languages to learn in terms of syntax and code. With the right Python training, you can learn the basic to build your foundation.

Its syntax is pretty similar to English, giving it a lean learning curve. Thus, one can easily understand it, and learn to read and write it.

Whether you are looking to get into traditional developer domains or emerging ones like AI, ML, data science, and others, Python is the key. It has become the preferred language of many data scientists. Python also plays an elemental role in the currently trending technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

3. Surge in Demand

As the use cases of Python diversify, its demand is sure to surge further. Since we have already seen that it is being used in trending tech domains, there are no doubts about how well its future will turn out to be.

Here is a list of some of the industries where Python is prominent-

  • Finance & trading
  • Data Science
  • Web Development
  • AI and ML
  • Scientific & mathematical computing
  • Computer graphics
  • Mapping & geography
  • Security & penetration testing, etc.

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4. Huge Collection of Frameworks and Libraries

Have you ever wondered what makes Python so popular? Well, it is probably because of its vast collection of frameworks and libraries. With growing years, Python has also become highly extensible and is now able to perform various functions. It has all been possible because of its endless libraries and frameworks. No other language can even come close to Python's list. Some of its most notable libraries are SciPy, Pandas, PyTorch, NumPy, and Matplotlib.

5. Great Community Support 

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will also benefit from a great community. And that is exactly what Python offers. Whether you wish to learn something new, you are stuck on a project, or you simply wish to keep yourself updated with the changes, this community will help you everywhere.

6. Future Scope & Salary 

Python is definitely going to be a leading name in the coming years as well. Considering how widely people are loving and using it, there is no stopping any time soon.

Its future is bright and so is anyone's who gets Python certification. The average salary of a Python developer in India is around ₹6.1 LPA. This number depends largely on your skills, expertise, and city.

7. Cross-Platform and Open-Source

Python is an open-source, cross-platform programming language that is running across Windows, MacOS, Linux, and others seamlessly. Its code runs as intended by the developer with its bug-squashing properties. This is an amazing platform that can be used by different professionals belonging to different industries.

Python Course for Better Learning

Whether you wish to learn Python basics or advanced, the best option you can pick is a Python course. Enrolling in the best Python training program will have almost as many benefits as Python itself. 

With the right course, you will -

  • Official training by industry experts will give you more knowledge, better skills, and an enhanced sense of confidence. 
  • You will find yourself on better terms with the language than any self-learning via online means.
  • Your resume will look better when you mention training from a known and trusted institute. 
  • You will have expert guidance to help you learn the ropes of the field. This expert can guide you about everything from job prospects to the latest and changing trends. 
  • A good institute often offers job assistance to help its students get a job that will help them grow and move ahead in their careers.


With its vast sea of libraries and frameworks, future opportunities, and use cases, Python is definitely a name that is going to flourish in the future. Since we are talking about something that is a part of the tech world, getting certified will give you an additional edge.

There are many certifications being offered by Python. You can choose among them depending on your current knowledge, experience, and future plans. The right Python online training will broaden your horizon of success.

Python FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is a Python tutorial?

Ans. A Python tutorial is a learning course or document prepared to give the reader an overview of Python basics and Python advanced concepts.

Q2. Why do ethical hackers use Python?

Ans. Ethical hackers use Python as an information gathering tool, to brute force scripts, and to generate password cracking, among others. It is a good language for ethical hackers.

Q3. Can I get a job after learning Python Programming?

Ans. Yes, learning Python programming and building a good portfolio by working on relevant projects will help you get a good job. If you can start with an internship to open up more doors of opportunity.

Q4. What are some of the top companies using Python?

Ans. Some giants using Python include IBM, JP Morgan Chase, NASA, Intel, Spotify, Facebook, Netflix, and others.

Q5. Which is a recognized Python certification?

Ans. Microsoft Certified: Python Developer Associate certification is offered by Microsoft and is recognized globally. It is best to become an entry-level Python programmer with certification.

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