How To Prepare For Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Certification?

February 16th, 2019
Google Cloud Platform Certification

Google is a highly trusted name today and it has given us many quality products over its lifespan. One name on this list is Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Google became a part of the cloud race in 2011, when Azure and AWS were leading the market sphere. But of course, anything by Google is trusted by users and hence, GCP has grown exponentially since its inception.

Google Cloud Platform is the third-largest cloud provider globally. Hence, wherever you decide to go, you will be able to get good working opportunities with a good salary package. But how to prepare for the Google Cloud Platform certification?

Let's discuss it here!

Google Cloud Platform Stats
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How To Prepare For The Google Cloud Platform Certification?

So now the question is how to prepare for Google Cloud Platform Certification? Basically, to get GCP certification, one needs to pay a lot of attention and efforts as well. Here are a few steps to undertake if you wish to prepare for the Google Cloud Platform certification.

  1. Understand the Terrain

The first thing to do is to understand what the Google Cloud certification is all about and whether or not it fits with your goals. Go through online resources such as Google Cloud Platform tutorial, blogs, videos, and guides to understand this platform.

Once you have done that and still think this certification will benefit your career, move onto the next step.

  1. Pick the Certification Level

Once you are aware of what this platform does, it's time to pick the certification level. GCP offers three levels- associate, professional, and G suite.

There are various factors that decide which level to go for, such as your existing experience, skill set, future goals, and current certifications. Also, if you are a working professional, take into account your organization profile details. There are many certifications by Google including Cloud Architect, Data Engineer, Cloud Security Engineer, Cloud Network Engineer, and Cloud Developer one can pick from.

  1. Gain Real-World Experience

While you do not need any hands-on experience to appear for this certification exam, it will certainly help you ace the examination. Knowledge of what Google Cloud is, how it functions, and how it aids businesses grow is important. But once you gain real-world experience, you will be able to make it happen without any qualms.

Also, someone with experience is different than someone with knowledge. With real-world experience, you will become more hireable.

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  1. Enroll in a GCP Online Course

It comes as no doubt that enrolling in a Google Cloud Platform certification training is a great way to get started. Anyone who is confused about where to begin and how to learn everything important about the field should take this step of enrolling in a good course.

Get trained by industry experts, in a flexible schedule, and prepare to ace.

  1. Take Practice Tests

Practice tests will help you understand the kind of questions you can get in your actual certification exam. It will give you confidence, learn time management, and be mentally prepared to give your best in all the questions in the set duration.

Skills You Get Once Acquired Google Cloud Platform Certification

Once you complete preparation or acquire Google Cloud Platform certification, you'll be in a position to:

  • Understand the core tenets of planning and deploying application environments to the cloud.
  • Use the Google Cloud Platform Console to form and manage multiple comes and use service accounts and permissions to share view-level access between comes.
  • Create Google Compute Engine instances, set authorization scopes, production teams, and customize compute Engine pictures.
  • Creating an associate degree instance model and arranging multiple instance teams to auto-scale.
  • Designing a default-free network & review your configuration of network.
  • Compare default and non-default networks.
  • Create firewall rules with and while not tags.
  • Reserving associate degree external science address for associate degree instance.
  • Snapshot a reckon Engine instance and an information disk
  • Creating a picture to employ a boot persistent disk and transfer to Google instrumentality written the account.
  • Creating a Cloud SQL instance mistreating the Cloud SDK.
  • Deploying and taking a look at an internet application.
  • Adding and questioning instance and project data mistreatment to the Cloud SDK.
  • Creating an associate degree instance to employ a startup script in data and Google Cloud Storage.
  • Creating an associate degree instance with a termination script and installing the Cloud work agent.
  • Using the API explorer for questioning associate degree API request.
  • Running sample code that utilizes the Google API consumer Library.
  • Testing and creating an instrumentality that utilizes the Cloud SQL APIs.
  • Configuring fault-tolerant protocol load leveling and making to take a look at health checks.
  • Managing application preparation mistreatment city and Python templates with Google Cloud preparation Manager.
  • Deleting Google Cloud Platform comes and resources.

Final Words

Preparing for the Google Cloud Platform certification requires you to be persistent and take the aid of all the right resources. Following the discussed above steps will give you the right guidance in the field.

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