Data Architect Salary in India

Data Architect Salary in India

Vidhi Gupta
June 17th, 2024
2:30 Minutes

Data is that tremendous force that has the potential to steer modern-day businesses towards success. Every smart business today harnesses the power data for their benefit. With so much buzz around data, roles like data architect have blossomed. But who are they and what is the data architect salary in India?

There's a never-ending series of questions that pop in the mind of those who're interested in a data-oriented profile. This blog delves into the leading job title of a data architect and everything that comes with it.

Who Is A Data Architect?

A data architect is an IT professional tasked with defining models, technologies, procedures and policies in an organization. The goal of all this is to collect, store, retrieve and organize helpful information. They formulate data strategies for organizations. They ensure data quality is maintained, data is secure and data flow remains uninterrupted.

Average Data Architect Salary in India

A data architect with experience earns around Rs. 27.4 LPA in India on an average. There's a lot of disparity between what's earned by a beginner and a professional data architect having good experience. These numbers stated here are for experienced professionals having at least seven years of experience in the associated field.

What Influences a Data Architect's Salary?

There's no one fixed pay for a data architect or any other professional for that matter. There are various factors that play a major role in determining the ultimate salary a person is offered. These factors affect the salary earned by every professional in every industry globally.

  • Job Location

Depending upon the job location, the salary earned by a data architect can both be low or high. In India especially, being in metropolitan cities is a big advantage. Bangalore, Pune, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi are the hubs that pay better for the same position and profile. The high cost of living in such areas should be considered. This reduces the impactful of the additional salary.

  • Industry Experience

It comes as no surprise that someone with longer and more specific experience will earn more than a beginner. This is where a good resume plays a big role. How one crafts their resume to showcase their related experience gets the hiring managers either intrigued or disappointed.

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  • Skill Set

The tech world revolves around those who are masters of their work. A person with a good and concentrated skill set has more chances to get offered a better salary package. A data architect possesses a wide range of skills and is always keen on upskilling themselves.

Get started by gaining skills like database management, database architecture, programming languages (Python, C++, Java, etc.), and data modeling.

  • Company/ Employer

The bigger the company size and name, the higher the probability of a good package is. People wish to work with tech giants like Infosys, IBM, TCS, Amazon, Oracle and others for a reason. And the reason is good pay.

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