Python Developer Salary

Python Developer Salary [India & USA]

Vidhi Gupta
July 8th, 2024
5:00 Minutes

It is undoubtedly one of the most rapidly growing programming languages today. The kind of popularity this language enjoys is hardly ever even touched by any other programming language. The growing demand for Python professionals is a testament to the fact that they enjoy good salary packages. If talk about Python developer salary in India and USA, there is no language in which any professional earns a higher salary than a Python developer.

There are plenty of tech jobs today that have found the use for this language in their working. Python developers, full stack developers, data scientists, software engineers, and business analysts are a few of these professionals. There are many factors that ultimately sway a person's salary.

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Python Developer Salary In India & USA

Python Developer Salary in the USA

There are plenty of companies that have come around to hire these developers. Instagram, NASA, IBM and Google are a few of the top names that are concentrated on hiring these professionals.

On an average, a Python developer in the USA earns around $126k every year. As a beginner, it is very likely that they start at an approximate average salary of $105k every year. Having said that, experienced professionals often tend to earn a higher number. The average for experienced professionals is around $158k every year.

Python Developer Salary in India

Geography is a huge basis for salary disparity in any job domain. It is no different in the case of a python developer. In India, the cost of living is calculated to be lesser than the cost of living in the USA. Consequently, the average income for the same position and experience level is lower in India than in most western countries.

On an average, a python developer in India earns around INR 9.10 LPA. As a beginner with no knowledge, this number is significantly less. However, experience level is another factor that influences the pay. Beginners in this field earn around INR 4.30 LPA. For experienced professionals, however, the number can go to an approximate average of around INR 11.50 LPA.

Factors Affecting the Python Developer Salary

There are very few job titles around the globe that enjoy fixed compensations. In a majority of cases, the salary earned by a person is influenced by plenty of factors. To give aspirants a better understanding of the top things that can sway how much a person earns, here is a list. This list comprises the top factors that play a big role in determining how much a person ultimately earns.

Experience Level

The number of years of experience one has plays a huge role in determining whether a person is paid less or more. Freshers are paid less by default. This is because they lack the experience required to be called a professional. These are the ones that have to be trained and that takes up a company's resources.

As a person gets more refined in terms of experience, their salary keeps on increasing. Senior developers are certainly paid the highest due to their extensive, concentrated experience.

Company Size & Type

There are different types of companies that vary in size. Startups are usually the ones that pay the least. However, such establishments may offer stock or equity options. Large companies pay well and even offer competitive benefits. Companies that work in firms that particularly hire these professionals tend to pay more.

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Geography plays a huge role in determining how much a person gets paid. Whether a country is a developed nation or a developing nation really matters in this case. At the same time, the city a person is located in matters too. Urban centers or metropolitan cities offer better paying jobs. Smaller cities have limited opportunities and thus, pay less.

Skill Set

Since this language has a wide scope, it entails earning various skills. Becoming a python developer is not an easy task because it requires a person to gain plenty of skills. The better one's skills are, the better their pay will be. This requires a combination of technical and non-technical skills.

Expertise in various frameworks and libraries is important. This includes Django, TensorFlow, Selenium, Flask and many more. In addition to this, one should also pay attention to gaining knowledge in associated technologies. These include devOps tools, databases, and cloud services. Lastly, strong communication skills, project management abilities and problem-solving capabilities are a must.

Education & Certifications

Not every person holds the same educational qualifications or additional credentials. Since a person should ideally have a tech background to become a programmer, a related bachelor's degree is a must. A master's degree or PhD will be a bonus. There is no particular python certification out there. However, many companies are offering highly valuable ones and earning them will be beneficial.


Python is a huge field that cannot be learned or perfect overnight. One must religiously practice it to become a true professional in this field. This blog contains a wide span of knowledge related to this language. Almost every question that comes into the mind of an aspirant is already answered here. It is an attempt to help aspirants find everything from the get-go.

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