Salesforce Admin vs Developer- A Comparison

April 19th, 2024
Salesforce Admin vs Developer

A career in Salesforce sounds appealing until it comes to the point of picking the right path. Since the Salesforce CRM is quite huge and incorporates plenty of job roles and titles, it could be a little confusing and intimidating to pick one. This blog is a comparison for Salesforce admin vs developer, the top two, often-picked choices.

Who Is A Salesforce Admin?

A Salesforce admin is a professional who is an expert in business operations. These specialists collaborate with business stakeholders to understand and implement current procedures. They also gather requirements for more, implementing them successfully in Salesforce.

Their core responsibility revolves around securing data and safeguarding the privacy of their users. Generating dashboards and reports is also on their tasklist.

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Career Opportunities for Salesforce Administrators

Some of the top career opportunities that can be pursued by a Salesforce admin are-

  • Business analyst
  • Salesforce project manager
  • Salesforce consultant
  • Sales operations manager

Who Is A Salesforce Developer?

A Salesforce developer is a professional with knowledge related to development for the organization. Previous coding knowledge and some technical skills are important to help them establish their career. Since Salesforce uses Apex, having some knowledge of Java will be beneficial.

They are responsible for developing, integrating, configuring, reporting and troubleshooting, among other tasks.

Career Opportunities for Salesforce Developers

Some of the top career opportunities that can be pursued by a Salesforce developer are-

  • Salesforce technical lead
  • Application developer
  • Salesforce architect
  • Salesforce consultant
Salesforce Admin vs Developer

Salesforce Admin vs Developer

Here is a line of difference to understand Salesforce admin vs developer in a better light.

Key RoleThe key role of an admin is to manage and configure the Salesforce platform.The key role of a Salesforce developer is to code custom solutions.
Skill SetUnderstanding of Salesforce's security protocols, data management & core featuresData analysis & implementationStaying updated with the latest changes and updatescommunication & collaboration skillsTechnical expertiseProblem-solving capabilitiesSkills in creating custom workflows, integrations & appsUnderstand business requirementsPrograming languages like Apex & JavaScriptVisualforce & API integration
Collaboration These professionals collaborate with the end users and give training to them.These professionals collaborate with stakeholders to outline technical solutions.
Tools & TechniquesData LoadersSalesforce SetupAppExchange, etc.IDEsApexDeveloper Console, etc.
Problem Solving They are in charge of managing system functionality & user issues.They are in charge of integrating systems & fixing code bugs.
Certifications Salesforce Admin Cert.Salesforce Certified Platform App BuilderAdvanced Admin Cert., etc.Salesforce Platform Developer 1Salesforce Platform Developer 2, etc.

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Salesforce Admin vs Developer- Which One To Choose?

There is no definite answer here since the field one ultimately goes for depends upon various different factors. This includes existing skills, educational background, expertise and future goals. There are many career opportunities that stem out from both these fields and hence, a good future awaits in either case.

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