What Is Java

What Is Java? An Introduction To Java Programming Language

Vidhi Gupta
July 9th, 2024
7:00 Minutes

Java is a leading class-based, simple OOP (object oriented programming) language. This one language runs on billions of devices such as mobile phones, medical devices, notebook computers and much more. This blog is a guide on 'what is Java', and its popular use cases today.

It's a perfect piece of knowledge for everyone who has always been intrigued by this language. Get guidance on how to become a Java developer that's summed in easy steps. Let's begin with an introduction for the Java programming language.

What is Java Programming Language?

So, what is Java programming language? Basically, it is a globally renowned programming language used for coding web applications. It has remained as a reigning favorite among developers for almost two decades now. This has led to millions of Java apps being in use today. This object oriented, network centric and multi-platform language has the ability to be used as a platform itself.

Java is known for being highly reliable and secure for coding. It's used to code plenty of apps, from enterprise software to mobile apps and server-side technologies to big data apps. There are plenty of use cases for this programming language and those are going to be discussed in the next phase of this blog.

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What is Java Used for?

There are dozens of perks of using Java and both beginner and professional developers are aware of these. Due to the plenty of useful Java features, its use cases have been increasing with time. Developers prefer to employ a language that is reliable and thus, this one becomes their preference. Here's an answer to what is Java used for.

Web App Development

Over the last twenty odd years, this programming language has been used extensively for web app development. This includes enterprise-level systems, e-commerce websites and social media platforms. Many of its frameworks prove to be beneficial and most often picked choices for web application development. Hibernate, Struts and Spring are popular frameworks of this language.

Enterprise App Development

This programming language is a popular name for developing large-scale enterprise applications. This includes supply chain systems, finance and banking systems and healthcare systems. Many of its frameworks are brilliant for this use point. Top choices for enterprise app development are JMS (Java Message Service), JSF (Java Server Faces) and JPA (Java Persistence API).

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is slowly taking over the world and it requires languages like Java to make it happen. Many AI and ML apps use this programming language, especially for developing data processing and analysis tools. H2O.ai, Apache Spark and Deeplearning4j are top frameworks picked in such cases.

Mobile App Development

Billions of developers globally employ this programming language for building mobile applications, especially for Android. In fact, this language has sprouted to be a popular one for building cross-platform mobile applications. Tools like PhoneGap and Xamarin are used to make this come true.

Game Development

Many mobile and desktop games are built using this language as their primary programming language. Popular gaming engines like jMonkeyEngine and LibGDX use this.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things or IoT applications necessitate the use of scalable and lightweight software solutions. Such a demand has rendered this framework a brilliant pick for IoT applications. ThingWorx, Kura and Eclipse are popular frameworks that are primarily chosen for developing such apps.

Big Data

This programming language or framework is a popular choice to build data processing engines. These engines hold the capability to work with complicated data sets and gigantic data volumes, all in real-time. This particular use case is expanding continuously with data becoming more prominently used.

Cloud Computing

The language is known for its WORA capacity- Write Once & Run Anywhere. Thus, it stands well for developing decentralized cloud-based apps. Top cloud service providers have chosen this programming language for running programs on various underlying platforms.

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How to Become A Java Developer?

When it comes to becoming a software developer, there are certain easy steps that can be followed to get there. Here's a quick guide to help aspirants tread on this journey.

Learn Core Java

The first step is to begin by learning everything about coding using Java SE. This knowledge aspect is a must and absolutely necessary. It's best that aspirants begin familiarizing themselves with its basic features and terminologies. Understanding the primary concepts like object-oriented program systems, operators, arrays and loops is important. Knowing its general-purpose APIs like java.io, java.math and java.lang will benefit.

Enroll in Java Training Program

The best way to gain a competitive edge in this field is by enrolling in a leading training program. There are various free online sources to get started but true learning will commence with a good course. This is also beneficial as learners get to learn from the excellence of industry experts.

There are plenty of popular frameworks that must be learned to get started. Of course, it is not possible to get knowledge about all of those at the very beginning. However, one should begin with the popular frameworks and keep learning more as the time and project demands. Spring and Hibernate are certainly the ones to begin with.

Build a Portfolio

Becoming a Java developer does not happen overnight. It takes lots of learning and practice. Working on hands-on projects is a must to gain skills and knowledge. Beginners can also work as an intern to closely see the working process. Every project that's worked upon can be used to build a portfolio, which is essential to land a good job.

Join Java Community

For a vast tech field like this language, it becomes kind of imperative to join a community. A community of professionals is every learning developer's dreams since all questions get answered here. It's also a great growing and learning experience since many like-people are within a close vicinity.


This blog begins with 'what is Java' but also covers its popular uses and the steps to become a developer. The goal is to help aspirants know the right path to pick and grow with the growing popularity of this language. Get started with these steps and take this guidance to grow as a Java developer.

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