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How to Start A Career in Cloud Computing With No Experience

Vidhi Gupta
July 5th, 2024
4 Minutes

Cloud computing is one of the top sectors to work in because of the amazing future possibilities it offers. However, just like with every other entry-level position, it's a bit tricky to get started. Many people wonder how to start a career in cloud computing with no experience and that's exactly what this blog is going to cover.

This dilemma arises due to the fact that most entry-level jobs ask for a certain experience too. This vicious cycle has left many people wondering how to get a job in cloud computing. This confusing question is answered here with simple steps that can be followed to get started. Let's explore careers in cloud computing and how to reach there.

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An Overview Of Cloud Computing

Here is an overview of the steps that will help aspirants get started in cloud computing even without the asked experience level.

Step 1. Pick a Good Cloud Computing Course

Step 2. Earn Certification

Step 3. Build Network & Portfolio

Step 4. Gain Necessary Skills

Step 5. Begin with Entry Level Cloud Computing Jobs

How to Start a Career in Cloud Computing?

Freshers often fret about how to get a job in cloud computing, especially without any prior experience. The one thing to keep in mind is that every wall was once a few bricks laid in alignment. Here are a few key steps to get started.

  • Pick a Good Cloud Computing Course

Those who are just beginning and have no experience in this field might feel a bit lost. However, there is nothing that cannot be solved with the right guidance and the best cloud computing course. There are plenty of courses that can be chosen from depending upon the cloud provider one wishes to gain prowess in.

For instance, those looking to have a career in AWS should search only for AWS cloud computing programs. This will save a lot of time since these fields individually have a lot to offer too. It's a key step in building a strong basis and unlocking plenty of job opportunities.

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  • Earn Cloud Computing Certification

Cloud computing professionals are generally expected to have a certification from a reputed cloud provider. Once the groundwork is laid and the course is completed, it's time to move a step forward. There is no end to the number of certifications that can be earned, but of course, it always begins with one. Here's more information on the top ones.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)- With over 200 services, AWS is the leading cloud service provider today. It has plenty of job opportunities and thus, most people prefer this path. Its certifications are divided into four levels- foundational, associate, professional, and specialty.

Microsoft Azure- Going this route can be tedious but certainly rewarding. It offers 12 certifications with 14 exams. There are three levels - fundamental, associate and expert.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)- It's a rapidly growing option. While the ratio of GCP to AWS and Azure is still pretty low, it is the third biggest provider with a good growth rate. Its certifications are divided in three segments- foundational, associate and professional.

  • Build Network & Portfolio

Getting trained and certified is important but to truly get a cloud computing job, one must build their network and portfolio. A strong portfolio with varying experiences and projects in cloud computing is a must. This portfolio should exude expertise and zest to grow. There are various ways of building a portfolio including internships, solo projects and practical experience during training programs.

Having a strong network of like-minded and similar field professionals is important. It takes time to build a strong network but once that point is reached, this can help career advancement.

  • Gain Necessary Skills

There are certain fixed skills needed to tap into cloud computing careers. Some key skills to start working on are-

1) Programming language knowledge (Python, JavaScript or R)

2) AWS/ Microsoft Azure/ GCP

3) DevOps

4) Linux

5) APIs

6) Database management skills

7) Information security

  • Begin with Entry Level Cloud Computing Jobs

Once the training and certification is done, a portfolio is created and skills are earned, it's time to begin with entry level cloud computing jobs. Entry level jobs are the stepping stone to gaining much-needed experience to switch jobs or get a better pay.

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Careers in Cloud Computing

There are a lot of career opportunities in cloud computing for everyone. Here are a few top, most chosen careers after getting trained and certified.

Cloud administrator

Cloud security analyst

Cloud software engineer

Cloud engineer

Cloud data scientist

Cloud automation engineer

Cloud support engineer

Cloud consultant

Cloud architect

Cloud network engineer

Highest Paying Cloud Computing Jobs

Here's a list with the highest paying cloud computing jobs around the world. These job titles are highly sought after by companies of all sizes and nature. Let's see these jobs with their average salary in the US.

  • Cloud Solutions Architect- $200k
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer- $134k
  • Cloud Security Engineer- $134k
  • AWS SysOps Administrator- $118k
  • Cloud Data Engineer- $138k


Cloud technology is evolving at a rapid pace, which has resulted in a rising demand for such professionals. This blog has answered how to get a job in cloud computing with no experience. There is a dedicated path to follow to attain the desired results. There is tough competition but the demand graph is so strong that it can accommodate all skilled professionals.

More and more organizations are turning towards cloud computing and that means more jobs. After getting trained and certified, the best step is to build a portfolio. Once that's done, it's time to go for an entry level job and climb the ladder.

FAQs For How To Start Career In Cloud Computing

Q1. What skills do I need to start a career in cloud computing?

You should have a decent knowledge of at least one cloud platform like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. Problem-solving and scripting skills are also valuable.

Q2 How can I get started with learning this cloud technology?

You can consider online training courses or certifications in cloud platforms.

Q3. What job roles are available in cloud computing?

Cloud architect, cloud engineer, DevOps engineer, and solutions architect are some of the roles you can apply for.

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