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Top 5 Cloud Computing Courses And Training Resources Offered Online

Vidhi Gupta
July 4th, 2024
3:30 Minutes

Cloud computing is impacting top industries and ultimately the end-users throughout the globe. Cloud networks are omnipresent and have increased the demand for cloud computing courses. Professionals with on-point skills are given high preference by recruiters, heightening the need to pick top training resources and courses online.

The internet is wide and offers plenty of resources to get started. This blog presents the top five cloud computing courses and training resources online that can be opted.

Best Cloud Computing Courses & Training Resources

Those who learn cloud computing open up the doors to a sea of opportunities. Today, cloud has established itself as the backbone of a majority of organizations in almost all leading industries. It will fasten up the adoption of IoT (internet of things) and connected devices in our lives.


igmGuru is a global online learning platform. It's known for its amazing cloud computing courses such as AWS certification training, Microsoft Azure Admin training, etc. for beginners and professionals. Those looking for tech-oriented courses are sure to find it a useful platform. Let's look into some of the key features of the cloud computing course offered by igmGuru.

  • Online Learning Platform- igmGuru is an online platform that provides training courses on a global level. It's highly user-friendly with over 150 courses to offer. There's a vast library of tutorials, video-based courses, informative blogs and live, interactive training.
  • Expert Instructors- igmGuru collaborates with subject-matter experts with hefty experience in their respective fields. Every trainer is a working professional whose hands-on expertise and skills benefit the learners. This ensures every training is highly relevant and updated.
  • 24/7 Support- One perk of this platform is its 24/7 endless support. They have guidance counselors and coordinators working around the clock. These could be contacted through chat, direct calls or emails.
  • Different Learning Options- Those who do not have time to go for live sessions can choose their self-paced training. Their self-paced programs are recorded videos of live sessions. These come with lifetime access and same exact content.
  • Multiple Training- Those looking for an all-in-one platform will certainly prefer igmGuru. This platform provides training for top cloud certifications in AWS (developer, DevOps, SysOps), GCP and Azure (administrator, developer, architect).


Google Cloud Training refers to an educational platform offered by Google Cloud. It provides plenty of resources for both businesses and individual aspirants. It's a great option to learn about building and deploying services on apps on GCP (Google Cloud Platform). Here are some of the key benefits of Google Cloud Training-

  • Learning Resources- It provides great resources for everyone to get started. This includes online courses (both free and paid), interactive labs and preparation for the certification.
  • Active Community- It has an active community wherein anyone can be connected to everyone. This promotes knowledge sharing, assistance when needed and staying connected.
  • Certification Programs- There are different levels of certifications depending upon the experience and knowledge level. These include associate, professional and specialization certifications.

Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn is a popular and highly user-friendly platform by Microsoft. It aids aspirants in learning about Microsoft's services and technologies like Azure. Some of the key features are-

  • Learning Resources- There are plenty of learning resources and anyone can choose any which they want. There are interactive modules that have step-by-step guidance to various technologies and topics. There are free sandboxes for learning as well.
  • Free Access- A lot of things on this platform are free of cost. It has a vast library that can be accessed by anyone without any payment. It's great for learners who are looking for additional learning resources.


edX is a globally popular online learning platform. It offers good cloud computing training courses from top universities. It boasts a lot of features like-

  • Diverse Options- edX offers courses from a strong selection of prestigious institutions as well as experienced instructors. There are globally acclaimed universities that offer courses here that can be accessed by anyone anywhere.
  • MicroMaster Programs- MicroMaster programs are a series of related courses. These can be chosen to gain in-depth skills and understanding in a certain domain.
  • Cost Efficient- Most courses on edX are completely free of cost. Anyone can start them and gain knowledge from them. To get a certification of completion, however, they must pay different fees depending on the course.


Coursera is again a very popular learning platform that combines different providers on a single base. It has good amount of features like-

  • Diverse Options- It has partnered with top colleges, organizations and universities to bring high-quality educational content to the table. Lectures, assignments and courses can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Flexible Learning- Since it provides online learning, anyone with a laptop, an internet connection and zest to learn to get started. There are also many self-paced videos to learn at a desired speed and time.

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Top Cloud Computing Certifications for Beginners

Anyone who's just starting out will always be worried about finding the best cloud computing certification. Here's a list of the top five for beginners.

  1. AWS Solutions Architect- Associate
  2. Google Certified Professional (GCP) Cloud Architect
  3. Microsoft Certified- Azure Fundamentals
  4. Cloud Security Alliance- CCSK (Certification of Cloud Security Knowledge)
  5. CCSP- Certified Cloud Security Professional


The market size for cloud computing globally is expected to rise significantly between 2023 and 2028. In just five years, it's forecast to go from $626.4 billion USD to $1,266.4 billion USD. The CAGR in this period will be around 15.1%. Considering these numbers and percentages, it comes as no surprise that picking the best cloud computing courses will be beneficial.

FAQs for Cloud Computing Courses

Q1. What is the best online cloud training provider?

The best online cloud training providers are igmGuru, Google Cloud Training, LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Coursera and Microsoft Learn.

Q2. Which cloud certification is best?

There are many cloud certifications out there. Out of these, the best ones are Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Professional.

Q3. Who is the No 1 cloud provider?

The no. 1 cloud provider today is AWS with a market share of 31%. It is closely followed by Microsoft Azure at 24% and GCP at 11.5%. There are plenty of other providers globally.

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