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Apttus (Conga) CLM training offered by igmGuru is a highly preferred course by aspirants who wish to upgrade their skill set and consequently their career opportunities in relation with Salesforce. This software offers key solutions to enterprises fr creating, delivering, and managing contracts faster, all of which you will learn in our Apttus (Conga) CLM online training. Prepare to ace the Apttus (Conga) CLM certification exam by enrolling with us today.

Apttus CLM Course Overview

igmGuru's Apttus CLM Training is designed as per the latest curriculum by Conga. Explore your mastery in Apttus Contract Lifecycle Management and grasp how to deliver a high-quality customer experience through automation. In this Apttus CLM course, you will get comprehensive knowledge of all Apttus CLM concepts right from basic level to advanced level. The concepts are Apttus overview, Contract Negotiation Process, Contract Management, Conditional Pricing, Clauses, Template Creation, and many more. 

Apttus(Conga) is a business-to-business software provider specializing in the field of Business Process Automation. The main goal of Apttus is to manage commercial relationships. Apttus is the largest organization in the world it mainly enables large enterprises to modernize their legal operations and revenue by bringing processes and objects of all businesses together onto a single platform. Apttus CLM is a key solution for enterprises to create, deliver, and manage contracts faster.

Why is Apttus CLM Course in high demand?

  •  According to the Forrester Wave Report - Apttus is the top leader in Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  • Most of the contract professionals considered Apttus CLM solutions as a key to address their challenges.
  • The average salary offered to Apttus CLM professionals is around $104,480 per annum in the United States

What are the advantages of Apttus CLM Course?

  1. This Technology Offers Excellent Career Opportunities Worldwide.
  2. Salaries Offered For Certified Professionals Is Very High And More Number Of People Started Learning This Course.
  3.  It has A Great Learning Scope
  4. Streamlined Work Process Helps You Execute All Complex Tasks Easily
  5. Fast Track Your Career Growth With Apttus CLM Training Certification.

What skills you will grasp in Apttus CLM Training?

Upon completion of the Apttus CLM program, you will grasp the following things. 

  1. What is a CLM system and will learn how to model different contract processes.
  2. Various action sections, record types, field actions to implement agreement administration.
  3. Versioning in the contract negotiation process and learn how to insert a clause and redline track changes.
  4. Grasp and implements the concepts of process maintenance and clauses.
  5. Design and formats a template within salesforce, MS Word.
  6. Masters the concepts of Agreement process maintenance and Dynamic document assembly.

Who should Opt for Apttus CLM Training?

The Apttus CLM program benefits the following professionals.

  1. Sales Representatives.
  2. Consultants.
  3. Apttus specialists.
  4. HR professionals.
  5. Administrators.
  6. End users.
  7. Freshers who would like to start their career in this field.

What are the prerequisites for taking up this course?

There are no prerequisites to take up the course. Anyone who is interested can join the course

Key Features

Apttus CLM Training Modules

1. Background
2. Apttus and Salesforce
3. Object Model
4. Terminology

1. Record Types, Fields, Action Section

1. Document Output Format, Protection, Template Selection
2. Standard Flow vs Non-Standard Flow

1. Wizard

1. Where do Templates fit

1. Within Salesforce
2. Within MS Word

1. Formatting and Locale
2. 3 types of Merge Fields
3. Smart Attributes

1. Clauses/Sections
2. Conditional Logic

1. Track changes
2. Check-In/Check-Out

1. Reconciliation

1. Smart Clauses
2. Modify/Insert/Delete Clauses
3. Marking and Promoting

1. Capturing Merge events Updating Header/Footer
2. data Subm it Merge Call Action
3. Automating Final Document settings

1. Cycle Time Reporting
2. Automating content search

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